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Chapter 1405: Her Heartache

When Long Ming entered the room, Xiao Ying was sleeping soundly. She was lying on her side, the ruined half of her face pressed against the pillow, the other half exposed for all to see.

As he stood by the bed and looked at the side of her face, his thoughts drifted back to the first time he had met her.

It was still as beautiful as a fairy.

It was so beautiful that he had an impulse to destroy it.

Realizing what he was going to do, Xiao Ying put her hands on his chest. “Aren’t we going out?”

“What if I have something else to do?”

In a good mood after sleeping, Xiao Ying did not want to argue with him. “I’m afraid it will delay your schedule.”

Long Ming raised his eyebrows. “So you think my ability is quite good?”

Xiao Ying was speechless.

Seeing that Xiao Ying was not speaking, Long Ming did not continue the topic.

Getting down the bed, he buttoned the buttons of his shirt. “Have you packed your luggage?”


Xiao Ying did not know where Long Ming was going to take her and she did not ask. He only brought along his confidant and several bodyguards and they took two cars.

As Xiao Ying sat with Long Ming, he was busy with work and had been staring at his laptop the entire time. Xiao Ying had never seen the way he looked when he was working.

She looked at him carefully.

He was mixed-blood and his facial features and outline of his face looked like it was meticulously carved by a craftsman. If it wasn’t for his pair of bleak, cold eyes, he was actually quite attractive. Not to mention his figure. He was tall, with firm muscles and there was no extra fat on him.

However, Xiao Ying had seen many handsome men and beautiful women. In her eyes, Long Ming could only be regarded as a handsome one, and there was nothing too special about it.

Thoughts were running in Xiao Ying’s mind and she did not realize that she had been staring at Long Ming for a while.

Long Ming’s blue eyes moved from the laptop screen and onto Xiao Ying’s face.

The two pairs of eyes met.

Xiao Ying did not shy away like an ordinary girl. She stared fixedly at Long Ming stubbornly and arrogantly like a wild cat that was hard to tame.

“Long Ming, aren’t you afraid of being laughed at, taking me out like this?”

When she was working in the laundry room, the other slaves had a discussion among themselves, saying that she was too ugly and whether the Burmese King was blind.

Long Ming looked at the disfigured side of Xiao Ying’s face. “The medical technology now is very advanced. It’s not impossible if you want to get rid of that scar.”

“Really?” Xiao Ying’s lips lifted up slightly and her fingers touched that scar. “I don’t plan to get rid of it. My face was too perfect before and belonged to the organization. Now that I have a flaw, it belongs to me only.”

After more than two hours’ drive, the car arrived at a big mountain. It took another hour to reach the entrance of a village.

Lush trees surrounded the village and it looked like it was wrapped inside a forest. The surrounding environment was elegant, just like an ink painting and there was a quietness that was far away from the noise.

There was a two-story archway at the entrance of the village.

Xiao Ying could see many people standing on both sides of the archway from far away.

They should be here to receive Long Ming.

Long Ming glanced at Xiao Ying. “Get off the car with me.” Taking out a veil from her bag, Xiao Ying put it over her face.

Seeing her action, Long Ming’s face darkened, but he did not say anything else. The place Long Ming had brought Xiao Ying to was somewhere that planted an expensive herb.

Xiao Ying followed behind Long Ming. She found that in front of these villagers, his expression was no longer cold and he was having conversations with them peacefully. Not only that, but the villagers also did not look like they were afraid to speak to him either.

Long Ming went to one of the women. “Auntie Li, what’s wrong with your face?”

Auntie Li lowered her head. “Your Majesty, I accidentally fell on the ground yesterday.”

“I don’t think you’ve hit the ground, you were beaten, weren’t you?” Long Ming narrowed his eyes. “Where is Uncle Li?”

“He… He…”

“Someone reported to me last time that Uncle Li was secretly planting something I didn’t allow in the backyard?”

Auntie Li’s knees felt weak and she knelt down on the ground. “He just wanted to make more money for our family. After you had spoken to him the other time, he did not plant them anymore.”

“He did not plant them, but he got addicted to those things, did he not?”

“Guards, take Uncle Li to the torture chamber.”

Xiao Ying followed Long Ming to a torture chamber in the village which had all kinds of implements for torture.

Long Ming sat on a wooden chair and pulled Xiao Ying onto his legs. “Have you seen someone tortured before?”

Xiao Ying’s eyelashes fluttered.

Uncle Li’s pupils constricted from fear. “Your Majesty, p-please let me off. I won’t do it again, I swear, I really won’t do it again!”


“Hold on,” Xiao Ying spoke, looking at the man in front with a sharp outline and said, “He will obey the rules in the future, so don’t torture him.”

Long Ming narrowed his eyes slightly. “You’re pleading for him?”


“Then, I’ll let him go if you can satisfy me now.”

Xiao Ying’s pupils constricted.

Xiao Ying came down from Long Ming’s legs with her teeth gritted and her hands moved towards his belt to unfasten it.

Long Ming’s eyes darkened and raising his hand, he pushed Xiao Ying to the ground mercilessly.

“You can give up your dignity for an unrelated stranger? Number 21, how much did you hate me that year to have abandoned me?”

Xiao Ying opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but the man stormed off.

Looking at his departing back, Xiao Ying did not know why, but there seemed to be a slight tug deep in her heart. An emotion that she could not describe filled her heart.