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Chapter 1429: Starting a New Life

Xiao Ying thought that she could spread her wings and fly freely in the sky and sleep properly. But she did not expect that she could not sleep at all.

In the end, she did not get hypnotized.

She had grown up in the organization and knew some hypnosis skills. If she did not want to be hypnotized, even the top psychiatrists in the world could not enter her inner world.

She was just pretending to be hypnotized and let the psychiatrist think that he had succeeded. In fact, she still remembered the existence of Long Ming.

She remembered how they had met and separated.

She would bury those memories deep in her heart.

As for Long Ming, he should be able to start a new life if he had forgotten about her!

Unable to sleep, she packed her luggage and went to the airport.

Sitting inside the taxi, Xiao Ying looked at the street outside, and her eyes filled with tears unconsciously.

Before, when she was still in the organization, she had to obey Master Ba’s orders and lived like a puppet controlled by people. When she was finally free of Master Ba, but then she became unwell. Then after returning to normal, she became Long Ming’s slave.

Never had she lived for herself before.

Fortunately, she was still young and still had a long way ahead of her.

After waiting for several hours at the airport, Xiao Ying got on the plane to Switzerland. When she arrived at her destination, Xiao Ying went to the Swiss Bank. She found Manager Zhang, took some gold and silver jewelry from the safe, changed it into money, and used it to rent a house in Switzerland.

After resting for a few days, she pulled some strings and entered a school to study management. Finally, she could begin the campus life she had always dreamed of.

After Cen Xi ended her call with Xiao Ying, she was slightly worried. Learning that her sister had gone to Switzerland alone, Cen Xi planned to visit her during the weekend.

Nearly two months had passed since Qiao Yanze’s life was in danger.

That day, she entered the operating room at the last moment. Since the antidote was very important, there was no way she would have put it in the box she was holding.

She put a bottle of fake medicine in the box on purpose as she was afraid that something would happen. The real antidote was placed in her undergarments.

After Qiao Yanze had taken the antidote, his vital signs slowly returned to normal. But the green veins protruding from his face would take some time before they returned to normal again.

He did not want her to be around as he did not want her to see him at his ugliest. Although she was not afraid and did not mind, he was too proud to let her accompany him.

As a result, that night, he asked Nan Zhi to send him to a secret place where he could recuperate.

Cen Xi was furious.

So many days had passed and she did not know how much he had recovered. Although the Queen had sent her a text message to let her know that he was recovering well, how could she not worry or miss him having not seeing him for such a long time?

During the period when Qiao Yanze was recuperating, the Queen had asked her to return to the Royal translation department, but Cen Xi declined.

She was the one determined to leave her job and if she went back after quitting because of her relationship with the Queen, she would not be able to face those former colleagues.

So she found a job at a translation company. The company was unlike the Royal translation department, and she needed to entertain clients occasionally.

On this day, Cen Xi and a female colleague received a big overseas client together. The big client was a middle-aged man. When he arrived in the private room, he asked his secretary to open a bottle of wine and poured a glass each for Cen Xi and her female colleague.

After drinking the wine, Cen Xi talked about translation work with the big client. The big client put his hand on the back of Cen Xi’s chair, his fat face coming closer to her. “Miss Cen, let’s not talk about work tonight. If you can entertain me well, I’ll go to your company to sign the contract tomorrow.”

The big client poured another glass of wine for Cen Xi and her female colleagues.

Cen Xi’s stomach was burning after drinking two glasses of white wine. She made an excuse to go to the washroom, regardless of the unhappy expression on the big client’s face.

After going out, Cen Xi did not go to the washroom. She stood in the corridor, leaning against the wall and let out a breath.

What kind of big client was he? From what she saw, he was a big pervert! Those eyes were staring at her at one moment and leering at her female colleague at the other moment as if he wanted to devour them both.

But Cen Xi did not dare stay outside for too long, or her female colleague would be taken advantage of.

Sure enough, within five minutes, she heard her female colleague’s cry for help. “President Li, what are you doing? Let go of me!”

Pushing open the door, Cen Xi saw the big client was forcibly pulling her female colleague into his arms. She turned on the video function of her phone and quickly walked over. “President Li of Jincheng Company is taking advantage of a female staff from the translating company. If this is uploaded onto the internet, the image of Jincheng Company will be destroyed and the stock market will plummet. President Li better start thinking about how to deal with the board of directors!”

President Li raised his head from the female colleague’s neck and his face darkened when he saw Cen Xi with her phone. He said to the secretary he had brought along, “Delete the video she has recorded in her phone.”

The secretary had only just approached Cen Xi when she pushed him away. Cen Xi went to President Li and pulled out her female colleague who was held forcibly in his arms.

“President Li, if you dare to find trouble or make things difficult for us, this video will be released tomorrow.”

With that, Cen Xi pulled her female colleague out of the room. After they left the hotel, the female colleague bowed to Cen Xi and there were tears at the corner of her eyes. “Thank you.”

The female colleague was called Qing Yan. She entered the company a week later than Cen Xi and kept to herself usually. Many colleagues in the company felt that she was cold and arrogant.

Cen Xi only waved her hand. “We’re colleagues, it’s what I should do.”

Qing Yan was drunk and her fair face was flushed red like she had put on a layer of rouge. As a girl herself, Cen Xi felt that Qing Yan had a beautiful face which was very cold and exquisite looking. When drunk, she looked somewhat pitiful and would make people want to protect her.

Qing Yan thanked Cen Xi again and they went to the bus station.

When Qing Yan’s cell phone rang, Cen Xi heard her talking to a child with a crisp and childish voice. The child seemed to be calling her mommy…

After Qin Yan had ended the call, Cen Xi asked with a smile, “Sister Qingyan, you have a child already?”

Qing Yan nodded. “Mm, my child’s almost five years old.”

Cen Xi was surprised. Qing Yan did not look like she was a mother at all!

Cen Xi and Qing Yan got on the same bus. She found that the neighborhood they lived in was not far from each other.

After getting off the bus, Qing Yan said to Cen Xi, “Thank you very much today. When you are free, I want to treat you to a meal.”

“Sister Qing Yan, you’re being too polite. If you really want to treat me to a meal, I’m fine with home-cooked food too.”

“Okay, then I’ll buy some delicious ingredients and invite you to my house for a meal.”

After they said goodbye, Cen Xi returned to her apartment. When she entered the apartment, Cen Xi found that the kitchen door was closed and she frowned.

If she remembered correctly, the kitchen door was opened before she left in the morning!

Cen Xi went into the kitchen and found that it was a mess inside and alarms were ringing in her heart immediately.