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Chapter 1389: A Long-Lost Warm On Her

Cen Xi liked Qiao Yanze from when he was still Qiao Sen. When he saved her from the desert thieves, though he appeared to be indifferent and cold-blooded, his heart was filled with righteousness and kindness.

After finding out that he was Qiao Yanze, the person she wanted to repay her older sister’s sins for, that good impression only grew stronger.

Cen Xi knew that Young Master Li had asked her this question to test if she still had any feelings for Qiao Yanze.

Cen Xi threw the fishing rod away as an angry expression washed over her cold face. “Young Master Li, can you not mention that person? There is nothing between us anymore. The moment you mention him, the only thing I think about is how he hurt me so much. Do you know that he was the one who sent the men who almost burned me to death?”

Young Master Li could see the hatred Cen Xi had for Qiao Yanze in her eyes. He started to chuckle, satisfied with her reaction. When he smiled, it was as if his eyes were filled with the dazzling galaxy. He was warm and sunny, like a boy next door.

Who would have thought that he was a coldblooded and violent devil? It was frightening.

Young Master Li picked up the fishing rod for Cen Xi. Since Cen Xi didn’t want to speak anymore to Young Master Li, she focused on fishing.

Within a while, her fishing rod started to move.

“Keep the string quick! A fish is biting your bait.”

The fishing rods Young Master Li used were pretty high level and were rather different from the usual ones Cen Xi had seen. That was why she didn’t know how to rewind the string at all.

Seeing this, Young Master Li walked behind Cen Xi. His fair and large hands wrapped around Cen Xi’s slender ones. Like that, he helped her to rewind the fishing string.

Cen Xi suppressed the discomfort and disdain in her heart and let him help her pull the fish up.

It was a Spanish mackerel.

“Nurse Xiao Hei, do you know how to cook?”

Cen Xi nodded. “Do you want to try?”

“I want to try the fish you cooked. It must be delicious.”

Young Master Li got his men to bring a set of kitchen tools over and Cen Xi made sweet and sour mackerel for Young Master Li on the boat itself. After he took a bite, he closed his eyes to savor the taste.

“It’s really good.”

A bright smile appeared on his handsome face, looking as if he was really happy and enjoying this moment. When she saw it, Cen Xi looked away, reminding herself to not be fooled by Young Master Li’s appearance.

Young Master Li took a small piece of mackerel, wanting to feed Cen Xi. “Nurse Xiao Hei, do you want to try?”

“I don’t want to eat.”

“Do you not want to eat, or do you not want me to feed you?” Young Master Li’s bright smile disappeared as his pretty eyes seemed to be soaked in ink, turning darker by the second.

Cen Xi could sense his unhappiness, as well as the murderous intent he was exuding from head to toe.

So she opened her mouth obediently and took a bite of the sweet and sour mackerel.


It didn’t taste too good.

She had put a little too much sugar and salt. It was both sweet and salty, making her stomach protest more after eating it.

But he said that it tasted really good…

Seeing her take a bite, his happy emotions seemed to return. He looked down and finished the plate of sweet and sour mackerel alone, despite it not tasting good at all.

He wiped his mouth as he basked in the sunlight lazily. A bright smile appeared on his lips. “Nurse Xiao Hei, it’s been really long since I ate something that made me happy.”

Cen Xi stared at Young Master Li, feeling extremely complicated.

Sometimes, he was an innocent and sunny adult boy, but suddenly, he became a bloodthirsty and violent devil as well.

The extreme contrast made her heart palpitate crazily.

At night.

Cen Xi lay down on the bed after taking a shower.

Like the night before, Young Master Li came over to sleep with Cen Xi in his arms. He buried his face into the crook of Cen Xi’s neck, taking in her scent.

After a while, he turned her over and stared into her eyes. “Nurse Xiao Hei, I will bring you to the place where we’ll be getting married.”

What? Place they were getting married? What in the world?!

Cen Xi froze instantly.

Noting her shocked expression, Young Master Li caressed her fair and smooth face. “Nurse Xiao, I want to have a peaceful life with you. No matter if you want to or not, I will marry you.”

A smile appeared on his handsome face, though it looked a little creepy. “If you commit suicide, I will marry your corpse and place you in a glass coffin. You will be with me forever.”

Cen Xi’s limbs had turned cold. She was so shocked by Young Master Li’s twisted heart that she was rendered speechless.

Seeing Cen Xi’s face turn pale, Young Master Li leaned closer towards her. His well-defined nose rubbed against hers. “Don’t be scared. I really, really like you.”

He craved getting warmth from her. Every time he saw her, it was as if he had seen his mother. His father had more than a dozen wives and his mother was only one of them.

Perhaps, his father was ill-fated with children and only had one son despite having so many wives. The other wives all either had miscarriages, didn’t get pregnant or only had daughters.

It was probably because of this that the other wives were all jealous of his mother for having him. When he was ten years old, his mother had disappeared suddenly for no reason and he hadn’t been able to find her all this time.

After he turned of-age, he killed all of his father’s wives one by one.

It was only after meeting Nurse Xiao Hei that he felt that long-missed warmth once again. He wanted to make her his and his only. No one else can take her away.

At this thought, the blood within him surged. His abdomen was terribly stuffed and full, he wanted to get release.

Grabbing onto the back of Cen Xi’s head, Young Master Li started kissing her forehead, then down to her eyes. His breath was scorching. “Nurse Xiao Hei, I don’t want to hold back anymore. Can you become my woman tonight?”

Cen Xi’s long lashes started to tremble intensely. Her cuffed hands pressed against Young Master Li’s muscular chest. “Young Master Li, it’s too soon. Can you touch me only after I prepare myself a bit?”

Young Master Li’s eyes were fully red from desire as he suddenly grabbed Cen Xi’s neck and growled at her, “You’re not allowed to reject me. If you reject me, I will strangle you to death right now.”

Cen Xi felt breathing getting harder as her face started to flush red.

She knew that going hard against Young Master Li wouldn’t work. She had no choice but to soften her voice and beg with tear-filled eyes. “Young Master Li, aren’t you going to marry me? I promise you that you can do whatever you want after we become a lawfully-wedded couple. I won’t stop you then-”

Young Master Li let go of Cen Xi’s neck and grabbed her chin instead. His grip was so strong that she felt like her chin was almost smashed into pieces. “You’re very smart. Are you trying to buy time? Nurse Xiao Hei, you’re giving yourself to me anyway. I want you tonight.”

His knees moved to spread her legs apart.

“Be a little more obedient. If not, you’ll be that one that hurts.”

“Young Master Li, I’ve only been here for two days. Can’t you wait any longer? I don’t like Qiao Yanze anymore. You’ve saved me once and I always had a good impression of you. Can you give me a little more tー”

Seeing the panic and helplessness in Cen Xi’s eyes, Young Master Li knew that she was really afraid. He didn’t want to hurt her, but that heat that wanted to get relief within him made him really impatient at the same time.

Just as he was caught in making his decision, a deafening explosion suddenly rang.

Young Master Li’s expression changed. The explosion came from the island’s pier.

Suddenly, the room door was pushed open and his men said, “Young Master Li, someone has trespassed the island and triggered the bomb. The body is unidentifiable.”