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Chapter 1397: Company

The moment the door closed, blood swelled in his throat. He took out his handkerchief and hurriedly covered his lips.

After that red drug had been injected into his body, he even lost the energy to touch a woman. Young Master Li must have long planned it! He made it so that he could only see Cen Xi and not touch her.

As Qiao Yanze leaned against the wall, he closed his eyes shortly for a rest. His jaw was terribly tense and stiff.

Qiao Yanze only stood up nearly after a minute.

He glanced towards the shut door, his resting hands clenching tightly. He dared not stay longer and left hurriedly.

Cen Xi stood up from the floor and sat on the sofa, right where he had sat before. His aura and warmth seemed to still remain at that spot.

She couldn’t understand why his attitude was still so distant after they returned to the capital. He even dared to say for them to end everything today!

As Cen Xi leaned back against the sofa, her long hair fell against her cheek, covering her expression.

Forget it. She shouldn’t think about it anymore. The more she thought about it, the more painful it felt.

Qiao Yanze drove back to the Qiao manor himself.

He had gotten Bai Ye to look at his body’s condition already.

Bai Ye said that he was really f*cking unlucky to come across Young Master Li. Everything Young Master Li had was everything he had. That kind of drug was specially made by the criminal syndicate. Apart from Young Master Li and the higher management in the organization, it would be hard to make an antidote even for a genius doctor like him.

Since he couldn’t live long, why must he hold a good girl back?

Qiao Yanze’s eyes slowly turned red as he stepped on the accelerator and sped the vehicle up.

When he drove past a traffic light, because the vehicle was driving too fast, he couldn’t stop in time. A slender woman was crossing the road and the vehicle almost hit her.

It was clear that the woman was surprised as well, as her legs went weak and she fell on the floor.

Qiao Yanze’s hands remained on the steering wheel as he blanked out for several seconds before he regained his senses. He hurriedly opened the door and got out of the car.

The woman had very long and black hair. At first glance, she looked a little similar to Cen Xi. With her long hair covering her face, Qiao Yanze couldn’t see her face clearly.

She was wearing a knee-length skirt. When she fell, her fair knees were scraped and started to bleed. From her outfit, he could tell that the woman was a simple one.

“I’m so sorry. Are you alー” Before Qiao Yanze could finish speaking, the woman suddenly looked up. The face that entered his sight made Qiao Yanze freeze for a few seconds.

The woman had a cold expression by birth. She had exquisite and beautiful facial features, a pretty face shape and slightly raised eyes, making her look coy naturally.

Qiao Yanze’s eyes met the woman’s.

The both of them remained quiet as they stared at each other for a long time.

“Qing Yan?”

“Brother Yanze?”

“Why are you here?”

“Why are you here?”

The two of them spoke in unison.

Qiao Yanze caressed his chin. “Are you alright?”

The woman’s face was a little pale as she shook her head. “I’m alright. It’s such a coincidence to meet you so late at night like this.”

Qiao Yanze helped the woman stand. Since she had injured her knees, standing up still made her suck in a cold breath of pain.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“Brother Yanze, it’s alright. It’s just a small injury.”

Hearing Qing Yan’s words, Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows.

The Qing family and the Qiao family were close friends in the past. He even once had a childhood engagement with Qing Yan. Qing Yan was the Qing family’s baby daughter and a simple injury would make her family heart ache for her.

Later, the Qing family migrated overseas and they lost contact since. When he was with Xiao Ying in the past, his mother often used to compare Qing Yan to Xiao Ying.

Although Qing Yan was from a well-off family, she was well-educated, humble and kind. She was a lot more mature than other girls her age.

At that time, she fell in love with a man who was a decade older than her. The Qing family didn’t agree to their relationship, so she became an advocate against marriage.

Since Qing Yan insisted on not going to the hospital, Qiao Yanze couldn’t force it either. He helped her call a taxi, only getting back into his car after seeing her leave.

Cen Xi woke up to the sound of her alarm. She only fell asleep very late into the night after having insomnia.

Opening her eyes, she stared blankly at the ceiling above her for a while. She got up, washed up, packed her luggage and got a taxi to head to the airport.

On her way to Switzerland once more, her emotions were extremely complicated.

After a long flight, Cen Xi finally arrived at her destination. Once she got out of the airport, Cen Xi went to the hotel first, before she went to the bank the next day.

She found the Manager Zhang her sister talked about and after confirming her identity, Manager Zhang passed her a bank book and a safe key.

Cen Xi went to take a look at the safe and the gold, silver and jewelry inside almost blinded her. The sum on the bank book was already alarming enough. Together with everything in the safe, her sister could definitely be considered a wealthy person as well.

All of this money was earned in exchange for Sister risking her life. She wouldn’t use it anyhow.

Cen Xi didn’t touch anything in the safe and merely took the bank book.

After that, she headed to the hospital and went through a series of checkups. The doctor said that if she did surgery on her left ear, there was a chance that her hearing would return.

But any surgery had its risk.

If the surgery failed, she would become deaf for the rest of her life. Cen Xi was only in her twenties and not being able to hear at all was indeed fearful.

But in the end she still nodded at the doctor. “I’ll do the surgery.”

The doctor got her to sign the surgery consent form, telling her that the surgery could be done tomorrow.

As she walked out of the doctor’s office, Cen Xi stared at the crowded hospital. Every patient had their closest kin accompanying them. She was the only one alone. As she walked out of the hospital, the shadow the sun cast on her seemed extremely lonely.

When people were at their weakest, they would always want a shoulder to lean on.

In a black sedan, a well-dressed man was sitting in the backseat. The man’s eyes were fixated on the woman walking out from the hospital.

He saw the fragility and loneliness in her eyes.

“Young Master, if you’re worried about Miss Cen’s surgery, why aren’t you accompanying her?” Da Zuo, who was driving the car, asked in confusion.

Qiao Yanze tapped his slender fingers against his knee, as he said indifferently, “It’s for her own good. I cannot give her anymore hope.”

Da Zuo was even more confused.

If it was for her good, shouldn’t he keep her by his side and adore and take care of her more delicately?

He really didn’t understand Young Master at all!

The next afternoon.

It was time for Cen Xi’s surgery.

She followed behind the nurse into the surgery room.

Right after she entered the room, a tall figure appeared. He stood by the surgery room’s door, guarding it, unmoving like a statue.

Inside the surgery room, Cen Xi listened to the nurse’s instructions and lay down on the surgery table. Her fair hands clasped over each other uneasily in front of her. Her eyes were opened as she stared at the dimmed surgery lights. She was so nervous her tightly pursed lips were completely pale.

The main surgeon walked in. After glancing at Cen Xi, he said gently and warmly, “Don’t be afraid and close your eyes. We’re about to give you the anesthetic.”

Cen Xi slowly closed her eyes.

How long Cen Xi was in the surgery room for was how long Qiao Yanze stood outside for. He only left with heavy steps after the surgery room door was opened.

Thankfully, Cen Xi’s surgery was very successful and she had already woken up.