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Chapter 1384: Bait

As Gu Meng looked at the man standing at the door, her mind seemed unable to think about anything. When he said ‘let’s talk’ again, she followed him to the study.

Although he bought the villa to let her take care of her body and the baby inside of her, she had never come into his study before. The cold and simple decoration style was dignified and elegant, with no sense of human touch to it.

They sat on the sofa.

Ye Qing crossed his long legs and his hand tapped on his knees. “If you don’t want to see me, I will try to reduce the number of times I come in the future.”

Gu Meng’s eyes were lowered and all her emotions were covered by her long eyelashes. “This is your place, I have no right to interfere whether you come back or not.”

After thinking about it, she added, “My behavior today was quite childish and ridiculous. I won’t do it anymore in the future.”

When she assessed her position properly, she would not have any other thoughts.

When Ye Qing heard Gu Meng’s words, his eyes darkened and he stared at her for a few seconds. “You’re unhappy?”

Gu Meng hurriedly shook her head. Raising her eyes, she smiled wanly towards Ye Qing. “No, I’m just someone to give birth to your child, what right do I have to be unhappy? This is the dream of many women!”

It was not like he failed to recognize the sarcasm and mockery in her words.

Although she was pregnant, she did not eat much usually and her face was still small, her eyes were clear as water, and when she smiled, her eyes were like crescents, but in this smile, there was not much sincerity.

Ye Qing could not help thinking back. When she called him Brother Ah Dai, her eyes were filled with stars, they were bright and pure. But now, there was only sorrow and worry in her eyes.

Ye Qing stood up and sat beside Gu Meng.

Holding Gu Meng’s shoulders. “If you like, you can continue to live here.”

Gu Meng smelled the cold and charming masculine scent on his body. She felt a lump in her throat and her eyes prickled.

Keep living here and be his canary?

“Thank you for your kindness, Your Highness. I will leave after the child is born.” She tried to control her mood and used the most calm and indifferent tone to say it even though her heart was surging with emotions and she wanted to slap him to death.

“Gu Meng…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu Meng got up from the sofa. She smiled charmingly and looked at the man on the sofa. “From tomorrow onwards, no matter whether you are here or not, I will eat on time, keep to regular hours and listen to you. I will go East if you asked me to and never go West. I won’t throw my temper at you anymore, you can rest assured!”

She left the study in a humble manner, with her shoulders down. Ye Qing’s eyebrows were furrowed together by Gu Meng’s series of reactions.

The next morning, when Ye Qing went to the dining room, Gu Meng was already sitting there. When she saw him coming, she stood up and greeted him with a smile. After breakfast, she took the initiative to report to him before going for a walk in the garden.

Sitting on the sofa, he put the laptop on his long legs and read reports for a while before raising his black eyes to look outside the French windows.

At that moment, Gu Meng was still in the garden. She was crouching on the ground and the sunlight fell on her through the branches and leaves, as if a layer of golden radiance was around her. She had no makeup on and a smile on her face, making her look pure and beautiful.

Compared to those forced smiles in front of him, it was obvious that her smile now was more sincere and touching.


Ye Qing’s eyes darkened when his gaze swept over the black kitten Gu Meng was stroking. Gu Meng was stroking the kitten’s head and talking to it, when suddenly, someone grabbed her arm.

Gu Meng looked at the man standing in front of her with a dark expression and did not know where she had offended him. “Third Prince, what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong to make you look like that?”

Ye Qing released Gu Meng’s arm and said coldly, “Where did this cat come from?”

Gu Meng said nothing.

“A stray cat? Gu Meng, you are pregnant now. Do you know how harmful it is to raise a stray cat?” Ye Qing’s expression was cold and he looked fiercely at the servants behind Gu Meng. “How do you even take care of her?”

The servant knelt down and lowered her head in fright. “Your Highness, actually, this cat…”

“It’s none of their business. I want to keep it here. If you don’t like it, you can send it to the stray cats adoption center!”

With that, Gu Meng entered the villa.

When Gu Meng was having a nap, she heard the engine of a car.

Ye Qing had left.

Gu Meng opened her eyes, her sleepiness gone.

The servant sent over the afternoon snack and seeing Gu Meng’s empty eyes, she said softly, “Miss Gu, why didn’t you tell His Highness that the vet has vaccinated the cat and checked for Toxoplasma gondii…”

Gu Meng took a bite of fruit and said lightly, “If he doesn’t like it, I won’t raise it. There’s no need to explain that much.”

After the snack, Gu Meng went to the garden to bask in the sun. Two servants who were fixing up the garden did not see Gu Meng coming out and were discussing softly, “Does Miss Gu really think that she is a rich young lady? How dare she pull a long face in front of His Highness!”

“I think she deliberately did all those things to attract the attention of His Highness!”

“It can be seen that she’s a scheming woman when she got pregnant before marriage to give birth to His Highness’s child.”

“No matter how scheming she is, His Highness won’t give her status. At best, she would be a lover he’s supporting outside!”

“Before His Highness left at noon, I heard him answering his phone. It seems like the Queen asked him to go back to the palace. I heard that Princess Dai Na’s parents came to discuss the marriage between the Prince and Princess of the two countries!”

“Really? It seems like the Third Prince will be holding another grand wedding after the wedding of the King and Queen.”

Gu Meng sat on the swing, swinging lightly.

Was the sun extra glaring today? Why did her eyes feel like they were stinging?

Suddenly, hot tears could not help sliding down. Gu Meng quickly raised the back of her hand to wipe it, but the more she wiped it, the more the tears fell.

She was really tired of acting in this one-man show.

Actually, she was not too sad. After all, she had already come to terms with reality, but her pent up emotions needed a way to vent out.

That’s all it was, it was nothing more.

Night fell.

Qiao Yanze once again came to the no man’s land on the border of Burma. Da Zuo took people to the underground casino to find out where Young Master Li was and Qiao Yanze waited in a simple hotel.

By now, the sky had darkened completely.

Qiao Yanze received a phone call from Xiao Zuo, who was in the Capital protecting Cen Xi.

“Young Master, I didn’t see Miss Cen go downstairs today so I ordered take-out for her. The delivery man knocked for a long time but nobody opened the door. I went up to have a look and found that Miss Cen wasn’t there.

“I went to see the surveillance footage. Miss Cen put on a disguise and left as an old lady. I didn’t pay enough attention…”

When Qiao Yanze heard this, his expression changed. “Is this how you do things ‘properly’?”

“Young Master, Miss Cen left a cell phone in the apartment. She recorded a video in it. She said that if you want to catch Young Master Li, she is willing to be your bait!”