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Chapter 1410: Fortunately, She Appeared in Time

The people who were arguing looked over at Cen Xi.

Today, Cen Xi was wearing a white shirt and a pair of light-colored jeans. The shirt was tucked into the waist of her jeans, making her legs look long and slender. Her hair was parted in the middle and tied in a ponytail, looking neat and tidy.

There was a cold expression on her charming face. There seemed to be an invisible gust of wind with her when she walked over and she had a kind of domineering air which Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo had never seen before.

Perhaps it was because Young Master’s aura was too powerful when they were around him, that they neglected Cen Xi, who knew how to hide her sharp edges. Now that Young Master was not here, Cen Xi was on her own and her aura was suddenly revealed.

“Miss Cen, you’re here!” Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo seemed to have seen their savior and came to greet her.

Cen Xi nodded at Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo. “I heard all of it. They are going to demolish this villa.”

“Even if your Young Master comes back today, this villa must still be demolished. The one managing the Qiao family is Second Master Qiao,” the person in charge of the construction vehicles said.

Hearing this, Da Zuo’s expression was furious and he glared at that person coldly, saying in a low voice to Cen Xi, “The Qiao manor has been seized by them, now they even want to demolish the house that Young Master bought outside. Young Master said before that this villa has memories of you and him, so Xiao Zuo and I have been staying here to wait for Young Master to come back. These people are too unreasonable!”

Cen Xi thought of Qiao Yanze’s plight now and felt like there was a dark knife twisted in her heart. Clenching her hands into fists, she said to Da Zuo, “Let me handle this.”

Da Zuo wanted to ask Cen Xi how she was going to handle it, but before he could speak, Cen Xi had already walked up to those people.

Although those people were drivers, they were all strong-looking and Cen Xi looked very petite standing in front of them.

“I don’t care whose order it is, you can’t touch this place!”

When Cen Xi spoke, her eyes narrowed slightly and there was a strength to her tone that was hard to ignore.

The person in charge looked at Cen Xi, who had appeared out of thin air with a fierce expression, and spoke to her in an impolite tone, “Little girl, where are you even coming from? What does it have to do with you if we are tearing down the property of the Qiao family? If you’re bored, go back and find a man to get married.”

The other drivers looked at Cen Xi. “Is she a lover Qiao Yanze slept with outside? Now that Third Young Master has nothing left, she came to stand up for him. Is it because she had feelings for him after sleeping with him?”

Indecent laughter erupted through the air.

When Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo heard this, their faces turned red. They wanted to beat those people up for Cen Xi, but she stopped them with a raised hand.

Why waste time arguing with these ignorant men with no manners?

“I won’t let you tear this villa down because it is not a property of the Qiao family.” There was a faint smile on Cen Xi’s cold face. “This villa is under my name. If you want to demolish it, please ask me, the owner, if I agree to it or not!”

“Nonsense! This belongs to the Qiao family!”

Cen Xi took out a bunch of keys from her bag and handed them to Xiao Zuo. “Go to my apartment and find the safe. Then bring the deed of this villa over.”

Cen Xi was not lying. When she moved here to live with Qiao Yanze, he had forcibly transferred the ownership of the villa to her. She refused at that time, but later, he went through with the paperwork and gave her the deed directly.


Cen Xi interrupted the unfinished words of the person in charge, her voice turning even colder. “Impossible? Why is it impossible? Xiao Zuo is going back to get the deed. The facts are in front of your eyes. If you want to demolish it forcibly, we can only have the police handle this matter!”

After telling Xiao Zuo the password for the safe, Xiao Zuo drove away.

The drivers of the construction vehicles looked at one another when they saw that Xiao Zuo really went to take the deed. The person in charge thought of Second Master’s order and shouted, “This girl must be bluffing us. This is clearly the property of the Qiao family. Everyone get into the truck and tear the place down!”

People were weak and small in front of heavy construction vehicles. They did not believe that when they drove towards that woman, she could still block in front.

Cen Xi reached out her hand to Da Zuo “Give me your bow and arrows.”


“Give it to me.”

“Miss Cen, if somebody dies…”

“It won’t.”

Da Zuo handed the bow and arrow to Cen Xi. Just as the person in charge was about to take the drivers to the vehicles, an arrow suddenly flew past their feet and fell on the pedal of the vehicle.

They backed away in fright and the person in charge fell to the ground in a panic.

Putting his hands on the ground, he was about to stand up when another arrow landed in front of the crotch area of his opened legs.


Turning pale, he shivered in fear.

The other drivers were terrified and wanted to run away, but if they took a step forward, an arrow would come flying towards their feet. It did not hurt them at all, but it was close to them.

Terrifyingly close.

It was enough to deter each and every one of them.

“Stand there properly and do not take a single step forward. Or else.” Cen Xi went to the person in charge and bent down to look at him. “You can leave after seeing the deed when Xiao Zuo is back.”

The person in charge looked at the woman who was smiling at him and he was so nervous the muscles on his face were twitching. “I-I don’t need to see it. We’ll report this back to Second Master.”

The people dared not stay for another second and leapt into the vehicles, driving away.

After they left, Cen Xi and Da Zuo entered the villa.

Da Zuo made a cup of coffee for Cen Xi. “Miss Cen, it’s fortunate that you showed up in time.”

Cen Xi lowered her thick and long eyelashes, looking at the steaming coffee. “Da Zuo, do you also have no news about your Young Master?”

Da Zuo shook her head. “Young Master arranged work for me and Xiao Zuo and even gave us a sum of money. We come here to look after this villa for Young Master after work. I didn’t expect that Second Young Master would send people over to demolish the house tonight!”

“I don’t think I’ve heard the two of you mention Second Young Master before.”

“He came back with the Old Madam on the day Young Master was to be knighted. After Young Master left, Second Young Master became the head of the family. Not only did he change all the servants, but he also confiscated all the real estate and properties of Young Master. Now they are not even letting this villa off.”

Cen Xi did not want to comment on this Second Young Master of the Qiao family. Even though his brother was missing, he took all his assets and it could be seen that he was not a good person at first glance.

“Da Zuo, you are your Young Master’s confidants. Take me along to look for your Young Master tomorrow!”

Da Zuo nodded.

The Qiao family’s old manor.

Looking at the people who came back with disheartened expressions, Qiao Yanxuan had a faint smile on his lips when he learned that they had not been able to demolish that villa successfully, and were instead taught a lesson by a woman.

“How interesting. To think such a woman would appear by the black sheep.”

Early the next morning.

Da Zuo picked Cen Xi up at her apartment. Together they looked for Qiao Yanze, sparing no place that he had been in the past.