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Chapter 1373: Being Seen by Him

Cen Xi looked at the bright red and hot liquid on her fingertips and her eyebrows were furrowed slightly. She seldom had nosebleeds, let alone it was bleeding so much now.

Raising her head, she waited for that hot liquid to stop and went to the sink to clean herself up. She felt so weak and dizzy that she did not know if it was because she had been hung in the sun for too long.

After washing her fingers and face, Cen Xi stood in front of the bathtub. She looked at the steam coming out from it with a complicated feeling in her heart.

Taking off her clothes, she lay in the bathtub and took a bath.

After slamming the bathroom door, Qiao Yanze stood in front of the French windows in the living room of the suite to smoke. The first three buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned and his short black hair fell over his forehead messily, making him look gloomy and frivolous.

His heart still felt a little stuffy, but his mood was calmer than when he had slammed the door and left. He pricked up his ears to listen to the sounds of movement in the room.

After about half an hour, he heard Cen Xi enter the room from the bathroom.

By this point, Qiao Yanze had smoked several cigarettes and there was an awkward expression on his face. Should he go in to see or leave?

All of a sudden, there was a groan.

Without any hesitation, Qiao Yanze threw the cigarette butt into the ashtray and rushed into the room.

Pushing the door open, the blood in Qiao Yanze’s body rushed to his head when he saw the situation inside.

Cen Xi had wanted to take a bathrobe, but when she opened the cupboard door, her head suddenly felt dizzy and she fell to the ground weakly.

What… What was wrong with her body? No matter how much she wanted to stand up, she did not have the strength to do it at all.

Looking up, she saw the man standing at the door and her face turned red. “Get out!”

As if he had not heard her, Qiao Yanze strode towards Cen Xi with a few quick steps and reached out his long arms, lifting her up from the ground.

Qiao Yanze carried Cen Xi to the bed and put her down, his slender and charming upturned eyes narrowed. “If you don’t like me anymore, then who do you like?”

He wanted to hold her hand, but found that one of her hands was clenched into a fist. He tried to pry it open, but was unable to. Feeling that she had something in her hand, he raised his eyebrows. “What are you holding in your hand?”

“Nothing. Go away!”

“Is it something very important?”

“It’s none of your business.”

It was hard not to be annoyed by her cold and indifferent attitude.

Taking in a breath, he pursed his lips and said patiently, “We used to be together. If I wanted you and your sister dead, I would not have shown you any mercy! I, Qiao Yanze, have always been open and frank. Even if I wanted your sister dead, I would do it openly and not do it in the dark!”

Cen Xi looked at him coldly with a slight sneer on her lips. “Have you forgotten how you used me to lure Young Master Li out?

Seeing her mention Young Master Li again, Qiao Yanze’s anger that had finally calmed down, surged up again.

She seemed to be quite fond of Young Master Li!

“Cen Xi, sometimes I think that you are very clever, but sometimes I think that you are quite silly. It’s not like you don’t know Young Master Li’s identity. You think you’re special in his heart. Do you really think that you’re a goddess?”

The bitterness and grievances in Cen Xi’s heart spread when she heard Qiao Yanze’s words. She had been together with him for a short time, but they didn’t know each other very well. He hated her sister after all, wasn’t it normal for her to doubt him?

Cen Xi looked at Qiao Yanze’s eyes which had darkened and felt nervous. But her temper was flaring and she snapped, “If I’m not a goddess, why are you still hanging around me?”

This was what Cen Xi would have never dared to say in the past. But after having experienced a life and death situation, she now treated relationships lightly.

Qiao Yanze and her were doomed to have no ending. In that case, wasn’t it better to end this entanglement as soon as possible?

Qiao Yanze stared at Cen Xi for a few seconds and then let out a bark of anger. “You have such a sharp tongue. I see that you’re still energetic after being strung up for the whole day.”

Without waiting for Cen Xi to say anything, the man lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. Cen Xi unclenched her fist and went to pull his hair.

The moment she opened her hand, the thing she was holding in her hand fell out.

As she was still extremely weak, Qiao Yanze had no intention of doing anything to her at this time.

The thing that fell from her hand landed close to his face. Cen Xi wanted to take it back, but Qiao Yanze was faster than her.

It was a jade thumb ring.

Qiao Yanze was no stranger to this jade thumb ring. Young Master Li used to wear it.

He did not expect that Young Master Li would give the ring to Cen Xi and that she had kept it with her.

Cen Xi knew that this jade thumb ring was valuable. She had asked the owner of a jade shop and it was worth tens of millions of dollars. She was afraid that she would not be able to give Young Master Li an exact same ring if she were to lose it so she kept it with her. On the night she was attacked, the ring was under her pillow and when she and her sister got out of bed, she took the ring with her.

When she was changing out of her clothes to take a bath, she took out the ring from her pocket out of habit and planned to put it under her pillow after putting on a nightgown.

Qiao Yanze stood up from the bed, holding the jade thumb ring with his face tensed. “You’re carrying Young Master Li’s things with you like it’s treasure?”

Cen Xi did not want to explain to Qiao Yanze. She wrapped the blanket around her tightly and glared at him coldly. “Give it back!”

The vein on Qiao Yanze’s forehead protruded and he laughed coldly before raising his hand and throwing the ring to the wall.

Cen Xi’s pupils constricted slightly. She wanted to stop him but it was too late.