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Chapter 1425: Heart Thumping So Fast

Xiao Ying stared at the man whose eyes were completely red and looked like he was about to go crazy. Her lips curled up into a cold smirk. “Long Ming, you were the foolish and stupid one. You already knew that I’ve long wanted to escape your clutches, yet you still let me leave first alone. Did you think I would really stay by your side?

“Long Di treats me so much better than you did. He’s gentle, romantic and knows what a woman needs. Unlike you, who is unreasonable, rough and violent.”

The more she said, the darker Long Ming’s expression got. By the time she finished, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards him.

The distance between them closed in. They were so close that the tip of his nose was almost touching her face.

Their breaths interlaced with each other.

Xiao Ying’s dandelion-like lashes fluttered lightly as she avoided his cold and frightening gaze.

“Do you remember what I said? I said that I would break your legs if you ran away again.” Having drunk alcohol, his cold breath spraying at her was laced with the scent of red wine. She turned away, avoiding meeting his dark gaze. “This is Long Di’s territory. Do you really dare to do anything to his new favorite?”

The moment she finished speaking, he grabbed her long hair and Xiao Ying instantly felt a tearing pain at her scalp. Long Ming’s gaze darkened completely, looking like a calm lake frozen completely as he exuded a freezing aura.

“Why are you so cheap?”

“If I’m so cheap and you can’t forget me still, aren’t you even cheaper?”

Letting out a dark chuckle, Long Ming stopped speaking and bit her hard.

It hurt! Xiao Ying pushed him away with all of her strength, but he was like a giant mountain and remained unmoved in front of her.

“Long Ming, can you let go?”

When Long Ming heard Xiao Ying’s words, his expression turned completely cold and dangerous, like a great poison that devastated the world.

“Go back with me, I’ll let you keep your legs.”

But Xiao Ying only stared into his red and dark eyes. “I will not go back with you again.”

He chuckled coldly before he grabbed her chin and bit her lips.

To be honest, Long Ming hated himself for acting like this. Why couldn’t he forget her? In the past two weeks, he did his best to not think about her. But the moment he saw her become Long Di’s new favorite at the Southern land, the rationality he was so proud of disappeared completely.

Was this jealousy? He knew he couldn’t be like this, but he went crazy for her like a crazy jealous man!

Xiao Ying couldn’t push him away. Just as she thought he would disregard the venue and take her right there, he let go of her.

That pair of blood-filled deep eyes stared coldly at her. “Number 21, a dirty woman like you doesn’t deserve my touch. But remember, I will never let you go. I will take your legs away when I get the chance.”

Xiao Ying’s throat was completely dry. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something when she suddenly heard footsteps.

It was Long Di, she recognized it to be his footsteps. She hurriedly jumped down from the counter. Seeing that Long Ming was about to leave, she hurriedly grabbed his arm.

Before Long Ming could get out of Xiao Ying’s hold, she had already raised her other hand and slapped his face ruthlessly.

“Long Ming, you’re really the most disgusting man I’ve ever seen! How are you comparable to Long Di? I can tell you right now that I’ve never liked you. To me, you’re merely rubbish that can be thrown away after use!”

“Rubbish that can be thrown away after use?” Long Ming’s tall figure took a few steps back as his eyes reddened even more. “You really must be tired of living!”

“Your Highness, you were here? I’ve been looking for you for a while.” Long Di walked into the kitchen. Seeing the splotchy palm mark on Long Ming’s face made him extremely satisfied.

He walked towards Xiao Ying and hugged her slender shoulders. Xiao Ying instantly curled into his arms, saying coyly, “Your Highness, you’re finally here. His Majesty was really fierce just now, I’m so scared.”

Long Di kissed Xiao Ying’s forehead. “Don’t be afraid, beauty. I’m sure His Majesty only mistook you for someone else.”

After Long Di comforted Xiao Ying for a while, he called Long Ming to the banquet hall. Since Long Di was in a pretty good mood that day, he drank more after leaving the kitchen.

Long Ming drank cup after cup as well.

When they left, he had to be supported by Mo Tian.

Xiao Ying had also helped Long Di to his room. Long Di grabbed Xiao Ying’s hand. “Beauty, you’ve made me really proud today. I will reward you tomorrow. But what should I reward you…”

As Long Di thought about it, his eyelids felt heavier and he fell asleep. While Xiao Ying stared at the sleeping Long Di, she bent down and called him a few times.

There was no reaction from Long Di.

It seemed like he was really happy tonight to drink this much. After a few minutes of hearing him snore, Xiao Ying took the keys he placed on his bedside table.

Walking out of his room, she entered his study. But not before she opened the door and then went back to his bedroom to put the key back. She then returned to the study and sat before the study desk and opened Long Di’s computer.

After turning it on, she typed several keys on the keyboard and the passcode required on the screen was unlocked. Pushing a thumb drive into the computer, she finally found a set of confidential documents.

A few clicks later, she started to copy the documents into the thumb drive. Her palms were covered in sweat as she glanced at the door of the study from time to time.

10%, 20%…

Come on, faster.

Xiao Ying bit her lips as she stared at the progress bar. She kept praying for it to be faster, to be a little faster.

“Father, why did you call me so late at night? What document do you want? Give me a moment, I’m going to my study…”

Long Di’s voice trailed in from outside.

Sh*t! God, he actually woke up!

Xiao Ying stared at the progress bar that was at 95%. She was so nervous that her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

Long Di took the key and opened the study door.

The windows in the study were wide open as wind blew into the room, making the curtains on both sides fly about crazily.

Long Di massaged his temples.

Weren’t the windows closed when he went out? Why were they open?

Ugh, forget it. Long Di shook his heavy head and approached the study table. He turned on the computer, but suddenly realized that the mouse had moved. Putting his hand on the computer, he paused.

It felt a little warm.