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Chapter 1421: Hugging Together

Staring at the bloody wound that was already a little infected, Xiao Ying’s eyes constricted a little. Just with a glance, the wound seemed painful enough.

Yet, he was still able to endure the pain when he jumped down the cliff. Not only was he cruel to others, but he was also even crueler to himself!

Xiao Ying took out a sharp dagger from the man’s boots. She was so quick that it was too late for Long Ming to take the dagger back.

“If you dare do other things, I can strangle you with a hand even if you’re holding a dagger.” He stared at her with dangerous eyes.

In response, Xiao Ying only waved the sharp dagger in front of him, smirking. “So there are times when the Burmese King is scared too!”

Long Ming grabbed Xiao Ying’s wrist immediately and pulled her towards him. He grabbed her chin and bit her lips harshly.

Xiao Ying’s lips had yet to heal from his previous bites. With him biting her lips once again, he touched her wound and she instantly furrowed her eyebrows tightly from the pain.

Ugh! Xiao Ying was extremely frustrated. She really wanted to stab the man, but she didn’t have the courage to do so. So she only settled for throwing him an irritated glare. “You can deal with your wound yourself!”

The moment she finished speaking, he pulled her towards him once more, looking as if he wanted to kiss her again.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you have some kind of problem?”

Long Ming narrowed his eyes. “Do you have the medication for it?”


“Number 21, you are my slave. I can treat you however I want, do you understand?” Long Ming’s eyes flashed with danger. “This is your second attempt at running away. If there is a third time, I will break your legs.”

His expression was cold and serious. It didn’t seem like he was merely scaring her with his words. If she ran away once more, he really would break her legs.

Xiao Ying looked down, remaining silent.

She had never been afraid of death. Compared to death, she was more afraid of being held hostage for the rest of her life. With the two falling silent, the atmosphere became strained and quiet.

Xiao Ying did a simple disinfection of the dagger blade with the fire before she ran the blade across his wound.

Blood instantly flowed out of his wound, forming a ghastly sight. Xiao Ying bit her lip as she smelled the strong scent of blood.

The blade pierced through the man’s flesh without anesthetic. One just had to imagine how painful it was. Yet, he remained silent throughout. If it wasn’t for the cold sweat flowing down from his hair and his fists clenched so tightly that they turned a little pale, she would have thought that he was made of iron and didn’t feel any pain.

Although she hated his domineering manner, Xiao Ying had to admit that he was the strongest man she had ever met.

She placed the herb that helped reduce inflammation and stopped bleeding on his wound. Then, she treated the wound on his other leg. Likewise, he pursed his lips tightly as he endured the pain and didn’t even hum once.

It was as if the legs didn’t belong to him.

The entire time, Long Ming leaned against the cave wall. To be frank, he was in so much pain all of his organs were distorted together.

As he looked down at the woman who was crouched before him helping him treat his wounds, his gaze happened to land on the scarred half of her face.

How much did she like Qiao Yanze that she was willing to ruin half of her beautiful face?

“The man you loved so much became your brother-in-law. Number 21, you’re quite pitiful.”

Pitiful? She was indeed pitiful, but it wasn’t because of Xiao Xi and Qiao Yanze’s relationship.

In fact, if Qiao Yanze was good to Xiao Xi and they could be together without any misunderstandings between them, she would be happy for them.

Seeing Xiao Ying fall silent, Long Ming thought that she was sad and miserable, so he smirked in ridicule. “There’s no point in thinking about him. With how you look now, there’s no man who will like you.”

Once Xiao Ying was done placing the herbs, she looked up at him. “Then how did you take me with my appearance?”

“To me, you’re only a venting tool.”

Unwanted tears welled in Xiao Ying’s eyes. She hurriedly got up and walked out of the cave to get out of Long Ming’s sight.

It was only then that she sank down, hugging her knees as she stared at the outside world.

Her heart was completely empty.

They had spent three days in the cave and Long Ming’s men had yet to find them.

There was no water and food here. They could only sustain themselves with the little morning dew available. If this continued, both her and Long Ming would starve to death.

Perhaps it was because she was too hungry, she had started to hope for Long Ming’s men to find them quickly and save them.

Since Long Ming had been injured and hadn’t eaten anything for a long period of time, he was a lot weaker than she was. The man was resilient, he had not accepted even a drop of the morning dew she had collected.

He fell into short naps for the majority of the time.

When Xiao Ying went into the cave, his eyes were shut, looking as if he had fallen asleep. The dry wood had been used up, so they didn’t have a fire anymore. Even if it was the day, the cave still felt a little cold.

Ever since the night before, Xiao Ying remained seated beside the man.

Now, she looked up at him.

The way he looked after he fell asleep was void of the usual fierceness that was ever-present on his face. His facial features seemed to relax, making him look more like a young but grown child.

He wasn’t that old to begin with. He was only twenty five. However, his aura was too strong, scaring others from looking straight at him and resulting in them ignoring his appearance.

If she was honest, he was actually very handsome. His well-defined facial features looked like they had been intricately carved out by a master artisan. When his pair of deep, blue eyes were gentle, they were like the sea basking in the warm sunlight. It was easy to let someone’s heart drown in them.

He was a very dangerous man.

Xiao Ying didn’t know how long she had stared at him at, but slowly, her eyelids became heavier.

The more she slept, the colder she got. Unconsciously, she started to move closer towards Long Ming. Somehow, the two of them ended up huddled together.

The moment she moved closer, Long Ming had already woken up in alarm. Even if he was incredibly weak and out of form right now, he still had a high level of alertness.

Staring at the woman beside him, he touched her face. There was no warmth, she was incredibly cold.

She could not go on like this.

If not, both of them would die from hunger and thirst.

Long Ming held onto his breath as his mind started to turn. His eagle-like blue eyes searched around the cave. When he saw several budding herbs growing by the corner of the cave entrance, he narrowed his eyes a little.

Xiao Ying was woken up from Long Ming’s push.

She opened her eyes, dazed as she stared at Long Ming’s tensed expression. “When will your men find us?”

“You know to be afraid now? Why didn’t you think of the consequence when you jumped down before?”

Xiao Ying, “…”

In the past, this cave was connected to a tunnel that led to the top of the mountain. She never thought that the tunnel was filled.

“There.” Long Ming pointed at the place where the herbs were growing. “A stone must have rolled down when it rained and blocked it. Go and push it away.”