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Chapter 1377: His Feelings For Her Were More Important Than His Life

Qiao Yanze hated himself more.

Last night, if he had not been jealous of Young Master Li and broken the jade ring, perhaps she might not have fallen into a coma.

Qiao Yanze clutched his hair with both hands and he was ridden with self blame and guilt.

Bai Ye could see Qiao Yanze’s thoughts. “You broke this jade ring, right? Actually, if you didn’t break it, she would still have this symptom when she has it with her for some time. You can only blame it on the person who gave her this jade ring to her. They are really too cunning,”

As Qiao Yanze looked at the pale woman and touched her face with his fingertips, his eyes turned red. “She is the most innocent one of all. All because of the grudge between me and her sister, she was implicated into all of this. She has suffered too much… Bai Ye, only the person who poisoned her would have the antidote?”

Bai Ye nodded with a heavy look. “Young Master Qiao, this is a plot to blackmail you using her. You must not be deceived.”

What was the consequence of not being deceived?

Watching her die seven days later?

Even when he did not like her enough, he could not bear to watch her die. What’s more, now, he had finally seen through everything and knew his own feelings towards her clearly.

He would not let her die!

He could not.

Qiao Yanze adjusted his mood and looked at Bai Ye. “Don’t tell Zhizhi about this. She will worry if she knows about it.”


“I will solve it myself.”

After Bai Ye left, Qiao Yanze sat by Cen Xi’s bed for a long time. Da Zuo came in after some time.

“Young Master, what should we do now?”

“Try to get in touch with Young Master Li and say that I want to meet him alone. Tell him to choose the place.”

At noon the next day, Da Zuo handed an envelope to Qiao Yanze. “A little boy sent it over.”

Ripping open the envelope, Qiao Yanze noted the address inside with narrowed eyes.

Young Master Li chose to meet Qiao Yanze at the no man’s land along the border of Burma. It was like the high seas here, there were no sudden inspections and trouble, and was the money squandering den in many people’s hearts.

Qiao Yanze went to an underground casino.

After reporting Young Master Li’s name, a strong and big man took Qiao Yanze into the innermost room.

It was an office inside. Young Master Li sat on a leather chair, with two long legs on the desk and a cigar between his lips.

Qiao Yanze was searched when he came in. He did not bring any weapons and came alone.

Young Master Li admired his courage.

“Qiao Sen, I haven’t seen you for a while. To think you really fell in love with Nurse Xiao Hei.” Young Master Li was still calling the name he and Cen Xi had used when they were undercover, his tone mocking.

Qiao Yanze’s expression did not change and there was no fear in his eyes. He said coldly, “Why do you have to implicate the innocent Cen Xi into our feud?”

“Ha.” Young Master Li laughed lazily. “You also know that she’s innocent? Weren’t you the one who used her to lure me out and killed my butler?”

Qiao Yanze pulled a chair over and sat opposite Young Master Li. Compared to their last meeting, Young Master Li had lost a lot of weight. There was still that cynical smile on his lips, but there was a bloodthirsty darkness in his eyes that was always present now.

Young Master Li had matured rapidly after falling off the cliff.

Qiao Yanze met Young Master Li’s murderous eyes. “Your purpose is to kill me. I will let you do whatever with me if you hand over the antidote.”

Young Master Li shrugged and chuckled. “Young Master Qiao, you’re such a faithful person. You were almost killed by Cen Xi’s sister and now for her, you are willing to sacrifice yourself. Tell me, are you an idiot?”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Qiao Yanze’s eyes were cold. “You gave Cen Xi the jade ring at death’s door to poison her with the Seven-Colored Flower and sent people to attack her. Aren’t you using her to control me by doing so many things?”

Young Master Li laughed. “I didn’t order that assassination. I asked someone to set the fire, but I did not want to burn her to death. When my people went in to save her, they met the people of the Burmese King and the Burmese King seized the opportunity.

Qiao Yanze leaned against the chair. “Young Master Li, if you’ve played enough, you can tell me what you’re really thinking.”

Young Master Li narrowed his eyes. “Hmm?”

“You’re just testing my feelings for Cen Xi, aren’t you?”

Young Master Li clapped his hands. “Qiao Sen, you’re really smart. No wonder my scheming father was defeated by you.”

With a pause, Young Master Li opened the drawer and took out a sandalwood box. “Since Qiao Sen is not interested in playing with me, I’ll go straight to the point and make things clear.

“You know that I like Nurse Xiao Hei. Seeing the two of you together, I can’t stand it.” Young Master Li smiled dangerously. “You harmed my family. There were those that died and those that were caught. I won’t let you off!”