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Chapter 1419: She Came!

Could it be… could it be?

Could there be an antidote in the mansion in Switzerland?

When the airplane exploded, Young Master Li had saved Qiao Yanze and sacrificed his life. If he wanted Qiao Yanze to die, why would he take this extra mile to save him?

All of Cen Xi’s blood started to pulse within her.

She glanced at Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo. “Get someone to handle this thief. Da Zuo, book a flight to Switzerland for me right now.” Cen Xi thought for a while longer before she added, “You can go with me!”

However, Da Zuo didn’t really understand what Cen Xi meant. Young Master was already at the last stage of his life, shouldn’t she be accompanying Young Master?

However, after spending time together in the last few days, Da Zuo realized that Cen Xi did everything for a reason. Her feelings for Young Master were also sincere and from the heart. If she suddenly wanted to go to Switzerland, she must have her own reasons and plan in mind.

So Da Zuo didn’t ask too much and carried the unconscious Qiao Yanze into the car before he booked two air tickets bound for Switzerland.

Cen Xi didn’t know if that mansion in Switzerland had an antidote. She didn’t tell Nan Zhi because she knew how terrible it felt to be filled with hope, only to be left disappointed in the end.

After Cen Xi headed to Switzerland, Qiao Yanze fell into a critical stage once more. The doctor informed Nan Zhi that they could only start preparing for his death.

The news was spread to the Old Qiao mansion very quickly.

After Qiao Yanxuan visited Qiao Yanze in the hospital the previous time, he already knew that his younger brother didn’t have long to live. However, he didn’t know that it would be so soon.

Qiao Yanxuan drank tea as he sat in the living room. “Mother was the most biased towards him amongst the three children she had. I’m sure it must be because Mother misses him too much, that is why he’s going down to accompany her at such a young age.”

“Second Master, does the Qiao family need to interfere in Third Young Master’s funeral matters?”

“He has no relation to the Qiao family anymore, so we naturally cannot interfere in it.” Qiao Yanxuan took a sip of tea before he put down the cup. “However, we should still send him off at the hospital before he leaves us.”

The butler nodded. “But there’s something strange, Second Master. Third Young Master is in a critical condition, but that Miss Cen you told me to keep an eye on actually left the Capital.”

Qiao Yanxuan narrowed his eyes. “Where did she go?”

“My sources told me that she went to Switzerland.”


After getting off the plane, Cen Xi and Da Zuo took a taxi to that mansion that Young Master Li had told her about.

On the way there, there were several times Da Zuo wanted to ask Cen Xi about what they were doing there. But she was unusually quiet and looked like she didn’t really want to talk, so he held his tongue and remained quiet.

By the time they got on the taxi, Da Zuo couldn’t stop himself anymore. “Miss Cen, Young Master doesn’t have much time left. If he wakes up, the person he wants to see the most must be you.”

“Da Zuo, if your young master can still stay alive, there will be more than enough time for us to be together.”

After about a forty-minute ride, the taxi arrived at XX Garden.

The garden was surrounded by flower fields and looked extremely dreamy and romantic. Cen Xi wasn’t in the mood to admire the beauty as she hurriedly walked towards the mansion door and opened it with the key she had.

Everything in the mansion was decorated to be like that of a newlywed couple’s home. Ignoring the exquisite surroundings, Cen Xi went straight to the master bedroom on the second floor. There was an exquisite jewelry box placed on the bright red bed.

Cen Xi walked over and opened the box.

There was an oval diamond ring and a small DV recorder placed in it. Opening the DV recorder, Cen Xi found a video stored in it.

Young Master Li had recorded it on the bed. He was wearing a white suit with his hair parted 30-70 while he stared at the camera with his handsome face.

“Nurse Xiao Hei, when you see this video, I might not be around anymore. I was able to guess that you wouldn’t get married to me, but I still had some hopes. Do you think I’m a little foolish? To be frank, you are the first woman I fell for. It was so heart-fluttering to fall for someone…

“I was so unhappy to see you fall for Qiao Yanze. How am I worse than him? He treated you like that before, yet you still fell for him. To tell you the truth, I hated you before. When I gave you the jade thumb ring, I thought of making you accompany me, even after I died.

“It was until I saw Qiao Yanze coming to find me alone at the casino and was also willing to be injected with the Death Potion… That was when things changed. I guess you can say that I was shocked by his actions… I liked you so much that I wanted you to die with me. Even though he liked you too, he would rather sacrifice himself to let you live properly.

“This is probably the greatest love on earth!”

At this point, Young Master Li chuckled out loud in self-ridicule.

Following that, he hugged the back of his head, looking terribly angry. “To be frank, I really want to kill Qiao Yanze. He ruined my family, but for some reason, I don’t know why I don’t hate him. I know very well that my father sinned terribly and he will only harm even more innocent people if he was alive.

“My hands are filled with blood already and I cannot turn back anymore. Nurse Xiao Hei, if there is a thing such as reincarnation, would you give me another chance if I was a good guy? If you would, I will give Qiao Sen and you this lifetime!

“The antidote is in the safe and the safe passcode is your birthday.”

At the very end, Cen Xi’s eyes were filled with tears.

Young Master Li blew a kiss at the camera. “Nurse Xiao Hei, I love you. Let’s meet again in our next lives!”

The screen darkened.

Cen Xi reached up to wipe her tears away. She put down the DV recorder and walked before the safe.

On their way to the airport, Da Zuo was in disbelief.

They had an antidote! Young Master could be saved and live again!

Cen Xi asked the driver to drive faster.

The driver followed. Suddenly, a sedan sped towards them from behind.

Bang! The sedan drove into the back of the taxi directly. The tires instantly screeched out loud against the floor due to the impact.

With the strong impact from the end of the taxi, it crashed into the protective barrier by the road.

Dizzy from the impact, Cen Xi and Da Zuo were winded and took some time to get their bearings. Right at that moment, an armed black shadow rushed over and opened the door to the back of the car and snatched the box Cen Xi was holding.

Cen Xi and Da Zuo hurriedly got out of the car.

In their entanglement, the box fell to the floor and the drug inside shattered into pieces. Da Zuo growled and kicked at the man in black furiously. The man hurriedly fled onto the sedan and drove away hurriedly.

In the Capital, at Royal Hospital.

Qiao Yanze was sent into the surgery room once again.

Nan Zhi, Mu Sihan, An Feng, Helian Xiao, Qiao Yanze’s close friends, Old Madam Qiao and Qiao Yanxuan were all present.

The only one missing was Cen Xi.

The doctor walked out from the surgery room and shook his head at Nan Zhi and the rest of the group. “Your Majesty, we did our best. Please go and see him for the last time! He wants to see you, Mrs Helian and Miss Cen, please go in!”

Nan Zhi glanced around the corridor but didn’t see Cen Xi, so she helped An Feng, whose legs were shaking, into the surgery room. The people waiting outside the surgery room heard Nan Zhi and An Feng’s cries not too long later.

“Uncle, please wait a little more. Cen Xi will come, she will definitely come! You have to hold on a little bit longer!”

By now, Qiao Yanze was more than a little dazed as he stared at the surgery room door with weak eyes. He opened his mouth. “I… don’t think I can wait for her anymore… Tell hー”

Right at this moment, a slender figure ran over, bursting through the doors while panting heavily.

“Brother Yanze, I’m here!”