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Chapter 1370: He Chased After Her Personally

It was completely dark around them. There was only light from the fire burning in the old shed. Qiao Yanze’s back was facing the fire, so half of his face was in the light while the other half in the dark, so Cen Xi couldn’t really see his expression.

She was extremely exhausted right now. She didn’t want to guess what he was feeling, nor did she want to do some useless dragging.

If Qiao Yanze wanted to kill her right now, she had no energy to resist anyway. That fire had burned her feelings for him away completely.

Sensing Cen Xi’s disgust towards him, Qiao Yanze felt extremely complicated. Perhaps, it was because he had realized everything too late. He only saw through his feelings when he found out that she had died in the fire.

In the past few weeks, he felt like a walking zombie that was only a shell. His heart was completely empty and no matter what he did, he couldn’t make himself happy.

Because he had lost the thing that was most important to him…

Even if Xiao Ying’s words were fake, he didn’t want to care anymore. What had happened before had nothing to do with Cen Xi.

He didn’t want to push the hatred onto her anymore.

Qiao Yanze raised his hand and pushed the strands of hair beside Cen Xi’s cheek. His fingers were slightly cold, making her shiver slightly when he touched her.

Cen Xi didn’t like this sort of ambiguous action.

She mustered all of her energy to swat his hand away.

With a loud crisp sound, the atmosphere turned even more frozen and silent.

“Mr Qiao, I don’t owe you anything anymore. Instead, you’re the one that owes me now.” Cen Xi pushed him away and stumbled outside.

The night wind was very strong and Cen Xi’s hair was blown in all directions. She raised her hand to tidy her hair and at that moment, someone hugged her from behind.

The man was hugging her waist, his muscular chest pressed against her back.

“Cen Xi,” The man leaned down, pressing his lips by her ear as he muttered softly, “Let’s start afresh, alright?”

Cen Xi could feel him speaking, but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. She looked down at the man’s hands clasped over her waist.

Once, she wanted such intimacy so much. but now, she hated and despised it so much! Cen Xi used her strength to pull the man’s hands away from her waist.

However, in the next second, the man started to suck at her earlobe. Cen Xi didn’t know what he was thinking about. After being hung up for one day and one night, she had sweated a lot, so she must smell disgusting right now.

He was a clean freak, yet he was still kissing her.

How could he bring himself to do it?

“Mr Qiao, let go!”

Her calling him Mr Qiao sounded even more distant and cold than before.

“I want to get back together with you.”

“Let go! You’d better let go!”

Staring at Cen Xi, who had no reaction to his confession and only wanted him to let go, Qiao Yanze felt his heart sink into the abyss.

Could they really not return to how they had been anymore?

Did she really not have any feelings for him anymore?

Qiao Yanze wasn’t willing to let go. He turned Cen Xi around as his eyes on her turned darker, like a depthless wormhole in the sea, wanting to suck her in.

“If you want to kill me, do it quickly!”

Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows tightly as his hold on her slender shoulders tightened. “Cen Xi, do you think I would kill you?”

A scoff appeared on Cen Xi’s expression. “Haven’t you?”

Qiao Yanze thought that she was implying the time he used her to lure Young Master Li out and guilt flashed in his pretty eyes.

Cen Xi didn’t miss the guilt in his eyes. Her heart tightened suffocatingly. She felt so bad she couldn’t breathe properly.

Unable to get out of his hold while also hating such pestering, her emotions burst. She stared deadly at him. “Mr Qiao, I don’t want to care about what you’ve done to me anymore. If you don’t want to kill me now, please let go and let me leave. I really don’t want to see you again, nor do I want to be intertwined with you anymore… I don’t want anything to do with you.”

Hearing Cen Xi’s words, Qiao Yanze’s heart panged in pain, like a thin needle had pierced strongly into it. His hold on her shoulders loosened and tightened, before loosening again. It was as if he was hesitating on whether to let her go like that.

But in the end, he couldn’t bear to.

No one could understand his feelings now. When he thought she had burned to death, it was as if someone had cut off a piece of his heart and he felt terrible pain. However, before he could internalize that pain, he suddenly found out that she was still alive. The elatedness and excitement of getting her back interlaced with each other, making him feel like he had come back to life.

To her, he deserved death for his sins.

She could be however angry she wanted, but he wouldn’t let go of her so easily anymore.

Cen Xi struggled several times, but wasn’t able to. Her body started to feel more uncomfortable and she shouted angrily, “Mr Qiao, you’re not someone to pester another like this. Can you please be more decisive-”

Her unfinished words were blocked by the man’s heated lips.

Not expecting him to suddenly kiss her, Cen Xi froze.

She didn’t lose herself in the kiss, feeling extremely annoyed at the thought of the assassination and fire.

Using the chance while he was distracted, she bit him with all of her strength, before pushing him away.

At first, she thought that it would be very hard to push him away, but when she did, he actually took a few steps back.

She used the back of her hand to wipe at her lips harshly, as if wanting to wipe all of him away. She looked down, not noticing the sadness flashing in his eyes.

“Mr Qiao, if you’re not killing me now, please never appear in front of me again!” Cen Xi left determinedly.

Staring at Cen Xi’s slender figure, Qiao Yanze felt as if the fire had burned all of their feelings for each other away.

She seemed to have changed, but didn’t at the same time. There were a few more sharp claws on her, and all of the claws were at him. Even if she hated and despised him now, it was impossible for him to let her leave alone.

Qiao Yanze called out to her, to have her ignore him. He called her name once more and she continued to ignore him.

Qiao Yanze hurriedly chased after her with a tensed expression.

Right at this moment, more than a dozen cars arrived. The strong car lights brightened the entire area. Cen Xi narrowed her eyes, and before she could get used to the light, Qiao Yanze had already pulled her behind him.

Cen Xi stared at Qiao Yanze’s tall and broad back and she couldn’t help but tear up. Why… She almost wanted to ask… Why was he still protecting her?

After Long Ming found out that Cen Xi had been saved, he could already guess who was so daring to dare to take a person from his territory. He would not allow for such a thing to happen, so he had personally chased down the culprit.