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Chapter 1420: Wanting Her to Die

Cen Xi went into the surgery room and closed the door. Meanwhile, Qiao Yanxuan, who was outside of the surgery room, walked to the corner and made a call.

After finding out that the antidote had been shattered and Cen Xi wouldn’t be able to save Qiao Yanze even if she returned, he heaved a small sigh of relief.

At Xiao Ying’s side.

She had jumped down the cliff because she was more familiar with the geography of this area.

Back when she was executing her mission by the Old Burmese King, she accidentally found out that there was a cave between this cliff, hidden by the bushes.

Everything was going according to her plans. However, she never expected the man, whose leg was injured, to jump with her when she jumped into the bushes that grew from the cave.

When Xiao Ying saw him, she didn’t know how to describe her emotions.

She was both surprised and scared.

As for Long Ming, he instantly hugged her close when he saw her after jumping down, pressing her tight against his chest. “Are you alright?”

Xiao Ying swallowed and said with both fear and panic, “…I-I’m alright.”

“Good.” The man pushed her away hurriedly as the worry in his blue eyes disappeared, only to be replaced with a frightening darkness. “Did you jump down because you want to get rid of me?”

His eerie tone made Xiao Ying shiver in fear.

It was as if she could feel her imminent death!

Long Ming stared at Xiao Ying with blood-filled eyes. This d*mned girl actually used such a cruel method against him. She didn’t want to die, she only wanted to get rid of him!

She would rather risk her life than to face him every day.

It was these thoughts that made breathing difficult for him. “If that’s what you want, choose a way to die!”

Swallowing thickly, Xiao Ying was ashen. When he jumped down with her, she already knew that she was at the end of her life. She closed her eyes.

“Anything that makes you happy.”

Hearing her words, Long Ming’s handsome face instantly darkened and tensed coldly. His blue eyes were filled with anger and darkness as he gritted his teeth. “I should kill an ungrateful and vicious person early instead of letting them stay by my side!”

Long Ming’s freezing hands wrapped around Xiao Ying’s slender neck. He just had to muster his strength, and he would be able to break her neck in half.

This woman really made him hate and love her at the same time. He badly wanted to dig her heart out to see what it held inside?!

Being good to her and making her fall for him was all nonsense!

The woman was too cold-hearted. How could she fall for him? Since that day would never come, he should kill her off early.

The anger building up within Long Ming had overpowered his rationality. He wanted her to know what the consequence of making him angry would be!

Slowly, he clenched her slender neck tightly with his freezing hands. Xiao Ying slowly felt it was difficult to breathe, her face flushing red and purple. However, she didn’t struggle. She didn’t beg for forgiveness either as she let him strangle her, as if she really saw life and death as nothing!

Seeing her breathing become more and more difficult, he panted heavily with red eyes. “Do you still dare to lie to me in the future? Do you still dare to attack me?”

Xiao Ying closed her eyes, remaining silent.

Just as she thought he would snap her neck, he let go of her. “Since you want to die, I will not let you die. I want you to continue living miserably.”

Xiao Ying fell on the floor as she panted heavily.

The moment she regained her senses, Long Ming grabbed her hair as he disregarded the dangerous environment they were in and bit her lips.

His leg was injured and he had bled a lot. All she smelt was the acrid scent of blood. Closing her eyes, Xiao Ying pushed the man’s tall figure away.

Long Ming leaned against the cave wall with difficulty, still glaring at Xiao Ying ruthlessly. “I will settle this with you after we return.”

Xiao Ying tidied her messy clothes due to the man’s administrations. She walked towards the cave entrance and glanced below her at the depthless abyss.

If she jumped once more, she would definitely die.

Turning around again, she glanced at the man sitting in the cave. The injury on his leg was still bleeding and his face had lost its color as he sat there alone. He looked slightly lonely and desolate. It was completely different from the ruthless and violent Burmese King that had all the power and decided one’s life and death.

Right now, he was like a wild beast driven into an impasse and looked a little pitiful.

With the cave entrance being covered by the huge patch of grass, it was probably difficult for his men to find him for the time being.

If his wound wasn’t taken care of properly, it would definitely be infected and be inflamed and there was a possibility he would end up being paralyzed.

However, he treated her as a venting object, strangling her neck from time to time and was very violent to her. She really hated him to the core.

She didn’t want to care about him. It would be best if he was paralyzed, so he couldn’t do anything he wanted to her anymore!

However, at the thought of him jumping down with her without any care, a strange feeling rose within her heart.

Walking over to the entrance of the cave, Xiao Ying found a herb that was able to reduce inflammation and stop bleeding. She also picked up some dry wood.

Shortly after, she returned into the cave and started a fire. As she crouched down before Long Ming, she took in how weak he looked before she reached out to grab his belt.

Long Ming narrowed his blue eyes. “What? Do you want to please me now?”

F*ck you! Xiao Ying cursed at him in her mind as she ignored his words and took off his belt.

“Number 21, what are you f*cking-”

Before he could finish speaking, he heard her say fiercely, “Shut up! You’re smelly all over. How much of a slut am I to think about those kinds of things?”

“The Old Burmese King was so old. Weren’t you able to think of other things too?”

“I’m not as disgusting as you think I am.”

“You will only be more disgusting than I think you are-” Before he could finish, she pressed against his wound. He had bled a lot and the wound was stuck to his pants already. He hurriedly sucked in a sharp breath from the pain.

“Number 21, do you want to f*cking die?!”

Xiao Ying stared at the man who was sweating cold sweat at his forehead and had a distorted expression. “Do you believe that I will let your wound slowly get infected if you say more?! Even if you’re sent to the hospital later, you will also become disabled!”

Long Ming’s expression darkened terribly. “You still dare to threaten me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you’re weaker than me now. You were the one that begged me.”

“I will beg anyone but you! Get the hell lost and scram!”

Xiao Ying got up, looking as if she was really going to go away. He hurriedly grabbed Xiao Ying’s hand. “See if you dare leave?! Even if I’m injured now, I can still bind you up and throw you out!”

“You can stand up right now?”

“Do you want to f*cking diー”

“Shut up!” Xiao Ying glared fiercely at him. “You’re not allowed to curse again.”