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Chapter 1368: He Came to Save Her

Xiao Ying followed the bodyguards’ leader into the palace. The leader went in to inform the King while Xiao Ying waited outside.

The moment the door was opened, Xiao Ying heard pleasant melodies from inside. She glanced into the room and saw a dozen dancers dancing beautifully. All of them had great figures, looking beautiful and graceful as they moved.

Only several dim wall lights were turned on inside. Long Ming was lying on a carved daybed, a hand supporting his head while the other held a wine glass as he took small sips from it.

There were two beautiful women dressed in red organza kneeling beside him. One was pouring wine for him while the other gave him a massage. His blue eyes were narrowed as he watched the beautiful dance performance as if he was tipsy.

As long as they could seduce the King, these women would be able to jump right to the top of the social hierarchy. They would be above everyone and live a good and luxurious life. They would be able to have whatever they wanted.

The leader of the bodyguards walked in. “Your Majesty, I have something to report.”

The woman who almost got her way, glared at the leader unhappily.

Long Ming waved the woman’s hand away, spitting coldly, “Scram!”

The woman knew that she had crossed Long Ming’s line. He hated it when women crossed the line.

The woman hurriedly left timidly.

Long Ming sat up and downed the alcohol in his glass, before he played with the glass. “What’s wrong?”

“A woman called Xiao Ying wants to see you.”

Long Ming’s sharp and cold eyes glanced towards the door. The door wasn’t closed shut, so Xiao Ying had been trying to peek in. At that moment, their eyes happened to meet.

The temperature in the room immediately dropped to a freezing point. Noting the man’s dark eyes, Xiao Ying’s fingernails sunk into her palms.

They stared at each other for nearly ten seconds before Long Ming put down the wine glass. “Tell her to scram!”

Hearing his words, Xiao Ying shivered as a cold chill ran down her spine.

As if not wanting to see Xiao Ying again, Long Ming pulled the woman who had been pouring alcohol for him onto his lap.

Seeing this, Xiao Ying instantly pushed the door open. Her eyes were slightly red. “Long Ming, I’ve already done what you wanted me to. When will you let my sister go?”

It was as if Long Ming didn’t hear Xiao Ying’s words. His tall figure stood up and carried the woman in his arms into the room. The room was separated by a thick curtain and Xiao Ying couldn’t see what was happening on the bed.

However, within a short while, she heard the noises.

Xiao Ying’s expression paled.

She couldn’t bear to listen to those ambiguous sounds. But she could only stand here and wait for his words to let Xiao Xi go.

Xiao Ying waited for about half an hour. She was really worried about Xiao Xiao Xi. She glanced towards the curtain and said loudly, “Long Ming, it seems like you’re not too satisfied with my performance. If that’s the case, I’ll continue to accompany Sachsー”

Before Xiao Ying could finish speaking, the curtains were pulled apart and Long Ming, wearing a night robe, walked out.

Xiao Ying stared at the man approaching her, staring right into his dark and dangerous eyes.

Long Ming’s smelling sense was really sensitive. Right as he approached Xiao Ying, he smelt a faint cigarette scent. It was one that was unique to Qiao Yanze. That meant that this promiscuous woman went to meet her first love secretly after being with Sachs.

Long Ming grabbed Xiao Ying’s chin hard, his eyes dark. “Can you be even more disgusting?”

Xiao Ying’s expression was cold as she ignored what he meant and only said, “Please keep to your words!”

Long Ming’s eyebrows twitched as his eyes stared at her more sharply, as if wanting to pierce through her. “Do you believe that I will send someone to kill your sister now?!”

Sensing his anger, Xiao Ying furrowed her eyebrows. “Yes. You can give the order now and I will go accompany my sister in the afterworld right away.”

Long Ming’s expression darkened as he grabbed Xiao Ying’s wrist and dragged her into the bathroom connected to his room.

Before entering the bathroom, Xiao Ying saw that the other woman was dressed perfectly like she had before she came in.

Right at this moment, a bodyguard came in to report that Cen Xi had been taken.

It was almost one day and one night now.

The sun in Burma was terribly strong and scorching hot. Cen Xi hadn’t eaten or drank anything for a long period of time. With her hands tied up, even someone made of iron wouldn’t be able to take it.

Not to mention that she was a slender and weak woman.

Cen Xi’s lips were completely cracked. Her eyes were blank as it was difficult to breathe. She didn’t know how long she could hold on for. Maybe, she will go and meet Hades very soon.

Her consciousness slowly departed from her mind. She closed her eyes. In the empty space, it was as if she had seen her adoptive parents, Sister, Brother Bai Lin, Young Master Li, Gu Meng and many many other people. However, almost the entire group, there was one person whose face she couldn’t see clearly. Perhaps, subconsciously, she didn’t want to see his face.

Finally, she was going to meet her adoptive parents! Although she couldn’t bear to part with Sister, she couldn’t hold on anymore…

Living was really tiring and exhausting!

Once she was gone, the Burmese King wouldn’t be able to threaten Sister with her. Given the survival experience Sister had throughout the years, she will definitely be able to escape from the Burmese King once there was nothing holding her back!

Unknownst to Cen Xi, several men dressed in black were staring at her in the dark.