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Chapter 1388: Won’t Hurt You Again

There was only an orange wall lamp turned on in the room.

Light shone down from the top of the man’s head, forming a soft glow around him. His hair covering his forehead was slightly messy. It seemed he had just taken a shower as she could still vaguely see some water droplets beaded across the strands of his hair.

Cen Xi froze, her long lashes fluttering nonstop in response to the sudden intimacy.

Young Master Li saw the flash of panic in Cen Xi’s eyes. He didn’t want to scare her, but since she wasn’t listening to him, he wanted to punish her a little.

“Kiss me once and I won’t touch you, hm?” He softened his tone, even if she couldn’t hear him.

Cen Xi was tense from head to toe. Her fingers rested on Young Master Li’s shoulders, as she wanted to push him away.


After weighing the pros and cons, she placed a kiss on his cheek.

At first, she thought he would be unhappy with it. However, he smiled brightly like a child that was given a piece of candy.

His teeth were very white and neat. When he smiled, he looked sunny and handsome. It was impossible to think that he was a great devil who saw others’ lives as nothing and killed them without the blink of an eye.

After she kissed him, Young Master Li moved away from Cen Xi and laid back down beside her. His fingers caressed the cheek that Cen Xi had kissed, his smile growing wider as seconds passed.

Young Master Li pulled Cen Xi into his arms as he nuzzled into the crook of her neck. He pulled her hand, writing on her palm, “As long as you listen to me, I will never hurt you.”

Hearing this, Cen Xi felt really uneasy and reserved sleeping with a man like this. She couldn’t fall asleep at all. She couldn’t bring herself to let go of her guardedness either.

In contrast, the man that was hugging her slowly fell asleep, his breathing slowly falling stable.

Cen Xi felt really complicated.

Young Master Li actually fell asleep hugging her. Even if he had fallen asleep, she still couldn’t relax. The image of him placing a dagger under the pillow when he laid down beside her kept reappearing in his mind.

What if she took out the dagger now and pressed it into his heart?

Would he collapse immediately like that maid?

Was every life low and despicable to people like him?

Cen Xi couldn’t understand, neither could she accept it. It didn’t matter if he let her go tonight.

The room was really quiet, so much so that the only sounds were the sounds of their breathing. Cen Xi leaned to the side, looking up as she observed Young Master Li in detail.

It might have been because they drank or because she was extremely exhausted, but he looked dead asleep.

That idea appeared in Cen Xi’s mind once more.

If she got rid of Young Master Li, Qiao Yanze didn’t have to come anymore. If he didn’t come, he wouldn’t come into contact with those buried bombs.

Cen Xi’s mind went blank as she reached under the pillow carefully and found that dagger.

A layer of cold sweat covered her palms as her heart thumped crazily, growing faster after every beat.

Young Master Li hadn’t fallen asleep, so he knew every one of Cen Xi’s actions.

All of his blood chilled.

If she really dared to hurt him, he wouldn’t hold back from her anymore! If she really dared to hurt him, it would mean that she had colluded with Qiao Yanze!

Young Master Li waited with bated breath as he remained unmoving. He had never been so nervous and careful before.

In the last few days, he had someone following and observing Qiao Yanze and her silently. The two of them did separate and didn’t contact each other privately.

That day, she kissed Qiao Yanze but slapped him ruthlessly as well.

His men had taken a photo of it. In the photo, she looked really sad, disappointed and angry. It didn’t seem like she was acting.

Since Qiao Yanze had made her so sad and disappointed, he thought that his chance had finally come. Even if they weren’t from the same world, she still brought him beautiful memories. He wanted to keep her by his side as his savior.

He didn’t care if she liked him or not.

But he could never accept lies and deception!

Young Master Li counted silently in his heart. When he had counted to ten, the woman holding the dagger mumbled softly, “It’s really sharp. It’s a pity my hands are cuffed together. If not, I should have a competition one day if the chance comes.”

With that said, Cen Xi laid back down.

She turned her back towards Young Master Li. Her eyes were wide open, as her forehead and palms were all covered in sweat.

Just right now, she had almost stabbed Young Master Li. It was fortunate that she noticed his body freezing for just a second and found out that he was just pretending to be asleep. If not, before she could do anything, he might kill her first.

Young Master Li stared at the back of Cen Xi’s head. His tightly pursed lips smirked happily.

She must like him a little!

Young Master Li kissed the back of Cen Xi’s head and said softly to her, “Good night.”

Cen Xi remained awake the entire night.

It was fortunate that Young Master Li got up and left before sunrise. Cen Xi finally managed to sleep about three hours.

In the morning, the maids came up to call Cen Xi down for breakfast. Soon after, Cen Xi walked into the living room.

Young Master Li was wearing a white, casual outfit today. His hair was styled loosely, making him look like those beautiful and handsome men on the television.

Seeing the faint dark eye circles under Cen Xi’s eyes, Young Master Li furrowed his eyebrows. “Did you not sleep well last night?”

Cen Xi bit her lip, saying only half of the truth, “I’m not used to sleeping with you, so I only fell asleep very late.”

Young Master Li believed her words.

Young Master Li pulled Cen Xi towards the dining table. Recalling that someone had died in there last night, she froze.

“I don’t want to eat.”

Young Master Li raised an eyebrow. “The weather is pretty good today. How about I bring you out to the sea to play?”

Cen Xi nodded, her throat dry. “Alright.”

Young Master Li got Cen Xi to wear a nurse uniform once more, but it was a new set. Its fitting design showed her lustrous figure.

When Young Master Li led her out of the courtyard, he covered her eyes with a blindfold. It was only when they were on a speedboat that he took off the blindfold covering her eyes.

Cen Xi knew that Young Master Li was afraid she would remember the way out.

On the speedboat, Young Master Li wore a pair of sunglasses as his closest men drove the boat. He led Cen Xi to take a seat at the back of the boat.

“How’s the scenery here?” Young Master Li asked.

Before Cen Xi could reply, Young Master Li recalled that she couldn’t hear him. He glanced at her. Seeing that her hair was in a mess from the sea breeze, he reached out to push her long hair behind her ear, before he used his index finger and thumb to hold up her hair.

Seeing Young Master Li’s action, Cen Xi took her hair out from his hold and tied them up into a ponytail.

Young Master Li’s men drove the speedboat to the center of the sea. When they stopped, Young Master Li brought two fishing rods over. “The weather is pretty good today. How about we fish here?”

Cen Xi took the fishing rod as Young Master Li helped her with the bait.

Once they started fishing, both of them fell silent. Young Master Qiao stared at Cen Xi’s pretty face as he turned her around to ask, “Tell me. What is it that you like about Qiao Sen? He was so mean to you back then!”