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Chapter 1374: A Whip Hit Her Back

Qiao Yanze did not look at Cen Xi again.

This time, he was really angry.

To him, Young Master Li was an enemy with whom he had a blood feud with. When he saw how much Cen Xi cherished the man’s belongings, how could he remain unmoved? He was extremely unhappy! If he continued to stay there, he was afraid that he would not be able to control herself and kill her!

After Qiao Yanze left, Cen Xi came down from the bed with red eyes. She went to the cupboard and put on her bathrobe. Then she went to the stand in front of the jade thumb ring that was broken into two. Her emotions were surging.

This damned man!

How could he be so bad-tempered!

With the jade ring broken, what was she going to give to Young Master Li if he was alive and wanted it back from her?

Cen Xi looked at the broken ring in the palm of her hand, her eyebrows knitted tightly together.

Getting up from the ground, she put the ring into the drawer. She wanted to lie down on the bed when suddenly, everything turned black in front of her and she fell onto the bed, unconscious.

It was late in the night.

After Xiao Ying was taken back by Long Ming, he sent her directly to the slave house.

The slave house was the place where the lowest ranked servants worked in the palace. Xiao Ying was assigned to the laundry room.

The female dancer who tried to seduce the Burmese King was also assigned to the laundry room with Xiao Ying.

The dancer came a few hours earlier than Xiao Ying. Originally, she had thought she could fly up to the branch and become a phoenix, but because of Xiao Ying, she was demoted to a slave. It was all this Xiao Ying’s fault! She despised Xiao Ying very much.

The dancer was very good at buttering up people. As soon as she came, she seduced the steward of the laundry room and soon, he was thoroughly enchanted by her.

After Xiao Ying came, the dancer spoke ill of Xiao Ying in front of the steward. In order to stand up for the dancer, the steward distributed all the clothes that the dancer should have been washing, making Xiao Ying do it all instead.

As Xiao Ying had just arrived, she did not know how much everyone should wash. She was optimistic, thinking that it was lucky that she did not have to wait on that violent Long Ming. In her mind, she had no complaints about washing more clothes.

But, washing clothes was much harder than she had thought.

Before, when she was in the organization, after she was trained, Master Ba had invested a lot of money in her to support her, providing her with servants and she never had to do the laundry or cooking herself.

Even in those years when she was not well, she had only washed her own clothes and had never washed so much before.

It was fine if there was a lot, but what she could not stand was the smell of the clothes. Whenever she smelled it, Xiao Ying felt like vomiting and her stomach turned.

It took more than three hours for Xiao Ying to finish washing the clothes. By the time she finished, her back was aching and she fell asleep as soon as she lay down in the shabby servant’s room.

But she had slept for around half an hour before she was woken up by the steward. There were clothes to wash again and the steward asked her to do it. Again.

Xiao Ying wanted to curse. But she had chosen this road and she had to stick to it no matter what.

Xiao Ying went out of the servant room. An older servant pulled Xiao Ying aside and whispered, “You don’t need to wash so much actually. Last night, a dancer came and seduced the steward. The steward gave all the clothes she was supposed to wash for you to wash. Now, she just needs to accompany the steward and doesn’t need to do anything.”

Xiao Ying nodded calmly. “Thank you for telling me.”

When she arrived at the laundry room, Xiao Ying saw the dancer standing beside the steward, looking at her with defiant eyes.

Hmph! It was ridiculous that an ugly woman with a disfigured face wanted to be favored by the King. Even the steward beside her would not give her a glance!

Thinking about this, the dancer asked the steward with a charming smile. “Master, if she wants to serve you, will you accept her?”

The steward glanced at Xiao Ying. Too bad her face was disfigured, otherwise her figure was really not bad and he would have gladly accepted her. But now, how could he accept her when he felt put-off seeing that half of her face was disfigured?

“She’s too ugly.”

The dancer giggled.

Xiao Ying walked past them as if she had not heard their conversation. When she arrived at her laundry area, Xiao Ying divided half of the clothes and only washed the ones she should.

The steward came over to inspect and seeing that Xiao had thrown aside a part of the clothes, he took out a whip and lashed her hard across her back. “Why aren’t you washing that pile of clothes?”

The whip fell on her skin and her clothes were torn, a deep bloodstain appearing on her back.

It burned across her back and stung like hell.

The steward could not help sucking in a breath when he saw the fair skin that was revealed after Xiao Ying’s clothes were torn.

Her skin was so fair.

But at the thought of her face, the steward steeled his heart. “Hurry up and wash this pile of clothes.”

Xiao Ying slowly stood up, looked at the steward and said, “I will not wash what I shouldn’t wash.”

The steward’s expression changed. “What did you say?” The whip in his hand was about to swing towards Xiao Ying again.

But this time, the whip did not fall on Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying held one end of the whip with her bare hands. The steward tried to pull back the whip, but not only did he not pull it back, the whip was snatched by Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying held the whip and swung it at the steward, returning the blow he had hit on her back just now.

“Argh!” The steward fell to the ground.

The slaves around were terrified. Usually, the steward would make a show of his power and whipped whoever he was unhappy with. No one had ever dared to fight against him.

They looked at Xiao Ying. It was obvious that the steward was not her opponent. They admired her, but at the same time felt nervous for Xiao Ying.

The steward cursed. “How dare you hit me? Just wait and see if I don’t kill you!”

Before the steward could get up from the ground, he was whipped by Xiao Ying again. Xiao Ying thought that since there was no way she could escape this, it was better to defeat this steward.

Xiao Ying waved the whip several times at the steward as she thought about this. They were not fatal hits, but it was enough to force him to take some time to recover.

That dancer looked incredulously at Xiao Ying, who was swinging the whip fiercely and nimbly, and her face turned pale with fear.

God, this ugly woman was so fierce!

Where did she get the courage to hit the steward like this? If the Burmese King found out, she would end up dead!

The incident of the steward of the slaves being beaten badly would not be reported to Long Ming, but he had asked his confidant to keep an eye on Xiao Ying. After beating the steward, the confidant reported it to Long Ming.

Long Ming’s sharp eyes narrowed. “She beat up the steward?”

The confidant nodded.

Long Ming’s lips lifted and revealed his rarely seen white teeth. “Let’s go and have a look.”

The confidant thought that Long Ming would go the slave house directly, but he went to the dressing room first instead.

When he came out, the confidant was surprised and his eyeballs almost popped out when he saw Long Ming’s appearance.