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Chapter 1427: New Beginning

Long Ming hurriedly carried Xiao Ying into the private plane. Mo Tian, who was threatening Long Di, also brought him up into the plane. If they didn’t bring Long Di with them, they definitely wouldn’t be able to leave tonight.

The entire time, Long Di stared at the woman Long Ming was hugging. That b*tch. He so badly wanted to walk over and cut her into pieces.

Xiao Ying ignored Long Di’s murderous gaze as she said weakly, “Long Ming, I want to talk to you in private.”

“Stop talking. Let me take a look at your wound first.”

“Let me say it first…”

Seeing how stubborn she was, Long Ming carried her into the private plane’s resting area.

“Reach into my bra.”

Long Ming furrowed his eyebrows as his mind went blank. Since she told him to do it, he reached a hand into her bra and took out a thumb drive.

Xiao Ying said with trembling lips, “There are Long Di’s confidential documents in this. There is also information on the person that betrayed you and of the spies he sent to the Northern lands. It should be useful for you.”

Long Ming held onto the thumb drive tightly before he put it to the side. His large palm pressed against Xiao Ying’s wounds that were bleeding like a stream. “Did you come to the South because of me?” As if understanding something, his heart seemed to be clenched tightly by an invisible hand. It felt so painful that he could barely breathe properly.

The vein on his forehead popped up as his sharp jawline was incredibly tensed. “Why did you take the risk? Surely you know of the danger?”

Xiao Ying’s lashes fluttered like injured butterfly wings. Seeing how miserable Long Ming looked, she said hoarsely, “I know that you brought me to the village because you wanted the villagers to see us together. You punished Uncle Li, who was addicted to drugs, in front of me and made me beg for his forgiveness because you wanted Uncle Li to know that you care a lot for me.

“You’ve already suspected that Uncle Li was colluding with the Southern people. You wanted Uncle Li to tell them that I’m your weakness. You already planned to make me go undercover in Myanmar and get what you wanted.”

Xiao Ying laughed. The way she laughed was so tragic, yet so beautiful at the same time. “And so now, I brought you what you wanted…”

She could only do things like this.

Now she didn’t owe him anything anymore. He saved her during the forest fight back then and now she had returned it to him.

Long Ming was shocked as his eyes almost popped out. He never thought that she had seen through everything!

It was true that he had thought of that before. He hated her so much that he wanted her to try being used and hurt by others too.

However, he was met with an assassination attempt halfway through the plan and he regretted thinking about it. He told himself that he couldn’t do it anymore.

He couldn’t bear to gift her to others like that.

He never thought that she had seen through everything.

Sometimes, he would rather she was more stupid and naive. Both of them were too domineering.

They were like two hedgehogs. Neither was willing to give in. They would only regret it when both were terribly hurt.

Leaning down, Long Ming pressed his forehead against hers and said hoarsely, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have had that kind of thought.”

When Xiao Ying heard his apology, her naturally pretty eyes sparkled with tears. “I was the one that wronged you… If I didn’t use you and lie to you back then, you wouldn’t have been living in pain and hatred…”

He was a child that lacked love and bore the burden of his family’s feud since he was young. It was only when he met her that he experienced that bit of good in life.

And she had taken it away from him.

That little bit of goodness was ruined by her personally!

“I don’t know how to make it up to you… No matter what I said, you never believed me…”

Long Ming started to tear up as he shook his head with a sorrowful expression. “Stop talking. When you’ve recovered, we can have a proper talk.”

“Stop your hatred, alright? I don’t want to see you always living in pain and hatred…”

As Long Ming stared at her pale face, his lips trembled. His chest hurt so much that he was about to suffocate. “Alright, I promise you. I will slowly let go of the things from the past.”

Cold, it was so cold. She was cold all over.

A white glow flashed before her eyes. It was as if she had seen a glimpse of heaven. Closing her eyes slowly, she opened them once more, her gaze slowly blurring. “Long Ming, I don’t want to be a venting object anymore. I don’t want to live without dignity anymore…”

“I will treat you well from now on. I won’t treat you like that anymore.”

The blood flowing out from Xiao Ying’s back had formed a small puddle on the floor, looking shocking and alarming. She shook her head weakly, “Long Ming, can you promise me one thing?”

The heat in Long Ming’s eyes formed into tears and fell from his eyes, falling onto her face. He nodded. “As long as you’re alive, I will promise you anything.”

“Let’s forget about each other, okay?”

Long Ming’s suffocating heart instantly fell into a depthless and freezing abyss, as it shattered completely.

He was in so much pain that it was hard to breathe.

If she was still alive, he didn’t want to let go of her hand. He would love her properly and give her the life she wanted.

However, he knew that the life she wanted was to be far away from him. She wanted a new start.

Long Ming struggled as his heart ached terribly.

Should he let go?

Should he agree to her request?”

“Long Ming, promise me…” Xiao Ying’s voice grew weaker as her eyelids felt heavier. She almost couldn’t keep them open anymore.

Long Ming’s heart was weeping blood as another scorching tear fell on her face. He nodded with completely red eyes. “As long as you’re alive, I’ll promise you anything.”

The red and scorching blood on her was like an invisible whip, whipping his heart ruthlessly.

It woke him up completely.

Relationships could never be forced.

Him forcing and taking whatever he wanted was merely a one-sided show for him. Faced with her life and blood, he couldn’t force her to stay by his side anymore.

The confidential documents Xiao Ying had risked her life copying allowed Long Ming to find the betrayer amongst his researchers and even allowed him to remove all of the spies the Southern land had sent.

He caught several of these spies and under some strict interrogation, he found out that the South was researching secret weapons that violated international law. Long Ming exposed the news and the world powers all made economic and military sanctions to the South. Several of the established families that had military power in the South took the chance to start a civil war.

Having no other choice, the Southern King asked Long Ming for help. Long Ming took the chance to unify the South and the North. Although the Northern King’s position and status, he took away the King’s military power.

In the blink of an eye, Long Ming became the nation’s King that was above everyone else.

A month passed just like that.

Xiao Ying had been hospitalized in the Burmese hospital for a month. She heard from the nurses that when she was sent to the hospital, she was covered in blood and was unconscious for seven days and nights. The Burmese King took care of her for those seven days and nights without rest and he only left when the doctors announced that she was in a stable condition.

After he left, he never came to the hospital again.

Xiao Ying saw from the television that he had unified the North and the South and that he would have a coronation ceremony not too long later.

The ward’s door was pushed open and Mo Tian walked in. “Miss Xiao Ying, I’ve settled your discharge procedures. His Majesty will head to the psychiatrist’s clinic at ten in the morning tomorrow.”

During her hospitalization, Mo Tian would visit her from time to time. His way of addressing her had also changed from the distant and cold ‘Number 21’ to ‘Miss Xiao Ying’.