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Chapter 1390: Qiao Yanze is Here

Hearing that the man that trespassed the island had been blown up and was now completely unidentifiable, Young Master Li let out a hearty laugh.

He turned back and glanced at the woman on the bed. “Nurse Xiao Hei, did you hear that? Anyone who dares to trespass the island will only end up dying!”

Young Master Li couldn’t wait to go and see who was the person who dared to trespass the island. He put a gun in the gun holder around his waist and left hurriedly.

Before he left, he glanced at his men. “Stand guard here with a few others to watch her carefully. If someone dared to come and take her, shoot and kill them on the spot!”

After Young Master Li left, Cen Xi felt like all of her energy had been sucked away. Her hands hugged her empty head as her heart tightened. Her fingers trembled slightly as her body turned cold.

The person who had trespassed the island had been blown into pieces?

Was it Qiao Yanze?

Cen Xi didn’t dare imagine if it was him who had been blown up. What would she do then?

Her tears fell like a pearl necklace that had been broken.

“Don’t die… Please don’t be injured…”

Suddenly, a large palm patted her trembling shoulder.

Cen Xi shivered and hurriedly wiped her tears. “Young Master Li, I was just afraー”

Before she could finish speaking, she was pulled before a broad chest. Cen Xi noted the man’s refreshing and charming scent. It was different from the faint cologne scent on Young Master Li.

Cen Xi instantly looked up.

Seeing the man who had pulled her into his arms, her eyes widened in surprise.

“Young Master Qiao?”

Was she seeing things?

Cen Xi’s gaze moved from the man’s handsome eyebrows, to his pretty eyes, to his well-defined nose, then to his thin lips… She wasn’t seeing things. It really was Qiao Yanze.

Cen Xi’s tears started to fall again. She grabbed the man’s shirt tightly, saying with a trembling voice, “I thought that something had happened to you…”

Qiao Yanze wiped Cen Xi’s face dry of tears hurriedly. “The person who died is Young Master Li’s butler that went out to purchase some daily necessities. Get up quickly, we need to leave this place first.”

Cen Xi didn’t dare hesitate. She hurriedly jumped out of the bed and walked out, following behind Qiao Yanze.

The men Da Zuo had brought with him were currently fighting with Young Master Li’s men and Qiao Yanze hurriedly led Cen Xi to leave through the backyard.

“Young Master Li has buried bombs everywhere around the island. We have to be careful.”

“Don’t worry. I was undercover in the organization for several years, so I know their tricks very well.”

Cen Xi followed behind Qiao Yanze as he held onto her hand. Staring at his tall and slender back, her heart settled down somehow.

Qiao Yanze led Cen Xi out of the mansion. However, before they could walk too far away, Young Master Li caught up to them with his men behind him.

“Qiao Sen, you cannot take her away!” Young Master Li had gotten his men to turn on all of the lights in the island. In the pitch-black night, the small island was lit up perfectly. Qiao Yanze and his men were all exposed.

Qiao Yanze naturally didn’t come here alone with his men. He had already messaged Mu Sihan about it and Mu Sihan sent Bo Yan and his men to come and exterminate the place. They must take Young Master Li down tonight.

When the sound of choppers trailed from afar, Young Master Li’s expression changed. His island was rather discrete and hidden. How exactly did Qiao Yanze find this place?

Young Master Li glanced towards Cen Xi, who was hidden behind Qiao Yanze.

She was wearing the sleeping gown he had prepared for her, so her fair and slender legs were exposed, while her long black hair was untied. Under the bright lights, her petite face appeared to be extremely pale.

Her eyes were no longer pitiful-looking. Instead, they were now as strong and cold as Qiao Yanze’s were.

Young Master Li seemed to understand almost immediately.

He turned back to glance at his men. “Didn’t you check that she didn’t bring any high-technology equipment with her?”

The man nodded. “I did check. She didn’t bring anything with her…” Suddenly, he thought of when she had to go to the toilet in a hurry after getting out of the car but didn’t go in the end. Did she get the chance and do something in that time?

Young Master Li instantly kicked the man. “You useless piece of sh*t!”

The man cupped his hurting abdomen and looked down, not daring to say anything.

Young Master Li glanced towards Qiao Yanze, his eyes completely dark. “So the two of you were acting together. The truth is that the two of you didn’t cut ties, did you?”

Qiao Yanze replied, “The acting was right, but I didn’t know that she would be taken by you.”

Young Master Li narrowed his eyes at Cen Xi. The night breeze was blowing her long hair against her cheek. Her black hair and fair skin formed a strong visual contrast. His eyes landed on her cherry lips. “Nurse Xiao Hei, I didn’t think you would be willing to be a bait for him again. Do you love Qiao Yanze so much that you don’t even fear death? Did you forget how he treated your sister and you? He wanted to burn you two to death!”

Cen Xi pursed her lips tightly. “Young Master Li, the person that wanted to burn us to death is you!”

Hearing this, Young Master Li froze for a few seconds before he burst out in laughter. “With this, it seems like Qiao Yanze has already told you everything?”

“Ba Li, stop talking nonsense. Get your men to lower their guns and lay down quietly!” Qiao Yanze said coldly.

Young Master Li didn’t look panicked at all. Instead, he stared at Qiao Yanze with a calm expression. “So what if you brought people with you? You love the woman behind you. As long as she’s alive, you will never win over me!”

Qiao Yanze’s heart skipped a beat. Did Young Master Li poison Cen Xi once again?

Young Master Li’s eyes landed on Cen Xi’s cuffed hands and smirked. “Without my key, no one will be able to unlock the cuffs she’s wearing. The most important thing is that there is a miniature bomb installed in the cuffs. I just have to press it just softly and she will be blown into pieces.”

Qiao Yanze instantly turned back to glance at the cuffs Cen Xi was wearing. He tried to unlock it for her, but like Young Master Li had said, he couldn’t.

Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened as his eyes exuded extreme coldness, shining darkly like a starless night. “Young Master Li, you’re indeed despicable and shameless enough. How can you treat your Nurse Xiao Hei like this time after time?”

Young Master Li seemed to recall the memories he had with Nurse Xiao Hei. His eyes were filled with emotions as he turned to Cen Xi with gentler eyes. “Nurse Xiao Hei, come over. Let’s leave together. You promised me that you would marry me.”

Hearing Young Master Li’s words, anger appeared on Qiao Yanze’s expression. He knew that Cen Xi was just acting, but he couldn’t help but feel jealous at hearing her promise to marry Young Master Li.

However, this wasn’t the time to be jealous. Qiao Yanze’s tall figure stood in front of Cen Xi, blocking her completely as he stared straight into Young Master Li’s bloodthirsty and murderous eyes. He said coldly, “If she doesn’t leave with you, are you going to blow her up?”

“I will destroy her if I cannot get it!” Young Master Li smirked as he chuckled.

Suddenly, a small remote appeared in Young Master Li’s hands and Qiao Yanze’s eyes constricted instantly.

“Qiao Sen, do you want to try?”

Qiao Yanze clenched his fists tightly as his Adam’s apple bobbed. All of his blood turned cold.

Young Master Li’s heart and mind is already distorted and could do anything. How would he dare to use Cen Xi as a betting chip?