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Chapter 1371: His Person Alive, His Ghost Dead

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After Xiao Ying and Qiao Yanze met, to think Qiao Yanze would risk offending him and take Cen Xi from his territory.

It seemed like the two still had some feelings for each other.

Long Ming brought his men with him personally. He stood on a Jeep and took a rocket launcher from his men, firing it towards where Qiao Yanze and Cen Xi were standing.

Qiao Yanze pulled Cen Xi into his arms and rolled several rounds on the floor.

With a loud explosion, the place they were standing was now a large hole. A piercing gunpowder smell filled the area.

Qiao Yanze protected Cen Xi tightly in his arms, cupping her ears with his large hands. It was only when the deafening sound weakened that he let go of her. “Are you alright?”

Cen Xi looked up at Qiao Yanze. Seeing the worry filling his eyes, she furrowed her eyebrows tightly, utterly confused. Seeing Cen Xi remain quiet, Qiao Yanze helped her up and checked her from head to toe, before he pushed her behind her once more.

Long Ming threw the rocket launcher to his men and jumped off the Jeep coolly.

Long Ming was in a bad mood, his expression rather cool as his eyes were dark and cold while he exuded a bloodthirsty murderous intent all over.

“Mr Qiao, how daring of you to dare to take our Burmese criminal away from under my eyes!”

Qiao Yanze wasn’t afraid at all as he exuded an equally strong aura. He met Long Ming’s sharp, eagle-like eyes, as he spoke coldly, “Your Majesty, when has my woman become a Burmese criminal?”

Long Ming narrowed his eyes.

Cen Xi was Qiao Yanze’s woman?

Did he have no relations to Xiao Ying?

“Mr Qiao, you quite know how to enjoy life to actually be with both sisters.”

Cen Xi was standing behind Qiao Yanze, so she couldn’t see his lips. She could only see Long Ming speak. When she saw Long Ming say that he was with both sisters, Cen Xi’s expression changed.

With Sister still alive, people who knew about Qiao Yanze and Sister’s relationship would probably have the same reaction as Long Ming had if they found out that she was with Qiao Yanze as well!

Cen Xi looked down, feeling humiliated and awkward.

On the other hand, Qiao Yanze didn’t take Long Ming’s words to heart. If Xiao Ying’s words that he never touched her was true, he would have only touched Cen Xi before.

However, since Long Ming dared to shoot him with a rocket launcher, he naturally wouldn’t tell him this immediately.

He wasn’t a fool and could tell that Long Ming liked Xiao Ying to the core.

Qiao Yanze smirked, looking even more like an exquisite figure from a comic. With a smile, he looked even more devilishly charming. Long Ming could imagine why Xiao Ying might have been attracted by this Qiao Yanze when she was executing her mission.

And in his mind since he was young, the only thought in his mind was about taking revenge. The darkness and depressed aura he exuded from within him would only make women avoid him. Realizing that he was being jealous of Qiao Yanze, Long Ming’s expression darkened.

“Your Majesty, do you dare to fight one on one with me? If I win, I’ll take Cen Xi away and if I lose, I’ll accept any punishment!”

Long Ming laughed coldly. “Whether or not you win, I will never let you take her away!”

“Ha.” Qiao Yanze chuckled softly. “Are you afraid that you wouldn’t win and lose face in front of your men?”

Long Ming knew that Qiao Yanze was provoking him on purpose and still, he fell into the trap.

Long Ming took out a gun from his waist. He took out all of the bullets in it, except for one. “Let’s determine the winner with just one shot!”

Qiao Yanze also took out a gun from his waist and kept only one bullet. He raised his eyebrow slightly. “Alright, let’s determine our fates with one shot!”

Seeing that Qiao Yanze dared to challenge him to shooting, Long Ming really admired his guts. Didn’t Qiao Yanze know that his shooting skills were the best in Burma and that no one was able to defeat him?

Qiao Yanze glanced at Cen Xi behind him. “Go and stand by the side.”

Cen Xi remained unmoved as she stared at Long Ming’s gun, saying coldly, “Israel’s Eagle of the Desert Gun. It weighs 20.5 kilograms and is 270 centimeters long. Its barrel is 12.7 centimeters while its initial speed is 402 meters per second. The Eagle of the Desert is heavier than normal guns and has a strong recoil force. It’s hard to shoot quickly with it, but it’s extremely strong and is able to stop its enemies easily. You just haveー”

Qiao Yanze smirked. “That’s right. I only dared to fight him because I saw that he’s carrying an Eagle of the Desert. My gun has a fast shooting speed. As long as I can take the upper hand and shoot first, I would be able to destroy his bullet in its flight.”

Cen Xi nodded, falling silent as she moved to the side.

Long Ming couldn’t hear what Qiao Yanze and Cen Xi were saying, but he furrowed his eyebrows when he saw them glance at each other with obvious chemistry.

Could it be that Qiao Yanze really fell for Cen Xi and didn’t like Xiao Ying anymore?

Qiao Yanze and Long Ming started their duel, where the winner will be decided with one shot.



Two deafening shots rang and before the crowd could see how Long Ming and Qiao Yanze shot, two bullets were already flying out.

Unexpectedly, the bullets didn’t hit the other. They met halfway through instead, before they fell on the floor together, twisted and dented.

Long Ming nodded with a cold smile. “Mr Qiao’s shooting skills are pretty good. Alright, I’ll let you go. However,” Long Ming glanced towards Cen Xi, “Your sister is still in the palace. Are you sure you want to leave with him?”

Cen Xi opened her mouth. Before she could say anything, a cold voice trailed over. “Xiao Xi, don’t worry about me.” Xiao Ying, who had hid herself in the back boot, finally managed to get out of the car.

When the guards saw Xiao Ying, they wanted to grab her. However, Long Ming lifted his hand. “Let her come over.”

Xiao Ying walked towards Long Ming, staring at him with a complicated gaze. “You knew that I was hiding in the back boot, didn’t you? Why did you want me to follow you?”

Long Ming grabbed Xiao Ying’s cheek, danger and coldness filling his eyes. “Stay and become my servant. I will let your sister return safely.”

Reading the words Long Ming said, Cen Xi shook her head. “Sister, don’t agree…” If she did, Sister wouldn’t be able to leave again, even if she regretted her decision.

She could only be trapped in the King’s golden cage for the rest of her life.

Xiao Ying didn’t reply. She merely stared at Long Ming. With his vicious and cold-blooded, violent character, if she didn’t accept his proposal, he would still catch Cen Xi after letting her go now.

If being tortured could replace for Xiao Xi’s freedom and safety, she would be willing to sacrifice herself.

“Alright, I agree, but you have to give me a deadline.”

Long Ming threw his head back and started laughing like he had heard a funny joke. His hold on Xiao Ying’s face tightened. “What right do you have to ask for a deadline? Number 21, even if you’re dead, you will be my ghost!”

Cen Xi’s heart ached from seeing Long Ming treat Xiao Ying like an ant. She rushed towards Qiao Yanze, wanting to take the gun away from him. But Qiao Yanze grabbed her wrist instead. “Calm down. Even if your shooting skills are incredible, they have a canon. Long Ming just has to give a word and we’ll all die here!”