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Chapter 1413: He Wanted to Leave Again

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became quiet and strange.

Da Zuo had turned pale from fear when the man had kicked the door open, and he did not dare to move.

He was doomed!

Mow that he had cooperated with Miss Cen and had really angered Young Master!

Cen Xi and the man at the door looked at each other for a few seconds. Seeing that his hands were clenched into fists tightly, she was about to say something when the man turned and left before she could do anything.

Da Zuo wanted to chase after him, but Cen Xi stopped him.

Da Zuo said, “Miss Cen, Young Master will kill me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!”

Da Zuo looked at Cen Xi and felt that she was very aggressive at this moment. But he still felt a little uneasy in his heart. “Why don’t you go after him?”

“No need. If you don’t go out, he will come back in less than five minutes.”

Really? Da Zuo was dubious.

Sure enough, less than five minutes later, the man with a dark air around him when he left, returned.

“Da Zuo, you go out first,” the man said in a hoarse voice.

Seeing that his Young Master finally acknowledged him, Da Zuo was very agitated. “Young Master…”

“Get out!”

Although Da Zuo could not see Qiao Yanze’s expression, he could imagine that Qiao Yanze must be looking like he wanted to swallow him alive. Da Zuo glanced at Cen Xi. “Explain to Young Master.”

Cen Xi nodded.

After Da Zuo went out, only Cen Xi and Qiao Yanze were left in the room. Qiao Yanze went to the bedside and looked down at Cen Xi’s fingertip. “Did he pick it out for you?”


Qiao Yanze picked up the needle that Da Zuo had put by the bed. Holding Cen Xi’s finger, he picked out the splinter.

With him so close to her, Cen Xi could see his eyes under the mask. His eyes were bloodshot and it seemed like he had not had a good rest for some time. Although she could not see his face, he had really become thinner.

Her heart was suddenly throbbing in pain.

It felt like it was going to split open.

The man who picked out the splinter for her, looked up at her. Seeing that her eyes were red and her expression frozen, he asked, “It hurts?”

He put down the needle again, planning to stand up.

She suddenly reached out, holding his big hand and pressed it to the left side of her chest.

“It hurts here.”

He looked at her and his hoarse voice suddenly became cold. “It’s late. Have an early rest. I’ll arrange another room for Da Zuo.”

Cen Xi looked at the man drawing his big hand back, and her heart felt empty. She jumped into his arms before he could get up.

Her strength was too strong and he could not avoid it. His thin body fell onto the bed.

She refused to let him go and held his lean waist tightly, burying her face in his chest. Listening to his strong heartbeat, her emotions surged.

These past few days, she had looked for him everywhere.

Hope and disappointment, anxiety and uneasiness, all kinds of emotions tortured her nerves. She was on the verge of breaking down.

Fortunately, she had found him.

Listening to his heartbeat, smelling his scent and feeling his temperature.

Everything was real.

It wasn’t a dream, and nor was she hallucinating.

Qiao Yanze lay on the bed, looking at the woman who was in his arms and hugging him tightly. Her tears fell and made his shirt wet. They were like a whip, whipping deep into his heart.

He wanted to lift his hands to embrace her, but just as he was about to, he put his hand back down.

“Something happened?”

The principal who heard the sound of the door being kicked hurried over. The door was broken and was not closed tightly. Standing at the door, he was shocked when he saw the man and woman lying on the bed.

Wasn’t Da Zuo Miss Cen’s boyfriend?

Why was she in Masked Teacher’s arms?

Cen Xi had countless things to say to Qiao Yanze, but when the principal came, she did not have the cheek to hold him any longer. She released her hands and they sat up from the bed one after another.

Qiao Yanze got up and said to her before leaving the room, “If you don’t leave, I will. Cen Xi, please leave me some dignity.”

As Cen Xi looked at his thin back, she closed her eyes, her heart in pain.

Qiao Yanze told the principal that he would arrange for Da Zuo to share a room with another teacher.

Da Zuo did not know if Cen Xi had explained things to Qiao Yanze. Seeing Qiao Yanze come out of the room, he went up to him. “Young Mastー”

“Leave with Cen Xi tomorrow morning.”

Qiao Yanze had left in big strides before Da Zuo had finished his words.

Qiao Yanze laid on the bed. He had not taken off his mask or clothes and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

He kept turning over on the bed.

No matter how he tossed and turned, he was unable to fall asleep.

He had disguised himself and used another identity. After returning from Switzerland, he did not even go to that villa. No one knew he was here.

How did she and Da Zuo even find this place?

The image of her crying appeared in his mind and his heart ached. His throat itched and he began to cough.

His body was becoming more and more weak. It seemed that he was about to reach the end of his life.

His appearance was getting more and more ugly.

He did not even dare to look directly at himself.

All he wanted was to leave quietly, maintaining his dignity and pride. He could not face his love and family in this state.

He did not want them to worry, but now it looked like they knew everything.

Perhaps, he had to leave this place.

The next day.

Qiao Yanze came out of the room and after washing up, he went to the canteen for breakfast.

He met the principal on the way.

“Masked Teacher, Miss Cen and Mr Da Zuo left early in the morning.”

Deep inside, Qiao Yanze’s heart sank slightly. He looked at the principal. “When did they leave?”

“Around five in the morning.”

Qiao Yanze nodded. “Principal, I have something to tell you. Because of my health, I can’t stay here any longer.”

“Masked Teacher, you’re leaving too?”

Qiao Yanze hummed an acknowledgement in a hoarse voice.

The principal frowned and looked troubled. “Recently, there are four parents of students who are not willing to let their children go to school because of their backward thinking. You are well-informed and know many things. Is it possible for you to try to persuade those four parents before you leave?”

Qiao Yanze was silent for a moment. “Okay.”

After Cen Xi and Da Zuo returned to the Capital, Cen Xi went to the Crown Palace and told Nan Zhi about finding Qiao Yanze. Before returning to the Capital, she had asked the principal to stop Qiao Yanze from leaving before she came again.

With her understanding of him, he was likely to disappear again!

Now, only those lovely children could hold him back.

When Nan Zhi learned that Cen Xi had found Qiao Yanze, she wanted to push back all of her other plans immediately and go to the school with Cen Xi to bring Qiao Yanze back.

But after Cen Xi told her about Qiao Yanze’s state, Nan Zhi felt that if she went over personally, it would increase his psychological burden and pressure.

“Your Majesty, please give me some time. I promise to bring him back to the Capital.”