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Chapter 1422: He Asked Her To Leave

When Xiao Ying glanced at the place Long Ming was pointing at, her temple twitched. “I can’t push it.”

“Did you try pushing it before?” Long Ming narrowed his deep blue eyes as he exuded a dangerous aura. “In that case, you know that it wasn’t blocked before. Number 21, I’ve underestimated you.”

Now Xiao Ying felt extremely guilty. How would she dare to tell him that she did try to push that rock when he was sleeping? She looked away and said softly, “We’re both going to die here. Can we make peace first?”

Long Ming pursed his lips tightly. The thought of this woman trying to secretly leave when he wasn’t paying attention was making the violent tendencies within him pulse once again.

God, he just wanted to kill her!

Feeling the dangerous aura coming out from him, Xiao Ying looked down and did her best to reduce her presence. She defended herself quietly, “I did know that there was a tunnel there. I wanted to go out for the sake of both of us!”

Long Ming remained silent.

“If we continue to be stuck here, we will die.”

Long Ming closed his eyes to make himself calm down. “Go and push it now.”

“I really can’t push it away. I don’t have enough strength.”

Long Ming stared at the blocked place and furrowed his eyebrows slightly. “I’ll push it.”

Xiao Ying was shocked. “You can’t walk yet.”

“I can’t walk, but it doesn’t mean that my hands are weak. However…” He stared at her. “I need to adjust the energy within me and make my body heat up.”

Xiao Ying’s lashes fluttered as she stammered, “W-What do you mean?”

Long Ming leaned in towards her face, his warm breath spraying on her face. “What do you think?”

Xiao Ying had roughly understood what he meant, but… She stared at his pale face. “You want me to make your body heat up? Are you sure it’s not depleting all of your energy instead?”

Long Ming smirked. She didn’t know if he was smiling from his heart, but this smile of his didn’t feel eerie at all. Instead, it surprised her.

“You’d be capable if you can empty me.”

Xiao Ying remained silent.

“Why are you so shy? You’ve seduced so many men during your missions before and I’ve f*cked you so many times. Which part of me have you not seen before?”

Xiao Ying felt like she was a mere naked prostitute that didn’t have an ounce of dignity in front of Long Ming. At least, to him, she was only a prostitute.

So she didn’t reply. There was no point in thinking about dignity when they were in a life and death situation.

She bent down to undo his pants.

Just as she was about to lean down, he grabbed her chin and lifted her head up. “You take off yours!”

Xiao Ying’s lashes fluttered. “You can’t move.”

“You’ll be on top.”

His large palm grabbed her chin as his fingers moved across her skin. She could feel that his fingers were indeed cold.

Xiao Ying stared into his eyes for a few seconds.

She stood up and took off her clothes.

She didn’t know how long had passed, but Long Ming’s cold body was starting to heat up. His blood was also pulsing strongly.

When it ended, he grabbed her waist tightly, his other palm grabbing her cheeks as he kissed her. He only released her when she was almost out of breath.

“Put on your clothes and help me over.”

Xiao Ying helped both of them wear their clothes before she helped him over to the blocked tunnel. He rolled his black sleeves up, revealing his muscular and strong arms.

With all of his strength, he instantly pushed at the rock that was covered in a layer of dirt. Xiao Ying rolled her sleeves up as well, ready to help when he said coldly, “There’s no need. You can just stand by the side.”

He pushed the rock several more times and the veins vein on the back of his hand had popped up.

Xiao Ying watched as sweat drenched his forehead, beads of it rolling down his sharp and tensed facial features. Using her sleeves, she helped him wipe the sweat.

He glanced at her.

None of them spoke, but somehow, there was a distinct form of chemistry between them.

After pushing for about five minutes, the rock seemed to move a little. Happiness instantly appeared on Xiao Ying’s face.

Bang! The stone blocking the tunnel was pushed away. A dark tunnel extended all the way out. However, it was extremely narrow and could only fit a slender figure like Xiao Ying. There was no way Long Ming’s overly large physique could not fit at all.

Now the two of them were faced with a difficult choice. Or, in other words, Long Ming was faced with a difficult choice.

If he let Xiao Ying leave alone, she might run away once again after seeing the skies, not to mention informing his men to come and save him. If she ran away again, he had no way to escape and she would have just get what she wanted.

After all, she wasn’t an ordinary woman. She knew how to hide.

Even if he was alive, it wouldn’t be easy to find her again.

Long Ming was a little conflicted.

If he confined her to this cave, she would starve and freeze with him and both of them would only die. But at the very least, she would accompany him in his death.

It would make that sentence true, that she was his while she was alive and she was his ghost if she were dead!

As Xiao Ying stared at the silent Long Ming, she was able to roughly guess what he was thinking about.

“Don’t worry. After I go out, I will find your men and get them to come and save you.”

Long Ming stared at Xiao Ying with dark eyes. “Do you think I can still believe your words?”

Looking down, Xiao Ying’s long lashes seemed to hide the emotions in her eyes. “I will do what I said.”

Long Ming wanted to lift her chin up, to make her look into his eyes. However, his hands were covered in dirt. He stopped himself from doing it as he asked coldly, “Will you take this chance to run away?”

“It won’t happen,” she replied quickly, showing no hesitation at all.

Could he trust her?

Long Ming pursed his lips tightly as he closed his eyes. “You can go out!”

After speaking, Long Ming sat back down as he looked down slightly, not wanting to see her.

Seeing how he was, Xiao Ying somehow remembered that battle in the forest back then, of his despaired gaze when he sank into the swamp.

Somehow, her heart clenched in pain.

She crouched before him, staring at his well-defined face. “Long Ming, I will definitely get your men to come and save you.”

Long Ming only remained silent with his lips pursed. She would definitely get his men to come to save him, but it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t leave him again. His deep eyes reddened.

Xiao Ying looked away from him as she got up and crouched in front of the tunnel.

“Number 21.”

Xiao Ying turned back and glanced at Long Ming.

Long Ming’s eyes were red. “Kiss me, before you leave.”

Crouching down, Xiao Ying pressed a kiss against Long Ming’s thin lips before she got up. She didn’t look at him again as she crawled into the tunnel.

Long Ming watched as Xiao Ying’s figure disappeared from his sight.

He looked up, leaning back against the cave wall. It was as if his heart was clenched tightly by an invisible black hand. With every step she crawled away, his heart tightened a little more.

Would she really stay?

He closed his eyes.

He had no way of knowing it.

It was almost an hour of crawling through the darkness before Xiao Ying finally saw light. Her lips curled up as her eyes reddened and unbidden tears sprang from her eyes as she started to sob from happiness.