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Chapter 1378: She’s Awake

Qiao Yanze knew that Young Master Li had not finished speaking. He did not say anything and just stared at Young Master Li with deep and dark eyes.

Taking out a cigarette from the cigarette box, Young Master Li put it between his lips and lit it. After taking a few puffs of it, he pushed the sandalwood box towards Qiao Yanze.

“Inject this into your body and you can take away the antidote to save Cen Xi.”

Qiao Yanze had been undercover in the crime organization before and knew that they had a special research and development library. It was a research and development library to put it nicely, but it was actually some deadly poisons specially developed for traitors.

Young Master Li’s group also sent research and development personnel to participate in the SSS group’s development of the Devil poison that had almost killed Zhizhi.

After opening the sandalwood box, Qiao Yanze found a bottle of red liquid in it. Even if Young Master Li did not say what it was, Qiao Yanze could guess that it was lethal.

Young Master Li raised his eyebrows. “Why, are you afraid? I thought you loved Cen Xi so much that you were willing to exchange a life for a life!”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes turned red and he held the executive desk tightly with both hands, the veins on the back of his hands throbbing. “Ba Li, our Qiao family has never done anything wrong to you. You were the ones who sent Xiao Ying first to destroy my family and I only entered your organization as an undercover. You have done many evil deeds and dying 10000 times is not enough to make up for it.”

Young Master Li crossed his arms and looked at Qiao Yanze with a smile on his lips. “You don’t want Nurse Xiao Hei to recover? Fine, go back and send her off on her last journey.”

Qiao Yanze stood up from the chair and grabbed Young Master Li’s collar. “If she dies, mark my words, I will tear this place apart.”

“This place is full of ferocious villains. If you tear this no man’s land apart, Young Master Qiao, you will incur countless hatred. Even if you kill me, you will live in a living hell from fear of being assassinated all your entire life.”

Young Master Li shoved Qiao Yanze’s hand away. “I’ll give you ten seconds to think about it. If you don’t inject it, then you can prepare for your woman’s funeral!”

Qiao Yanze put his hands on the table and the image of Cen Xi with blood coming out of her nose appeared in his mind and his heart felt like a knife was twisted in it.

“Ten, nine, eight… three, two…”

Before the word ‘one’ was said, Qiao Yanze reached out his hand and took out that bottle of red liquid.

Young Master Li handed Qiao Yanze a syringe.

Qiao Yanze filled the syringe with the liquid, his eyes bloodshot. “Take out Cen Xi’s antidote.”

Young Master Li took out another sandalwood box from the drawer, opened it and there was a white pill inside. Qiao Yanze pursed his lips tightly and stuck the needle into his arm. Closing his eyes, he pushed the red liquid into his body with his fingers trembling slightly.

The smile on Young Master Li’s lips disappeared as he watched Qiao Yanze’s actions.

For Cen Xi, Qiao Yanze really was willing to exchange his life for hers. The other time they met, he was still using Cen Xi mercilessly.

Young Master Li thought that he had long seen that Qiao Yanze would fall for the girl. She was the most independent, strong-willed and charming girl he had ever met. It was not surprising for Qiao Yanze to be attracted and fall in love with her.

Qiao Yanze threw the syringe on the table, took the box containing the pill and planned to leave.

Young Master Li stood up from the leather chair and looking at Qiao Yanze’s back, he said slowly, “The white pill will wake her up, but five days later, there will be another black pill. As for you, you still have three more months. Make a clean break with her and I will send someone to give you the black pill in five days.”

Qiao Yanze gritted his teeth and he went back to Young Master Li, his hand clenched into a fist as he threw a punch at his face.

Young Master Li took a few steps back after being hit. The skin at the corner of his lips broke and blood flowed out. He licked the corner of his lips. “You’re also a pitiful person. I don’t want to argue with you anymore. Get out of here and if you dare to hit me again, I won’t let you walk out of this casino!”

The two men stood facing each other, with the hatred of their families destroyed in their hearts. They had their own beliefs and persistence and they understood that one of them must die!

Young Master Li was alive now and he had only two wishes. One was to let Qiao Yanze die in agony, the other was to keep Cen Xi by his side. Now that the first wish had been fulfilled, he believed that the second wish would soon be fulfilled.

It was only a matter of time.

Cen Xi slowly woke up. Opening her eyes, she looked at the white ceiling and wall, her mind blank. It took some time before she regained her senses.

This seemed like a hospital.

Putting her hand to her forehead she mulled quietly over what had happened.

Qiao Yanze broke the jade ring in a fit of anger, she picked it up and went to the bed then everything went black and she lost consciousness.

What happened to her?

“Xiao Xi, are you awake?”

Looking at Gu Meng, who pushed open the door, Cen Xi was slightly surprised. “Mengmeng?’

Which hospital was she in now? Why was Mengmeng here?

Gu Meng heard Cen Xi calling her name and felt a lump in her throat, the tears in her eyes flowing out.

She went forward and hugged Cen Xi. “Young Master Qiao brought you to the Royal Hospital. I thought he was lying when he asked me to come and see you. Fortunately, you are still alive…”

“Miss Gu, you are now pregnant with the little prince, you can’t be too agitated.” The bodyguard following behind Gu Meng reminded her.

Qiao Yanze found Gu Meng and asked her to come and visit Cen Xi. Ye Qing did not agree to it at first, but Gu Meng said she would go on a hunger strike and Ye Qing was afraid that it would hurt the baby inside her so he had no choice but to let the bodyguard follow her.

Gu Meng turned behind and threw a disgusted look at the bodyguard. “I’m not your master’s puppet, can’t I even cry?”

“No, Miss Gu…”

“I want to talk to my best friend. Can you go out?”

The bodyguard thought of how the new bodyguard, Ah Zhan was fired after talking to Miss Gu and he said helplessly, “His Highness asked me to stay by your side and protect you.”

Protect her? It was more to monitor her than to protect her!

Cen Xi heard Gu Meng and the bodyguard’s conversation and there was surprise in her eyes. “Mengmeng, the Third Prince knows about your pregnancy?”

Gu Meng nodded and told Cen Xi about how she had met Ye Qing in Wen City.

“His Highness is too much!” He only wanted the child and not Gu Meng, and did not want to be responsible for her.

“Xiao Xi, let’s not talk about him.”

Gu Meng stood up and took the soup she had brought over for Cen Xi to drink. After Cen Xi drank it, she went to the doctor’s office.

She wanted to ask the doctor what illness she had, but the doctor said that her body was weak, was a little low on sugar and lacked nutrition. But Cen Xi felt that it was not as simple as the doctor had said.

Gu Meng accompanied Cen Xi in the ward for an afternoon. Ye Qing called and asked Gu Meng to go back and Gu Meng reluctantly left. When there was only Cen Xi in the ward, she craned her neck and looked out of the door.

When it was almost evening, a tall figure walked in.

A glimmer of light appeared in Cen Xi’s eyes, but it dimmed when she saw who had come in.