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Chapter 1426: She Chased After His Private Plane

Someone had snuck into his study!

All of the alcohol within Long Di seemed to dissipate instantly as he became sober in an instant. He took a few steps towards the window and glanced down below.

As if realizing something, Long Di’s expression became terribly dark. He took his phone and walked out of the study. Striding over to the bedroom, he searched around his bedroom before he went down and asked the maid, “Have you seen Xiao Ying?”

The maid shook her head. “No, Your Highness. I haven’t.”

Yes, the person who’d touched his computer must be Xiao Ying. She was the only one who could take the key he carried with him and enter his study to turn on his computer.

F*ck it!

He had been muddled. He had been completely smitten by her recently and actually let her move into the palace when she said she wanted to.

Could it be that she was sent by Long Ming to use her beauty on her?

Long Di did not have time to think too much. If Xiao Ying had copied the documents in the computer, it would be extremely detrimental to not only him, but the entire Southern land.

Seconds later, Long Di barked out orders to pursue and arrest Xiao Ying. If necessary, they could kill her on the spot. The things she had copied must never land in Long Ming’s hands.

After Xiao Ying jumped out from the study window, she left the palace in a hurry. The guard who was guarding the gates stopped Xiao Ying when he saw her.

“Who is it? Where are you going so late at night?”

As Xiao Ying brushed her hand through her hair, a coyness appeared on her expression, her smile bright and seductive. “His Highness asked me to go out to settle something. Open your eyes wide to see who I am.”

After Long Di brought Xiao Ying to the palace, he doted on her a lot. Some of the guards on duty knew Xiao Ying and knew that she was the Eldest Prince’s new favourite, so none of them dared to stop her and let her leave.

Barely five minutes after Xiao Ying had left, the alarm bells started to ring in the Palace.

The guards had also gotten notice to apprehend Xiao Ying with everything they had. Long Di’s palace wasn’t in the middle of the city, so it was hard to find a taxi. Not too long after Xiao Ying went out, she heard the jarring sound.

Her heart jolted.

It seemed like Long Di had already realized that she had touched his computer.

Not daring to stop, Xiao Ying ran forward with all she could. However, her legs were definitely not as quick as Long Di’s men.

As Xiao Ying ran into an alley, she saw a young man riding over on a motorcycle. She hurriedly stood in the middle of the road. The young man stopped in distraught. He was just cursing about Xiao Ying’s actions when she kicked him off the motorcycle.

Thud. Xiao Ying threw a thick wad of money at the young man before she got on the motorcycle and hurriedly left. At the same time, the squad Long Di had sent had already caught up to her.

Xiao Ying kept increasing her speed as the motorcycle sped along the road. She needed to rush to the private plane’s parking lot. When Long Ming was still at Long Di’s palace, she heard him say that he was taking a red-eye flight back to the Northern lands.

Long Di came to apprehend Xiao Ying personally.

The woman who was riding the motorcycle sped along the road as cars drove past her from time to time. Every time she almost crashed into them, she steered away skillfully and barely brushed past them. She rode really quickly as her long hair flew about her cool figure. It was no wonder Long Ming was smitten by her. She was unlike the usual women who were soft and weak. The aura she had was extremely attractive.

However, she was bound to not live past tonight.

No matter how beautiful and charming a woman was, if she dared to play tricks right under his nose, he would definitely make her die without a proper grave! He wouldn’t be like Long Ming and be fooled by a woman time after time.

Long Di let out a warning alert as he ordered Xiao Ying to stop ahead.

But Xiao Ying acted like she didn’t hear it.

Long Di took out a bow and arrow before he aimed it at Xiao Ying’s back. With a loud ring, an arrow pierced into Xiao Ying’s back.

Her figure shook as the motorcycle drove into the tunnel. It looked as if she was going to crash into the large cargo truck driving beside her. Xiao Ying turned the steering wheel and the motorcycle instantly overtook the large cargo truck, speeding ahead.

Long Di’s expression was completely dark. He never thought that Xiao Ying would be able to stabilize a motorcycle even after getting shot. This woman was a lot stronger than he had thought.

“Speed up. If you cannot catch up to that woman, all of you will lose your heads!”

Xiao Ying endured the pain at her back as she clenched down on her jaw. She wasn’t willing to slow down, not to mention stopping.

With another ring, there was another arrow on her back.

For a second, Xiao Ying blacked out.

She was almost reaching the private plane’s parking area.

She could not stop!

She could not stop!

If not, everything she had done would go to naught!

Seeing Xiao Ying drive the motorcycle towards the private plane’s parking area, Long Di instantly shouted angrily, “Speed up!”

When Xiao Ying drove into the parking area, a private plane was about to take off.

It was Long Ming’s private plane.

Cen Xi chased after it. “Long Ming, Long Ming, stop! Stop!”

However, the man on the private plane could not hear her at all.

Despair appeared in Xiao Ying’s eyes. She wanted to repay what she owed Long Ming. Why? Why wouldn’t Heaven give her this chance?

She didn’t want Long Ming to always carry hatred within him. Living like that was too tiring, too exhausting!

If he left, she probably will never have a chance to let him let go of his hatred anymore! Long Di’s entourage surrounded Xiao Ying completely.

She was forced to stop.

Getting off the motorcycle, she collapsed to her knees on weak legs. By now, her back was covered in red.

Long Di got out of his car as he walked in front of Xiao Ying. Staring at Xiao Ying’s pale face and red eyes, he stretched a hand out to her. “Give me the thing you copied from my computer.”

Xiao Ying smirked. “I don’t understand what Your Highness is talking about.”

The moment Xiao Ying finished speaking, Long Di had kicked her ruthlessly. She collapsed on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Long Di crouched before Xiao Ying and grabbed her chin, his eyes sharp and cruel. “I’m different from Long Ming. He hates you, but he can’t bear to kill you. I’m not like that. Once you anger me, I will make sure you have no proper grave. If you hand it to me willingly, I might spare you. If you don’t, I’ll send you to meet Hades right now.”

Xiao Ying closed her eyes. “Do you think I’m afraid of death?”

She was such a strong-minded woman!

Long Di grit his teeth as his eyes shined with murderous intent. He aimed an arrow at Xiao Ying’s heart. Exerting force on his fingers, he got ready to pull the bow.

At first, Xiao Ying thought that Long Di’s arrow would pierce her heart. However, Long Di’s wrist was suddenly shot and his arrow fell to the floor.

Xiao Ying reacted extremely quickly as she instantly took Long Di’s arrow and pointed the sharp arrow point between his eyebrows. “Hold onto your head and stand up.”

Long Di’s men all aimed their arrows at Xiao Ying.

However, Xiao Ying was pointing his arrow at Long Di right now. They didn’t dare to act too rashly.

Long Ming’s private plane had landed on the parking area once more and a tall figure walked over with large strides.

Seeing Xiao Ying’s back covered in blood, Long Ming’s eyes turned completely red as well as his heart panged in pain. “Number 21, you…”

Xiao Ying glanced at Long Ming. There was no time to say too much to him. “Take Long Di hostage.” As she spoke, her body shook terribly. It was as if she couldn’t stand up anymore.

“Mo Tian, come over!”

Long Ming instructed Mo Tian to take Long Di hostage before he carried Xiao Ying up, princess-style.

As he stared at her with completely red eyes, his voice was extremely hoarse. Only one word word left his lips.