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Chapter 1381: Knocked into Him

Cen Xi stood in front of the door connecting the private room and the lounge and in the end, still looked inside through the crack in the door.

There was no one in the lounge.

When Cen Xi pushed open the door, she saw two figures entwined together in the frosted glass of the bathroom.

Although she could only see a vague outline, she could see that the woman was being held and pressed against the wall by the man. The woman’s long legs were wrapped around the man’s waist and they were doing the most intimate actions.

Even if she could not hear it, Cen Xi could imagine the woman’s moans.

Cen Xi’s heart ached and her blood turned cold as if she had fallen into an abyss.

Why was this happening?

As soon as he got back to the Capital, he could not wait to do this with another woman!

So, what did his concern and jealousy for her mean?

Cen Xi’s was digging her fingernails into her palm so hard that she almost broke the skin. She wanted to rush in and question him loudly, but she had no courage or strength.

Standing here, looking at the hazy scene inside, she already could not accept it. Let alone going in to see a clearer and more straightforward image. With tears streaming out from the corners of her eyes she closed her eyes.

Turning around, she left with a stiff and blank expression. She did not know how she got out of the room. Keeping her eyes down, her tears fell drop by drop.

She walked listlessly when suddenly, her head hit a firm chest.

Cen Xi wiped her tears and did not look up. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” She wanted to go around the figure and leave, but her shoulders were held down by two powerful hands.

Cen Xi was shocked and shook away the pair of hands. “What are you doing…” As she spoke, she raised her head and her unfinished words came to an abrupt end when she saw the man standing in front of her.

Qiao Yanze?

Wasn’t he inside with the model?

The person inside wasn’t him?

“What are you crying for?” Seeing Cen Xi’s face that was full of tears, Qiao Yanze raised his eyebrows. “Your makeup is all smudged.”

Cen Xi hurriedly touched her face. A few seconds later, she raised her eyes and looked at the man. “I thought the person inside was you.”

Qiao Yanze smirked and he looked even more handsome and devilish wearing a mauve colored t-shirt. “There’s nothing between us anymore. Even if I touch other women, what’s there for you to be sad about?”

Caught out, Cen Xi felt extremely embarrassed.

The atmosphere became silent and cold.

Qiao Yanze looked at Cen Xi’s wet eyelashes and his hands that were in his pants pockets clenched tightly. A few seconds later, he retracted his gaze from her. “It’s late. You’re still weak, go back and rest early.”

He turned and left.

As Cen Xi looked at his back, she could feel his alienation and coldness.

No… Cen Xi chased after him.

Qiao Yanze went out of the private restaurant and went to the parking lot. Seeing Cen Xi following behind him, he looked back at her. “Is there anything else?”

Cen Xi looked at the man’s slender and upturned eyes, a complicated feeling in a heart. Lowering her eyes, she stared at her toes. “I thought a lot today. I believe what you said in Burma. I came to apologize to you. I misunderstood you.”

Qiao Yanze saw that her attitude had changed. He understood that she was a bright girl and could not figure it out for a moment, but as long as she was given time, she would soon understand.

This was also what attracted him the most.

Qiao Yanze took out a cigarette and a match from his pants pocket. Biting the cigarette, he lit it and narrowed his eyes after taking a puff. “It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not.”

Cen Xi’s heart tightened.

“I took the jade ring with me because Young Master Li saved me before. I’ve asked the owner of the jade shop and it’s worth tens of millions. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to afford it if I lost it so I kept it with me. You…”

Qiao Yanze interrupted Cen Xi’s unfinished words. “It’s not important anymore.”

Cen Xi’s eyes turned red. Since he said it was no longer important, what else was there for her to explain?

Qiao Yanze blew out a mouthful of smoke. “Is there anything else?”

“I remember fainting in the hotel, and when I woke up, I was in the Royal Hospital. The doctor said that my body was weak, but it was unlikely to be in a coma just because of that. What happened to me?”

“Aren’t you fine now?” Qiao Yanze said and then smiled. His hand with the cigarette held Cen Xi’s wrist and his tall body came close to her slightly, and he lifted her delicate chin with his fingers. “You can’t bear to leave me now? You don’t believe what I said when we were in Burma, but now that I’m ignoring you, you came running to me. Who was the one who said not to entangle anymore, hm?”

He had just smoked, and when he spoke, his breath was filled with the scent of tobacco. Cen Xi turned her head and avoided his eyes. “I know. I don’t mean anything else coming here tonight. I-I just want to be clear with you on some things. Since you think that it’s not important anymore, just treat it like I’ve never said it!”

Qiao Yanze threw away his cigarette and pinched Cen Xi’s cheek with his thumb and index finger, forcing her to meet his eyes. He lifted his lips and smiled devilishly. “I was going to find that model tonight, but another young man got her first. Since you came here, why don’t we do it here?”

Cen Xi’s eyes widened slightly. She could not believe he had said such a terrible thing.

Qiao Yanze’s handsome face came close to her. “You probably don’t know what kind of a person I used to be, do you? I used to play much more than I do now. I suddenly feel that those days were quite good. I can play as much as I want and it’s more interesting than getting into a serious relationship. Women are like clothes, when I’m tired of playing with them, I can just throw them away and not think about it anymore. Why take it to heart and get sad about it?”

Before Cen Xi could say anything, the man bit her lips hard.

Cen Xi’s mind was still a blank void and when she finally reacted, the man had released her and gotten into the car. He lowered the car window and looked at her. “You’re like a block of wood. You don’t respond when men touch you. Women like you are boring in bed.”

He stepped on the accelerator and the car sped off.

Cen Xi regained her senses when the car had disappeared from her sight. Not only was she taken advantage of, but she was badly humiliated.

“Qiao Yanze, you big jerk!”

Cen Xi went with high spirits but returned thoroughly disappointed. Back in the apartment, she removed her makeup and took off her black dress.

Everything tonight was extremely ironic.

She went to find him, only to be humiliated.

Cen Xi looked down and saw that there were faint bruises on her fair skin. Why was there a small SD card in her bra? Did she see wrong?

Taking off her bra, she found that there was indeed an inconspicuous SD card stuck in there.