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Chapter 1392: Explosion

“Ba Li, I’m your mother. Do you not remember me anymore?”

The woman stared at Young Master Li with a shrill voice as she pulled off the sleeve on her arm. “Then, do you remember this mark?”

When Young Master Li saw the ugly and distorted scar on the woman’s arm, his body trembled unstably.

How could he not remember that scar?

Back when he was still young, his father’s wives were jealous of his mother having a son and wanted to kill him. Mother protected him in her arms without any regard for her life and her arm had been scalded by those b*tches. From then on, an ugly and distorted scar was left on her arm.

Qiao Sen could get someone to disguise as his mother, but that scar was unique to her.

Mother was really still alive!

Young Master Li’s eyes slowly filled with tears as they reddened. He did his best to suppress his overwhelming emotions. “Mother, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you again in this lifetime.”

The woman stared at her adult son, who looked more and more like Ba Er as tears fell out from her eyes. “Li’er, I can’t bear to see you like this. I don’t want to see you end up being like your coldblooded and cruel father and kill people like they’re nothing. I wasn’t harmed by your father’s wives back then. I was locked up by your father.”

Young Master Li shook his head, not understanding what he was hearing. “Father doted on you so much. Why did he lock you up?”

The woman raised her bony hand and wiped her tears. “Your father never had feelings for any woman. Him doting me was just a show for you. I never liked how he treated others’ lives as if they were nothing. I kept trying to convince him to stop, but why would he be willing to listen to me?

“He called me soft and didn’t want my thoughts to influence you. In order to make you become a better heir, he used his wives and faked that they had hurt me. He locked me up to prevent us from meeting. He wanted you to take revenge for me and kill his wives because he wanted to see your hands covered in blood so you could never turn back anymore!”

No… It was impossible. Young Master Li shook his head in disbelief. His mother’s words made him almost lose his mind.

Was the father he had always looked up to, admired and listened to, really like that?

“Li’er, your father only saw you as his heir and never treated you as his son. Don’t do something so wrong anymore!”

Young Master Li’s expression tensed as he gritted his teeth. He could not digest such a violent and cruel reality so quickly.

But, he couldn’t not believe his mother’s words.

Young Master Li’s eyes were completely red. “Mother, so what if I believe you? I’m already on this path. I cannot turn back anymore!”

Yes, his hands were covered in blood now. He could only live in the dark for the rest of his life and could no longer see the light anymore. If he let go and stopped now, only death awaited him!

The woman stared at Young Master Li with her heart aching. Her heart was almost breaking into pieces. If he didn’t grow up in that kind of environment, her son would be able to live under the light and have a normal life too.

“Li’er, stop erring anymore, don’t harm the innocent!”

Young Master Li gritted his teeth, hesitating.

If he stopped, he would end up dying.

If he didn’t, his mother would be sad.

Young Master Li’s close aide that was standing behind him, was extremely shocked when he saw Young Master Li hesitating. “Young Master, you cannot be kindhearted. It had been more than a decade since you saw your mother. Who knew if she had been hypnotized by Qiao Yanze? Maybe that is why she’s talking for them!”

Hearing this, Young Master Li felt that his aide’s words were rather reasonable. However, Young Master Li glanced at the teary, skinny woman once again.

Countless memories from when he was young appeared in his mind.

Mother was the person who had given him warmth. He would always remember lying in Mother’s warm and soft arms.

“Li’er, listen to my words and stop! If there is no chance of being a good person anymore, we can try next lifetime too! If it wasn’t because I wanted to see you again, I would have committed suicide already. Don’t be scared, Mother will go down first to wait for you.”

No one knew where the woman got her strength from, but she suddenly pushed Xiao Zuo away and threw herself at a tree.

Everyone was shocked.

Xiao Zuo, Young Master Li, Cen Xi and even Qiao Yanze were all stunned. When Young Master Li regained his senses, he wanted to stop the woman but it was already too late.

The woman had hit her head against the tree and collapsed on the floor.

Young Master Li hurriedly ran towards the woman. He spread his arms and hugged the woman who was lying on the floor, her forehead bleeding profusely.

“Mother! Mother!”

The woman opened her eyes slowly, staring at Young Master Li weakly as her skinny hand caressed his face. “Li’er, just seeing you one more time is enough for me. It’s not that I don’t dote on you, but I don’t want to see you continue erring. Stop, my son!”

Young Master Li closed his eyes as scorching tears fell from them. He nodded with a sad and heavy expression. “Mother, I’ll listen to you. You cannot die, you mustー”

Young Master Li glanced towards Qiao Yanze. “Save my mother! I surrender! Save her!”

Qiao Yanze raised a hand and called a doctor over. After the woman was carried away, Young Master Li unlocked Cen Xi’s cuffs.

Young Master Li surrendering was an ending Cen Xi had never expected.

Of course, this was the best result as well.

Young Master Li used her to attack Qiao Yanze’s weakness, so Qiao Yanze used the same trick to attack Young Master Li.

Qiao Yanze won this fight beautifully.

After instructing his men, they moved forward to detain Young Master Li and his people.

He walked in front of Cen Xi and caressed his head. “Later, you can take the same plane back to the Capital with Da Zuo. I’ll be in the same plane with Young Master Li and his men since I’m afraid that he will play a trick during the flight.”

Cen Xi still had many things she wanted to say to Qiao Yanze, but she knew very well that this was not the time.

So she only nodded. “Alright.”

Qiao Yanze personally brought back Young Master Li and his aide back to the Capital. The other bad men on the island would only be brought back after Xiao Zuo accounted for their numbers.

As they got on the place, when the aide walked past Young Master Li, his eyes were red as he mouthed at Young Master Li. “You’re a betrayer as well!”

Young Master Li turned and glanced at his aide. Seeing the aide’s fingers caressing the watch on his left wrist, Young Master Li seemed to have thought of something as his gaze darkened. “Mike, what are you doing?”

“I’m committing suicide with the betrayer!” Mike continued to mouth.

Young Master Li’s expression changed immediately as he glanced at Qiao Yanze, who was the last to get on the plane. He immediately shouted, “Get out of the plane, quick! Mike’s watch has a bomb in it!”

As Young Master Li spoke, he pounced towards Qiao Yanze.

Cen Xi had just been brought to the other plane by Da Zuo. Before she was seated properly, she suddenly saw a black mushroom cloud blowing up to the sky.

Someone on the plane shouted, “There’s an explosion!”

Cen Xi’s heart skipped a beat.

She wanted to get out of the plan to take a look, but Da Zuo stopped her. “Miss Cen, please rest in the plane. I’ll go take a look.”

Cen Xi’s heart was thumping crazily. She had a feeling that something bad had happened, so how was she able to stand back? “I’m getting off.”

Da Zuo had just received news that the explosion occurred in the plane young master was escorting Young Master Li in. Worried about Young Master’s safety, he didn’t want to waste more time to stop Cen Xi, so he nodded.

“Please stay safe.”

With that said, he got out of the plane first.