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Chapter 1363: Young Master Qiao is Here

Xiao Ying put on her clothes and acted like she was going to the washroom. After waiting for several minutes, she finally walked out after seeing that the man was still asleep.

After making sure that the man was dead asleep, Xiao Ying took out his token and car keys, as well as a dagger placed under the pillow. She took a few steps before she glanced one more time at the man.

She couldn’t describe what she was feeling, but she wished for them to never meet again.

Right as the door closed, the man instantly opened his sharp, eagle-like eyes. He stared at the direction where Xiao Ying had left in. His eyes instantly turned red. He closed them once more, trying his best to regulate his breathing.

His large figure felt like he had been thrown in a freezer, feeling cold from the depths of his bones. A smirk grazed his lips and he let out a scoff. When she used him in the past, she would kiss him occasionally as well, giving him a candy to let him work for her.

Tonight, she made his favorites and held his hand. For that one moment, he felt really happy. He knew very well that it was a trap, but he still cooperated with her.

Long Ming, wake up!

That woman was a heartless one. She liked another man and the scar on her face was because of someone else, not you!

For a woman as calculative, ugly and disgusting as she was, why was he still holding back?


If she wanted death, why shouldn’t he give it to her?

After finding out that her sister planned to escape tonight, Cen Xi waited in her room with worry and anticipation. Her door was closed, leaving it open just a tiny crack.

She waited until midnight before someone pushed her door open.

Xiao Ying waved towards Cen Xi.

Cen Xi immediately carried the small bag she had prepared and followed behind Xiao Ying.

The servants in the castle had already gone to rest. Xiao Ying hurriedly opened the door and led Cen Xi into the garage.

Long Ming drove a Koenigsegg One:1. This was an extremely rare sports car that had limited quantities created. There were only six in the world and each one cost a hundred million dollars.

Xiao Ying unlocked the door and its door opened.

Xiao Ying drove as Cen Xi sat in the front passenger seat, feeling terribly nervous.

Because Xiao Ying had experienced more things than Cen Xi did and was used to seeing expensive and grand occasions, she didn’t appear to be too surprised. She stepped on the accelerator and the sports car shot out instantly.

At the balcony, a man wearing a black night robe watched as the sports car drove away. The night breeze blew at his night robe as he narrowed his eagle-like eyes, a murderous intent exuding from him all over.

Xiao Ying drove the car to the main gate and showed Long Ming’s token. His token connected to the door lock and didn’t need any bodyguards to check the car, so the door opened automatically.

The moment the door opened, Xiao Ying drove away.

The bodyguards thought that it was Long Ming, so they all bowed. But within seconds, the sports car disappeared from their sight.

Having escaped the castle successfully, Xiao Ying let out a sigh of relief. Glancing at Cen Xi, whose forehead was glistening with cold sweat, Xiao Ying freed a hand and grabbed her sister’s hand. She apologized once more to her younger sister, “Xiao Xi, I’ve implicated you. Once we escape Burma, I will bring you overseas and we will treat your ear.”

She had saved some money privately. They were all hidden in an account with the R bank, and there was enough to last both of their lifetimes.

However, the moment Xiao Ying finished speaking, she suddenly lost control of the sports car as it started to reverse.

Xiao Ying stepped on the brakes, but the car didn’t stop. It was as if its remote driving function had been activated. No matter if she turned the steering wheel or stepped on the brakes, nothing worked.

Xiao Ying cursed softly. “Sh*t!”

Cen Xi also realized that something was wrong with the sports car. “Sister, the car seems to have activated its auto-driving function.”

The car was moving at a terribly fast speed, and it was impossible for them to get out of the car. At the same time, both Xiao Ying and Cen Xi realized that only Long Ming was able to control this car remotely.

“Sister, the car is driving back…”

Xiao Ying’s forehead started to cover with cold sweat. She tried a few times, but there was no way to stop the car. She tried to open the door, but it was locked as well and she couldn’t open it at all.

Cen Xi tugged at Xiao Ying, who seemed to have lost slight control over her emotions, to look at her. She said rather calmly, “Sister, this car is a rare find in the world, so the Burmese King must have made some modifications to it. He is able to watch us and control us. We cannot escape.”

The moment Cen Xi finished speaking, a terribly cold voice rang in the car. “Number 21, your sister is smarter than you.”

Xiao Ying froze. She finally realized that Long Ming was merely playing with her. The sleeping powder she had applied on her lips had no effect on him.

“I will take care of the two of you once you’re back.”

Xiao Ying’s heart tightened, having heard the coldness and murderous intent from the man’s voice.

She had suffered everything since young and no longer regarded her life. But her younger sister was with her right now, she could not disregard her sister.

Cen Xi couldn’t hear what Long Ming was saying, and could only watch Xiao Ying’s face turn paler by the second. “Sister, I’m scared of nothing since we’re together!”

The sports car drove back to the castle speedily.

The castle lights were lit brightly as two rows of bodyguards stood at the gates. Once the sports car came to a halt, they surrounded the sports car completely.

Long Ming, who was wearing a black coat, walked out from the castle as he ordered coldly, “Bring them out.”

Seeing the ice-like eyes of the man, Xiao Ying gritted out, “Long Ming, are you playing with me?”

Long Ming scoffed coldly. “Did you only just realize?”

Xiao Ying was so angry her body trembled in rage. She nodded with completely red eyes. “I was the one who brought my sister with me. If you want to punish or scold us, do it to me.”

Long Ming smirked as his dark blue eyes landed on Cen Xi. “You sister is a lot prettier than you are now. I wonder ifー”

Before he finished, Xiao Ying rushed towards him. She raised her hand, wanting to slap him, but he caught her wrist quickly. Nevertheless, Xiao Ying didn’t give up. Her bottom line was Cen Xi. If anyone dared to touch her younger sister, she would fight that person with her life!

She was very quick as she lifted her knee to kick at him.

Long Ming never thought that she would be so daring, so he was caught off guard and kicked. He sucked in a breath from the pain. He cupped Xiao Ying’s cheeks, his eyes as cold as ice. “It seems like I was too nice to you two before.” Long Ming pushed Xiao Ying onto the floor, before he raised a hand. Two bodyguards instantly came forward. Long Ming pointed at Cen Xi, ordering coldly, “Tie her up and hang her at the city gates.”

Qiao Yanze brought Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo with him to Burma.

Before he came, he got Da Zuo to contact the Burmese King, who had sent his men to fetch them at the airport.

They got into the King’s car and when they passed by the city gates, Da Zuo saw a woman being hung outside of it. The woman’s head was covered as her body hung in the air. No one knew if she was still alive.

“Young Master, look. A woman is hanging there.”

Qiao Yanze, who was resting at the back seats, glanced out of the window.