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Chapter 1402: Afraid He Would Lose Her

Xiao Ying bit her lip, her face pale from the pain. Her long hair was dishevelled as it was blown by the wind and with Long Ming carrying her, she felt that she was light and was about to fly.

The cramping pain in her lower abdomen was hurting severely.

She was hoping she could just die like this! If she died, would the resentment in Long Ming’s heart be reduced, even just a little?

As he carried her to the car, his eyebrows furrowed together and his defined jaw was clenched tightly. Lowering his head, he looked at the woman in his arms. Her face was covered by her hair and he could not see her eyes clearly.

But he could feel the irony and coolness in her gaze.

Why did she provoke him when she knew that she was pregnant?

Not only that, she knew very well that things would not be easy for her if she provoked him.

Anger surged out from Long Ming’s heart when he thought of this.

Damned woman. His child had better be fine. Otherwise, he would really kill her!

Long Ming put Xiao Ying into the car, holding her body tightly in his hands as he glared at her hatefully. “Number 21, it had better not be what I think it is. If not, I won’t let you off!

By now, Xiao Ying was sweating with pain. Her long black hair was wet and stuck onto her face, making her face look pale and weak.

She glanced at Long Ming weakly. “How can you blame me for killing your own child?”

The veins on Long Ming’s forehead throbbed. He would have thrown her out of the window if she wasn’t so weak at the moment.

She was the only one who had the ability to anger him to the point that he wanted to kill someone. His chest heaved and in between the breaths, it was filled with the thick bloody scent on her body.

Shifting his gaze to look out of the window, he forced himself to stop looking at her. F*ck! If he kept looking at her, he really might lose control and strangle her to death!

His eyes had turned red. His stomach turned violently and his face was tense and extremely cold.

Being held so tightly by him, Xiao Ying felt extremely uncomfortable, but she had no strength to push him away. Her eyelids felt a little heavy, her abdomen felt like it was being stabbed at by a sharp tool and acid rose out of her throat.

It was so uncomfortable that she could not breathe.

She threw up.

The smell in the car was putrid.

Throwing a dark glare at his confidant, who was driving, Long Ming snapped furiously, “Why aren’t we at the hospital yet?”

“We’ll be there soon,” the confidant said, trembling.

“Hurry up!”

Long Ming took out a handkerchief from his pants pocket and wiped Xiao Ying’s lips. Xiao Ying saw the handkerchief Long Ming had taken from the corner of her eyes. It seemed… familiar. Where had she seen it before?

Pain, it hurt so much. Her eyelids were getting more and more heavy as if she could no longer open them.

She dreamed of the first time she met Long Ming.

That night, the people in the organization wanted to meet her. When the Old Burmese King went to the other concubines, she went to the hot springs alone.

She had sent all the people in charge of the hot springs away.

Back then, she had handed a thumb drive to her contact. After her contact had left, she heard a sound and looked up, finding a black figure sitting behind a big tree in the hot springs.

Panic was the first emotion she had felt.

That person could hide behind the tree so quietly without her or her contact noticing at all. At that time, she did not know that Long Ming did not see her meeting with her contact. He was on night shift for several days in a row and was sleepy so he hid behind the tree and fell asleep.

When she found him, she put on a red veil, then slowly approached the figure in question. After going closer, she found that he was a good-looking young man with an exquisite appearance.

The boy felt her presence and opened his eyes, which were the most beautiful and bluest eyes she had ever seen. But there was also deep violence hidden inside. And he was very unhappy having been woken by her.

At that time, Xiao Ying did not find him to be a threat.

When his gloomy blue-eyed saw her fairy-like face, his mouth fell open slightly.

Xiao Ying found it amusing at that time.

He was like two extremes.

Raising her foot, she tapped at his arm. “Haven’t you seen a beautiful sister before?”

He blushed immediately and stuttered, “Y-You’re shameless.”

Xiao Ying lifted her lips into a charming smile. “With such a beautiful face, how can I be shameless?”

“I’m not… Take your foot off.”

The young man wanted to stand up from the ground and Xiao Ying pretended to lose her footing, falling into his arms.

Her lips seemed to have brushed past the young man’s handsome face.

The blush on the young man’s face went all the way to the back of his ears.

Her hands were placed on his shoulders. “Am I beautiful?”


“Do you like me?”

“I, I…”

“You don’t?”

“I dare not.”

“If you don’t dare, why are you still holding me and taking advantage of me?

“I didn’t!”

“If you didn’t, why am I being held by you?” She smiled like an elf, her fingertips stroking the young man’s handsome face. “Be good. Listen to me in the future and I won’t tell the Old King about today, okay?”

The image of their first meeting changed. The man was strangling her, making her unable to breathe. She felt like she had fallen into a deep, cold abyss.

A single, hot tear slid out from the corner of her eye.

When Long Ming saw Xiao Ying in tears and her eyebrows were knitted together, his expression worsened even more.

At long last, the car finally stopped at the entrance of the hospital. Carrying Xiao Ying, Long Ming got out of the car in a hurry.

The dean and several gynaecologists who had received the phone call had been waiting downstairs. Long Ming placed Xiao Ying onto the stretcher and followed it as he gritted out to the doctor with his eyes red, “Do what you can to keep the child inside her stomach. If not, don’t think of keeping your jobs!

Xiao Ying was pushed into the operating room. Long Ming wanted to follow, but the dean stopped him.

Drawing back his hand, he clenched it into a fist and punched the wall hard. His strength was so great that there was a crack in the wall. Blood flowed out from the back of his hand.

After about ten minutes, the door to the operating room was opened.

Long Ming looked up and asked with a cold expression. “How is she? And the child?”

Looking at the redness in Long Ming’s eyes that were barely restraining the biting frustration, the doctor said cautiously, “The lady in the operating room did not have a miscarriage.”

Hearing the words, Long Ming’s tense nerves relaxed slightly, but the next second, the doctor’s words sent him down to hell again.