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Chapter 1365: Amazement

Don’t even think about it?

Long Ming’s expression darkened as bloodthirst flashed in his eyes. His grip on Xiao Ying’s chin tightened. “Alright, treat it as if I hadn’t came.”

He let go of her, about to turn away and leave.

However, he had only taken a few steps when the woman’s soft hands grabbed his arm.

Long Ming turned back to look at Xiao Ying. Right now, the only thing that was pretty on her still was her eyes. They were innocent, yet coy at the same time. They were natural vixen eyes and looked incredibly pretty.

Xiao Ying gritted her teeth as she said angrily, “Aren’t you afraid of getting hurt by me?”

Long Ming caressed the mole under Xiao Ying’s eyes that made her look more coy and seductive. He laughed out loud arrogantly, “You wouldn’t dare.”

He said that it was not that she did not know how to do it, but it was that she would not dare to do it.

Right. Now that Xiao Xi was still in his hands, how would she dare to anger him once more?

Long Ming leaned forward. “So have you decided?”

Xiao Ying wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what to say. She felt terribly choked, feeling utterly humiliated and bitter.

Long Ming sat back down on the sofa and glanced at Xiao Ying. “Take your time. If not, once you lost all of your value, I might end up doing something else.”

Xiao Ying took in a deep breath as she suppressed all of her emotions down.

She smirked coyly. “As long as you don’t despise me for having pleased the old Burmese King before, I don’t mind.”

Long Ming’s expression changed. The violent tendencies within him pulsed again as he suppressed the strong urge to kick her away. He grabbed her cheek, staring at the woman before him.

His heart was actually gnawing with pain. He didn’t know why this ugly woman was still able to make his heart ache so much.

Because she didn’t have any feelings for him.

Since she was disobedient, why was he keeping her by his side? Since she was acting b*tchy, he would let her make use of her worth!

Within a minute, Long Ming’s mind had spun a thousand times. But he was someone who had experienced a lot after all, so he calmed down fairly quickly.

He narrowed his sharp eyes slightly. After a while, he put his hands in his pockets as he looked down at her. “I have invited several important guests to a dinner tonight. You can come and perform a dance. If you do well, I will let go of your sister.”

He thought that she would reject him, but she accepted it coolly, “Sure.”

Long Ming kicked the stool by the sofa angrily, his eyes sprouting with fire. Compared to his temper, Xiao Ying was frighteningly calm.

After seeing her cold expression, Long Ming threw his hand away and left after slamming the door shut.

Apart from Qiao Yanze who had come from afar, there were several fierce and ambitious guests attending Long Ming’s dinner as well.

One of them was the oil tycoon, Sachs. Long Ming had been wanting to pull Sachs onto his good side for some time now. Sachs had very strong means and rarely worked with others, but he had a strong liking towards beauty and women.

Once a person had a weakness, they would be easily attacked.

Long Ming sat at the host’s seat and greeted the seated guests one by one. When he looked away, he glanced at Qiao Yanze.

He knew that Number 21’s last mission target was Qiao Yanze and that she had grown feelings for him. It had been a long time since Long Ming wanted to meet this famed young master.

Now that he saw Qiao Yanze, it was no wonder Number 21 would like him. Apart from his handsome and devilish appearance, the dignified and noble aura he was born with was indeed very charming.

Qiao Yanze had come to test Long Ming. If Young Master Li was really hiding in Burma, he wouldn’t rest and miss the opportunity.

In a dinner, apart from the good food and alcohol, there would definitely be some exotic dancing and music to help liven the atmosphere.

The guests weren’t too interested in the first few performances.

“Your Majesty, I heard that you don’t like women, so it seems like there really isn’t any beauty in your palace. When you happen to visit my place, I will let you see what is beautyー”

Before Sachs could finish speaking, a crisp bell started to ring. Within seconds, a fiery red figure appeared in front of everyone.

The woman had long hair that was as black as ink. She had a red organza veil over her face as she entered the banquet hall while shaking her lithe hips. Her wrists and ankles had been tied with bells that rung with her every movement.

Her waist was fairly slender as a sparkling diamond was stuck to her pretty belly button, looking extremely dazzling under the luxurious crystal lights.

With her outfit, part of her body was revealed, showing her good figure perfectly well. The red dress contrasted prettily against her fair skin. No one knew what fragrance she had used on her body. As she shook her hips, the air was filled with a charming fragrance.

The red organza covered her face, so the guests couldn’t see her clearly and could only see her pretty eyes that were exposed, as well as the charming mole under her eye. Her eyes were like water, looking innocent and natural, yet coy and seductive like a fox at the same time.

The banquet hall fell silent immediately as everyone stared at Xiao Ying. She wasn’t wearing any shoes, baring her pretty and perfect feet.

Long Ming glanced at the men sitting before him. Every single one of them was staring at the red figure without blinking.

Back then, she had seduced the old Burmese King with this dance. At the time, the old King had been completely smitten by her. After so many years, she still looked so alluring when she danced.

Sachs’s eyes looked like he wanted so badly to pounce on her and rip her clothes off. Meanwhile, Qiao Yanze… His gaze was fixed tightly on her as well, his eyes as dark as wormholes.