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Chapter 1416: Always By His Side

Cen Xi’s actions in wrapping her hands around his neck and kissing him were very quick and accurate.

He was completely caught off guard.

Her lips were cold and tasted like rainwater and tears.

He even tasted a hint of bitterness.

His heart clenched tightly.

There were two voices in his mind, one telling him to push her away while the other told him to respond to her kiss.

The two voices argued and tore at each other, making his nerves twitch in pain.

Through it all, Cen Xi wrapped her hands tightly around his neck as she pressed tighter against his lips.

They were very close together and she could see very clearly how he looked like without his mask. Indeed, he looked really scary and hideous, but she wasn’t afraid at all.

She wasn’t acting fake or acting nice.

It was because she loved him, no matter if it was the best side of him or the worst side.

She loved it all.

Feeling Cen Xi’s gaze on his face, Qiao Yanze wanted to hide away instinctively, wanting to pull her hands around his neck away.

However, she moved away from his lips and placed kisses all around his face.

He sucked in a deep breath.

“Cen Xi, you’re crazy!” He pushed her away with his strength, wanting to wear his mask again. However, she was quicker than him in throwing the mask away.

He was about to lose control of his emotions once more as he growled lowly like an injured beast, “You don’t need to use this method to prove that you’re not afraid of an ugly and scary monster like me!”

The moment he finished speaking, he received a ruthless slap from her. The loud slap made Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo, who were hiding and watching them secretly, jump in shock.

Miss Cen was way too daring!

However, Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo knew very well that only Miss Can could settle the current young master.

Qiao Yanze’s face was terribly tense, making him look even more scary. His hands were clenched tightly into fists as he glared at Cen Xi with red eyes.

Seeing his fierce gaze that seemed like he wanted to eat someone, Cen Xi lifted her chin and met his eyes. She didn’t stepp back at all and looked defiantly at him. “Do you think I’m a superficial woman who only looks at appearance? You don’t look like this to begin with, not to mention that it’s because of me! How can I despise and be afraid of you. If you don’t dare to face me like this, how about I disfigure myself too?”

She bent down to pick up a sharp branch on the floor and waved it towards her face.

Qiao Yanze hurriedly grabbed her wrist with constricted eyes. She struggled, wanting to lose his hold but he continued to grab her tightly.

“Let go!”

“I won’t.”

Cen Xi’s eyes were red too. “Aren’t you leaving? Once you leave, I will ruin myself. Or could it be that you want to follow me twenty four seven?”

Small hints of emotions cracked and appeared in Qiao Yanze’s eyes, like he had been completely defeated by her.

He sighed. “Cen Xi, why are you doing this?”

“If there really isn’t any antidote, please let me accompany you.”

“How can you be so stubー”

She looked up and leaned forward towards him. “If you don’t want me to disfigure myself, kiss me.”

Qiao Yanze stared at her pale face and emotions surged within him. Seconds later, his large palm grabbed the back of her head before he leaned down and kissed her.

Because of her, the thick wall he had taken so much time to build, with so much difficulty, finally collapsed. He couldn’t hide anymore and could only give in and surrender.

He only wanted to kiss her, but she poked her tongue out and licked his lips. All of his blood started to boil and surge within him.

He entered her mouth, deepening the kiss.

They only stopped when their tongues were numb and tingling.

Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo, who had been watching them silently, were both agitated and moved.

Indeed, only Miss Cen had a way! This was something that they would never be able to think of, ever.

Worried that Qiao Yanze’s body wouldn’t be able to take in from being under the rain for a long period, Cen Xi stood up after the kiss ended. However, she had really sprained her ankle and it was too painful to walk.

Qiao Yanze wanted to piggyback Cen Xi down the mountain, but Cen Xi stared at his slender figure and shook her head. “I’m fine with Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo helping me down.”

Qiao Yanze glanced towards the hiding Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo. “You’ve been really close with Da Zuo recently.”

Cen Xi’s scalp turned numb from his dark gaze. “You acted like you didn’t know me. That was why I acted as a couple with Da Zuo.”

In response she was only given a cold hum. “You look quite good together.”

Was that jealousy she heard in his tone?

When they arrived back at the school, Qiao Yanze talked to the principal for a while before he left.

With the rain weakening, the group of four returned to the mansion. Seeing that Qiao Yanze was back, the woman looking after the mansion wanted to ask something about his mask, but Cen Xi shook her head at her.

All of them returned to their respective rooms and took a shower. After Cen Xi was done, she sent a message to Nan Zhi.

They would return to the capital tomorrow.

After Cen Xi contacted Nan Zhi, she went to find Qiao Yanze in the master bedroom.

He was still wearing a full black outfit and covered himself up completely. When Cen Xi went in, he was coughing a little. She pressed a hand against his forehead. “You’re a little warm. Did you get the flu?”

Since Qiao Yanze did feel a little dizzy, he got Cen Xi to help him to the bed. His body was a lot weaker than before already and would get sick every time he was exposed to the cold.

However, this time, it seemed exceptionally strong. He couldn’t even stop his cough and a mouthful of blood surged up his throat.

Cen Xi was about to go look for flu medicine and seeing the blood he spat out, she was so scared her heart felt like it was about to stop. She realized that normal flu medicine might not help him, so she hurriedly called Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo up.

Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo helped Qiao Yanze into the car before they rushed back to the Capital throughout the night.

Qiao Yanze leaned against Cen Xi’s leg. Cen Xi bent down and hugged his head, pressing her forehead against his. “It’s fine. You’ll be fine. The Royal family has the best medical team and disease research center. They will definitely find a cure. Definitely.”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes were open as he stared at Cen Xi with a sheen of unshed tears in his eyes. He said weakly, “Xiao Xi, don’t cry. You’re so beautiful, you should smile instead.”

Cen Xi stared at the man she was hugging, her lips trembling. “Do you like to see me smile?”

“I do.”

“Then I’ll smile for you.” She did her best to smile brightly.

“So beautiful.”

“Stay alive, I will smile more at you in the future.”

“Mm, okay.”

When they arrived at the Capital, Qiao Yanze fell into a short coma.

He was pushed into the surgery room in a rush.

The Royal family’s best medical team was doing their best to keep him alive inside. With the critical emergency and Qiao Yanze being in a life-threatening situation, Nan Zhi had no choice but to inform An Feng.

Outside of the surgery room, the women didn’t hug each other and cry. They all wished for Qiao Yanze to be alive and no one wanted to shed sad tears.

More than an hour later, the main diagnosis doctor came out.

“How is it?”

The doctor shook his head with a heavy expression. “Young Master Qiao’s organs are starting to fail. Our guess is that within seventy two hours, his blood vessels will explode. It’s hard for us to come out with a cure in such a short time.”

Nan Zhi closed her eyes as she suppressed the sadness within her. “Let’s not talk about giving up before the last moment is up!”

Nan Zhi had already contacted Gu Sheng and Ling’er. They would rush over and arrive by the afternoon. If the medical team couldn’t save Uncle, she hoped that the two of them would have a way.

Hearing the doctor’s words, An Feng wiped her tears silently.

At the corner, Cen Xi stood alone, her eyes blank and helpless.