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Chapter 1417: Date

Cen Xi’s entire hopes were placed on Gu Sheng right now.

In her anticipation, Cen Xi saw Gu Sheng arrive. He was a god-like person who had a pretty face and exquisite facial features. He exuded a warm and gentle, yet untouchable aura from head to toe.

It was no wonder why His Majesty saw him as a powerful rival.

Seeing Gu Sheng arrive, Nan Zhi hurriedly went forward to welcome him. Although it had been a while since they met, they weren’t distant at all. After greeting each other, Nan Zhi glanced behind Gu Sheng. “Didn’t Ling’er come with you?”

Gu Sheng pursed his lips slightly as his expression remained indifferent. His voice was hoarse and elegant. “It’s been a long while since we talked to each other.”

Nan Zhi was slightly shocked. “Why?”

Gu Sheng smiled. “It was time for her to see the world outside.”

With their chemistry, Nan Zhi didn’t need Gu Sheng to say too much to know what he meant.

“Brother Gu Sheng, why don’t you try to accept Ling’er?”

“Little Flower, I don’t want to think about relationships anymore.” Gu Sheng changed the topic. “Let me go and take a look at your uncle.”

Nan Zhi nodded. “Alright, thank you.”

Gu Sheng went into the surgery room.

Half an hour later, Gu Sheng came out.

“What he has is different from the Devil you got before. Devil is a poison that can be treated with poison while the one he got is the organization’s strongest and most lethal poison. When the person dies, all of their blood vessels will explode and blood will flow out of him like water. I’ve heard of it before, but I thought it was just a rumor…”

The entirety of Nan Zhi’s heart clenched together and she could hear it hammering in her chest. Her eyes were filled with tears as she asked with a shaky voice, “Is there really no way anymore?”

“Unless the person who poisoned him gives an antidote, there’s nothing else we can do.”

Hearing this, Cen Xi, who had been standing behind Nan Zhi, instantly took several steps back. The person who gave the poison was already dead. How could he give them an antidote?

Cen Xi turned around as the tears that had been swarming in her eyes fell.

“I have the pain reliever Ling’er’s Master left behind and fed it to your uncle already. However, it can only relieve him of his pain temporarily.”

Cen Xi ran out of the hospital with a hand over her mouth.

She walked along the streets, trembling and cold.

She didn’t dare to believe that he really only had seventy two hours left.

She kept walking straight, not knowing where she was going. The phone in her pockets rang several times but her senses were already tuned out.

Worried about Cen Xi, Nan Zhi called her a few times, but the calls went unanswered, so she got Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo to go find her.

After finding out about Qiao Yanze’s condition, An Feng’s abdomen started to hurt. Nan Zhi hurriedly got Butler Yi to arrange for an accommodation for Gu Sheng while she drove An Feng back home.

An Feng wanted to accompany Qiao Yanze in the hospital, but Nan Zhi stopped her. If anything happened to Mom and her baby, Uncle would be even more worried.

Nan Zhi arranged for a bodyguard to stand guard in front of Qiao Yanze’s ward, planning to come back after sending her mother back.

Qiao Yanxuan came to the hospital to help Old Mrs Qiao to take her medication and accidentally found out about the Qiao family’s Third Young Master being in a critical condition.

He found the ward Qiao Yanze was staying in. Finding out that he was Qiao Yanze’s second brother, the bodyguard thought that their relationship was rather close, so he let Qiao Yanxuan in.

Qiao Yanze happened to wake up then.

After having the pain reliever Gu Sheng had brought over, his body seemed to feel a little better. Qiao Yanze didn’t have time to wear his mask when Qiao Yanxuan walked in.

Seeing Qiao Yanze’s appearance, Qiao Yanxuan thought that he had entered the wrong room and tripped over his feet in shock.

“Yanze?” Qiao Yanxuan called out.

Qiao Yanze stared at the elegant man who was walking towards him. His eyes sparked as he avoided Qiao Yanxuan’s straight gaze on him.

“Yanze, is it really you? Why did you become like this?” Qiao Yanxuan furrowed his eyebrows, wanting to touch Qiao Yanze’s face. However, halfway in his action, he retracted his hand once more. “I heard that you’re in critical condition and thought I heard wrongly. I never thought… The green veins on your face are really too scary. Did you get possessed or something?”

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes as he said hoarsely, “Brother, I’m tired.”

“Is there a cure?”

Qiao Yanze remained quiet.

Qiao Yanxuan sighed. “Yanze, don’t worry. I will take good care of the Qiao family and meet all of Mother’s expectations.”

At the mention of their mother, Qiao Yanze’s emotions surged and he started to cough once more.

Cen Xi returned to the hospital after walking around outside in distraught. She entered the room with her head down, not expecting to bump into a tall figure at the door.

A faint cologne smell filled her senses.

Cen Xi was about to move away when the man caught her slender waist. “Are you hurt?”

Cen Xi avoided the man’s hand around her waist and looked up at the man.

The man looked handsome and elegant, though his facial features looked slightly familiar.

“Cen Xi.” Qiao Yanze’s hoarse voice trailed from inside the room.

Cen Xi ignored the man in front of her and hurriedly entered the ward. The man turned back at Cen Xi and Qiao Yanze, his voice magnetic and elegant as he said, “Yanze, rest well. Brother will leave first.”


So it was him.

The Qiao Second Young Master that took the in-charge position from Qiao Yanze and even wanted to demolish that mansion.

Cen Xi turned back to glance at Qiao Yanxuan, but Qiao Yanxuan had already gone out.

“Is my Brother handsome?”

“No.” Cen Xi glanced back at Qiao Yanze. Seeing his dark eyes, she sat by the bed and cupped his face with her soft hands. “You’re a lot more handsome than he is.”

“I’m not handsome now.”

“There are so many nice appearances and so few interesting souls. You’re my unique pick.”

“Why are your words so sweet?”

“Only to you.”

“He touched your waist earlier.”

“How about I go take a shower and change now?”

“If I die, stay far away from him.”

Cen Xi looked down, biting her lip as she fell silent. She didn’t want to talk about this.

Qiao Yanze lifted his hand and caressed Cen Xi’s face. “Xiao Xi, let’s go on a date!”

Date? It was if Cen Xi couldn’t understand his words.

“I don’t think we ever had an official date. When I was still a playboy, I always brought them around, but when it came to you, I don’t think I brought you out to have fun properly before.”

Cen Xi glared at him. “Did you have a lot of women in the past?”

“Yes, I can’t even count with the fingers I have. Women were like clothes to me and none of them stayed longer than a month.”

“Hmph. You were too much of a player.”

“Do you regret falling for a playboy?”

Cen Xi knew that he was lying to her, so she ignored his words and muttered with a pout, “I only regret not meeting you earlier.”

Qiao Yanze smirked. “If I met you earlier, you would still be an underaged teenager!”

“I want to grow up with you.”

“You’re quite greedy.” With that said, he got up on the bed, ignoring Cen Xi, who was stopping him from doing it.

“Don’t you want to have a date with the giant monster?”

Cen Xi teared up. “You’re not a giant monster, don’t speak of yourself like that.”

“Even my brother had a shock when he came in earlier.” Qiao Yanze caressed Cen Xi’s head. “Don’t be scared. Let me bring you out, hm?”