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Chapter 1386: It’s Been A While, Did You Miss Me?

Cen Xi woke up from a series of shakes.

Her eyes were blindfolded and she could not see her surroundings. Her hands were tied by a rope and she struggled continuously.

After about an hour, the rope tied to her wrists had become loose.

Cen Xi drew her hands out of the rope. The skin on her fair and delicate wrist was scraped and raw. It was red, swollen and bleeding. Even though it was painful, she managed not to utter a sound.

The car stopped abruptly.

Cen Xi could not hear the sounds outside, but she felt that the driver had gotten out of the car. Not wasting any time, Cen Xi pulled off the blindfold that was over her eyes.

As expected, there was no one else in the car. Cen Xi went to the car window and looked out discreetly. She saw that the woman, who had taken her captive, was talking with a muscular man.

That man held a scanner in his hand and said, “I’ll check if there’s any trackers on her. If there isn’t, you can leave.”

Cen Xi’s heart tightened.

She quickly took off the earring on her right ear. Earlier, she had put a tracker in the earring and if it was scanned, she would be in deep trouble.

Cen Xi looked around and found that she was at a wharf. She did not have the time to think much about it as the strong man and blonde woman was walking over.

Cen Xi threw the earring out of the window.

She blindfolded her eyes and tied the rope around her hands again, pretending to have not woken up yet.

The man opened the door and used the scanner to check Cen Xi from top to bottom.

No alarm sounded.

The man nodded at the blonde woman.

He was about to reach out to take Cen Xi out of the car when she groaned and looked like she had just woken up.

“I-I need to go to the bathroom…”

The man seemed to have not heard Cen Xi and carried her out of the car.

Cen Xi struggled. “Who are you? Why did you tie me up? Let go of me, I really need to go to the bathroom…”

The blonde woman had already driven the car away after the man had carried Cen Xi out of the car.

The man did not dare to take it upon himself to take off Cen Xi’s pants, so he had no choice but to untie the rope around her wrists, saying with a rough voice, “Do it here.”

Cen Xi did not say anything.

“I’ll turn around. You’d better not run, otherwise, my knife will not show mercy.”

Cen Xi still had no reaction.

The man went to Cen Xi and pulled off her blindfold that was over her eyes. “Can’t you hear me talking to you?”

Cen Xi nodded tentatively. “I have some problems with my ears so I really can’t hear you.”

The man was Young Master Li’s confidant. He heard from Young Master Li that she could not hear from one ear. Now it seemed like she could not hear from both ears?

“I won’t look at you, but don’t play any tricks, or my bullets won’t have mercy.” The man pulled out a gun and pointed it between Cen Xi’s eyes.

Cen Xi nodded in fear.

After the man turned around, Cen Xi immediately bent down to look for the earring she had thrown to the ground.

After a while, she found the earring among some grass. Cen Xi put the earring into her bra and looked at the man with his back to her. “I can’t do it even if you turn around. I want to go somewhere with a bathroom.”

“Then hold it in first.”

The man came over and hit the back of Cen Xi’s neck with his hand. Cen Xi felt a pain at the back of her neck and cursed the man in her heart before she fainted again.

A few hours later, Cen Xi woke up.

Her eyes were not blindfolded, but her hands seemed to be handcuffed. She sat up from the bed and rubbed the back of her neck which was aching.

Despite feeling uncomfortable, she had no energy or time to care about it.

Raising her eyes, she looked around.

She was in a pink, princess-styled room. The decor and curtains in the room were all pink. There were several small dolls beside the pillow and it looked very girly and dreamy.

There were no windows in the room so she could not see outside. Cen Xi knew that there were no windows so as to prevent her from escaping.

Just as Cen Xi was about to get out of the bed, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

She immediately fell back on the bed. Before she could grasp the situation clearly, it would be better to continue to act as if she was still unconscious.

After a while, a man came in, stood by the bed and looked down at her.

Cen Xi smelled a faint whiff of men’s cologne.

It was not an unfamiliar smell to her.

It was Young Master Li’s.

Young Master Li was still alive. Did he plan all these to seek Qiao Yanze for revenge?

Cen Xi thought of how she had thought that Young Master Li had died for her. She was sad for a long time and now she felt that it was extremely ironic.

Suddenly, a soft feather scratched the tip of Cen Xi’s nose. She felt itchy and sneezed.

The man’s pleasant laugh came from the top of her head. “You’re not going to pretend to sleep anymore?”

Cen Xi felt the breath of the man as he spoke. She opened her eyes slowly, her thick and long eyelashes were fluttering like two small fans which looked very moving.

When Cen Xi looked at the man, she saw he had his back bent as he stood by the bed with a feather in his hand. She could not remember how long she had not seen Young Master Li. He was still as handsome as ever, with a cheeky smile on his face. It was as if nothing had changed and he was still the Young Master Li from before who liked to tease her.

However, it seemed like something was slightly different. After experiencing great changes, he had deep hatred in his eyes.

Seeing Cen Xi looking at him, Young Master Li gave her a wink, his smile becoming brighter. “Nurse Xiaohei, it’s been a while. Did you miss me?”

From his appearance, Young Master Li really did not look like the young master of a criminal organization. He had an appearance that could attract any woman.

“I heard that you can’t hear in both of your ears?” Young Master Li sat by the bed, his long fingers pinching Cen Xi’s ears and he sighed. “Can you understand what I’m saying now?”

Cen Xi pursed her lips and did not speak.

“Go take a bath first. There’s a smell on you.”

She was abducted from the airport washroom to this place. After such a long time of being tossed around, it would be strange if there was no smell!

Forget it. She would listen to his arrangement first since she was here. If Qiao Yanze was smart, he should be able to find this place.

Young Master Li had prepared clothes for Cen Xi in the bathroom. After taking a bath, Cen Xi finally felt refreshed and human again.

Pushing open the door, Cen Xi walked out of the room. Judging from the surrounding environment, this place should be on some kind of island with houses hidden in the lush woods.

Cen Xi went downstairs.

Young Master Li had been waiting in the dining room. Hearing sounds, he looked back.

Cen Xi was dressed in the nurse’s uniform he had prepared. Her black hair was tied into a ponytail and the nurse’s uniform outlined her graceful figure. She had no makeup on her face and her skin was as smooth as an egg without the shell… This image had always appeared in his dream ever since he met her when she became an undercover to take care of Qiao Sen.

He had always wanted to see her put on the nurse uniform with this cold and charming face.

Sure enough, he was not disappointed.

Cen Xi did not miss Young Master Li’s fiery and hot eyes that fell on her. It was if he wanted to devour her.