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Chapter 1407: Down the Cliff

Xiao Ying’s response made Long Ming’s body shiver. Though he stopped kissing her, she wrapped her arms around his neck boldly.

Long Ming knew that she had a way of seducing men. Once upon a time, he had been head over heels for her when she had seduced him.

“I can’t stop your cousin if she wants to take care of you!”

Long Ming stared at her red lips and sneered. “You are eager to let other women replace you, aren’t you?”

Just as Xiao Ying opened her mouth to respond, before she could say anything, the man pounced on her like a beast and bit her lips.

Xiao Ying’s tears almost fell from the pain.

This b*stard!

“Long Ming, she likes you and is prettier than me…”

Long Ming’s eyes were dark and he grabbed her chin with his long fingers. “Try and say another word if you dare?”

The next day.

Long Ming’s confidant woke Xiao Ying up. They were going back to Burma.

On the way back, Xiao Ying did not say a word to Long Ming. Sensing her discontent, Long Ming held Xiao Ying by the waist and pulled her into his arms. He pinched her chin with his hand and bit her lips. “You are the first person who dares to pull a long face in front of me.”

Xiao Ying really wanted to laugh at his face.

What, did he expect for her to give him a welcoming smile?

She could still get rid of the fate of meeting him when he asked her to be a lowly slave, but now it seemed like he was going to keep her by his side.

Even now, Xiao Ying was thinking about how she could make him completely disgusted with her, when suddenly, a deafening sound rang.

“Get down!” Long Ming shouted angrily.

Xiao Ying reacted immediately. They were under attack!

Long Ming must have made many enemies to be able to reach his current position as the King.

The driver sped up. But straight ahead, there was a big van and many people in black jumped out of it.

“Hide in the car and don’t move.” Long Ming and his confidant pushed open the door and attacked back quickly.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ying sat in the car and her heart felt torn when she looked at the situation outside. She looked at the car key that had not been removed at the driver’s seat. It was a good chance for her to escape if she were to drive away.

Did she want to go?

Did she really want to go?

Xiao Ying’s mind was turning rapidly with rampant thoughts.

There were a lot of people on the other side. It would be hard for him to get out of danger if it dragged on like this.

Right at that moment, Xiao Yi saw someone moving forward to sneak an attack behind Long Ming. She pushed open the car door without any hesitation and kicked the man in black to the ground.

Long Ming glanced at Xiao Ying.

Today, Xiao Ying was wearing a black leather jacket with skinny jeans and her long hair spread over her shoulders and she looked like a special agent on television. Her action was smooth and straightforward, which was quite different from her more recent expressions, where she looked like she was dying.

With Xiao Ying joining in the fray, the people from the other side were defeated and Long Ming had seized several survivors. In the attack, Long Ming’s thigh was injured, but he did not look to be in a mess at all.

Looking at Xiao Ying, he smiled in what seemed to be pride. “Not bad, you’re indeed my woman.”

Xiao Ying walked a few meters away from Long Ming and suddenly took out a bow and arrow.

A cold sneer appeared on his lips. “You won’t do it.”

But as soon as Long Ming’s voice fell, he was shot on the other leg.

Xiao Ying dropped the bow on the ground. “Goodbye, Long Ming.”

Without waiting for Long Ming to say anything, Xiao Ying ran towards the cliff.

Realizing what Xiao Ying was going to do, Long Ming’s expression changed. “Try and jump down if you dare?”

Throwing a glance back at Long Ming, Xiao Ying only chuckled. “Everything will be over when I’m dead.”

She jumped down without hesitation.

Everything happened in a flash. Seeing Xiao Ying jump down the cliff, Long Ming was so shocked he felt like a knife had been twisted in his heart. “F*ck it!” Ignoring his injured legs, Long Ming ran to the cliff and jumped down after her.

Holy sh*t! The confidant was horrified when he turned and saw this scene.

Crazy, they were all crazy!

Cen Xi woke up from a nightmare.

Her forehead was covered with sweat and her hands and feet were cold.

“Sister…” She mumbled in a hoarse voice.

She had a terrible dream just now. She dreamed that her sister was swallowed by a monster with a big mouth and there was nothing left to her body.