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Chapter 1376: His Heart Ached

Although Xiao Zuo was not as calm as Da Zuo, he was seldom as flustered and confused as he was now. In an instant, Qiao Yanze realized that something was wrong. Did something happen to Cen Xi?

Standing up from the chair, Qiao Yanze’s eyes were sharp. “What happened?”

“Miss Cen, she…” Xiao Zuo thought of what he had seen when he asked the attendant to open the door and could not help feeling nervous. “Miss Cen is bleeding a lot.”

Qiao Yanze’s expression changed and said nothing else, striding towards the suite next door.

Pushing the door open, the blood in Qiao Yanze’s body froze when he saw the woman, who was sprawled on the bed with her legs hanging by the bed, her face soaked in a pool of blood.

His face turned pale, as if his soul was taken away by ghosts, and he was enveloped in extreme unease and fear.

“Young Master, Miss Cen…” Da Zuo also saw the scene in the room.

Qiao Yanze strode towards the bed and ordered in a deep and hoarse voice. “Call the ambulance.”

He went to the bedside, looked at the motionless woman lying there and put a trembling finger to her nose.

She was still breathing!

Qiao Yanze’s knees turned weak and one of his knees fell to the ground.

Outside the emergency room.

Qiao Yanze stood at the door. his slender and upturned eyes were bloodshot. His shirt, which had always been impeccable, was creased and in disarray. His hands were clenched into fists, with his knuckles turning white and the veins were protruding out from the back of his hands. Underneath his frozen demeanor, emotions were surging in his heart.

The image of her lying in a pool of blood with a pale face appeared in his mind.

He really deserved to die!

Last night, even if he cared that she was carrying Young Master Li’s ring with her, he shouldn’t have left her alone in the room!

Why didn’t he go in and check on her again?


“Young Master, you haven’t eaten anything in the morning. I bought something to eat…” Xiao Zuo said carefully.

Qiao Yanze had one hand on the wall and waved the other at Xiao Zuo. At this time, how would he still have the mood to eat? His heart was beating wildly and it was all clenched up.

She survived that big fire and was bound to have good fortune. So she would be safe and sound!

After about an hour, the door to the operating theater opened.

Qiao Yanze whipped his head up at the sound. His red eyes looked terrifying and he stared fixedly at the doctor who had come out. Grabbing the doctor’s arm, he asked, “How is she?”

The doctor’s arm hurt from Qiao Yanze’s hold. “Sir, please let go first.”

Qiao Yanze released his hold on the doctor and clenched his hands tightly into fists, as if he would punch the doctor in the face if he said any bad news.

The doctor was shocked by Qiao Yanze’s dark gaze and he went straight to the point. “The patient’s illness is very strange. There are no wounds on her and her blood pressure and heart rate are normal. Based on my experience, it appears that she has been poisoned.”


Qiao Yanze frowned and his eyes turned sharp. “What poison?”

The doctor shook his head. “I’m not sure. She is not in danger for the time being, but has fallen into a deep coma. But if there is no antidote, I’m afraid there will be a danger to her life!”

Cen Xi was pushed to the VIP ward.

Qiao Yanze stood by the bed and looked at Cen Xi’s pale and thin face. Closing his eyes, he pursed his lips tightly and his heart felt like it was being grabbed by an invisible black hand.

Who had poisoned her?

The Burmese King?

It should not be him. If the Burmese King wanted to poison her, he would not have hung her to the gate of the city to threaten Xiao Ying. But if it was not the Burmese King, could it be people from Young Master Li’s side?

Screw it. The important thing now was to find the antidote. As for Young Master Li, he would catch him personally after Cen Xi had recovered!

The doctor was unable to remove the poison from her so Qiao Yanze planned to take Cen Xi back to the Capital. But when he learned that Bai Ye, the miracle doctor, was in the North, he called him.

Bai Ye came to the North to see a Patriarch, but the Patriarch’s daughter had taken a fancy to him. The young lady was wild and fierce and would not let Bai Ye go.

When he received Qiao Yanze’s call, Bai Ye seemed to have met his savior. Qiao Yanze had no choice but to take people into the stockade to rescue Bai Ye. Immediately after, Bai Ye was dragged to the hospital by Qiao Yanze.

Other than Nan Zhi, Bai Ye had never seen Qiao Yanze so worried about a person before.

“Your girlfriend?” Bai Ye asked when they arrived at the entrance of the hospital.

Qiao Yanze sighed. “Not currently.”

“Impossible. There are still women Young Master Qiao can’t get?”

Qiao Yanze was worried about Cen Xi’s health and was not in the mood to talk to Bai Ye about this, swatting at his shoulder instead. “Stop gossiping and hurry to the ward. She has been in a coma since the morning and the doctor said that she was poisoned. As for what poison, he’s not sure.”

Bai Ye went into the ward and took her pulse. After that, his expression became serious.

Qiao Yanze’s heart jolted. “How is it?”

Bai Ye looked at Qiao Yanze. “She was poisoned with a rare poison called the Seven-Colored Flower. From what I know, the Seven-Colored Flower is the oldest and most mysterious poison of the organization. After being poisoned, one will bleed twice a day. After seven days, they will lose too much blood and die.”

Qiao Yanze thought of Cen Xi’s face being soaked in blood and his heart tightened. “Is there an antidote?”


Qiao Yanze’s heart relaxed slightly, but the next second, he felt like he was thrown into an abyss when he heard Bai Ye’s next words.

“Only the person who made Seven-Colored Flower will have the antidote.” Bai Ye looked at Qiao Yanze whose face was tense. “How did she get poisoned?”

Qiao Yanze raised his hand and held his forehead, thinking for a moment with a frown. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and he asked Xiao Zuo to go back to the hotel.

Half an hour later, Xiao Zuo returned with the broken jade ring in his hand.

“Take a look at this.”

Bai Ye put on a mask and gloves, and took out the jade ring from the transparent bag. He put it under the light for a moment, took out a silver needle to test for poison before looking up and nodded at Qiao Yanze.

“Yes, it seems the Seven-Colored Flower was hidden inside the jade ring. Before it broke, it just seeped out little by little and would not cause a person to die. But after breaking it, the poison gas hidden inside was let out and the person who smelled it would fall into a coma.”

Bai Ye glanced at Cen Xi who was in a coma. “She must have been carrying this ring for some time!”

Qiao Yanze nodded with his lips pursed tightly and his eyes turned dark and gloomy.

It was his fault.

If he had not used Cen Xi to lure out Young Master Li, she would not have thought that Young Master Li would really risk his life to save her. Young Master Li should have given her this ring before falling down the cliff!

At that time, Young Master Li had already known that Qiao Yanze would fall for Cen Xi sooner or later, so he left this ring with her!

How insidious and cunning!

Cen Xi trusted him so much and still kept this jade ring by her side, even though she had almost died in that fire.