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Chapter 1362: The Truth

Da Zuo and Xiao Zuo, who had hidden in the room for a while now, walked out and brought the woman who was still in shock away.

Qiao Yanze kept drinking and letting go of himself because he wanted to lure out the person that wanted to kill him.

Even if that person didn’t show up personally, they would send someone over. Like that, he would be able to find that person following the clues given.

Qiao Yanze looked down at his unbuttoned shirt. After buttoning all of them properly, he walked out with a poker face.

Three days later.

The woman who was heavily interrogated wanted to die, but she couldn’t. She wanted to live, but living felt like a torture. Unable to withstand the cruel torture, the woman had no choice but to expose the truth.

She was sent by Young Master Li and her current mission was to take Qiao Yanze’s life.

Da Zuo interrogated her further and managed to get Young Master Li’s recent hiding spot.

“Burma?” Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes after hearing the woman’s testimony. “The new Burmese King is ruthless and doesn’t act according to expectations. He only recognizes money and can be both good and bad. As long as you can pay him, you will be protected by him. The way he does things is slightly strange.”

Da Zuo nodded. “Young Master Li must have gotten the Burmese King’s protection to be able to hide there. If we want him to give us Young Master Li, it won’t be an easy thing to do.”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips tightly as a cold glint flashed in his eyes. “No matter how hard it is, I will catch the person who killed Cen Xi myself!”


Xiao Ying was still rather weak after her surgery, so she spent the last few days resting in the castle. Over the last few days, she secretly observed the layout of the castle.

The security in the castle was rather strict and the castle was huge as well. If they ran away rashly, Xiao Xi and her will only end up dying. But the longer they stayed in the castle, the higher chances of them dying as well.

She knew very well how much Long Ming hated her.

He might have been busy with work recently, so he rarely returned to the castle. But when he did, he would never consider her feelings. If she was disobedient, he would threaten her with Xiao Xi.

That was why she needed to leave with Xiao Xi.

She had once stayed in Burma for two years. She had confidence to escape with Xiao Xi as long as they could get out of the castle.

Xiao Ying told Cen Xi her plan.

Cen Xi’s heart broke at the sight of the bruises covering her sister’s neck. She had been taking note of the castle’s layout in the last few days as well. Every exit seemed to be guarded with bodyguards. Wanting to leave the castle was not an easy thing to do.

Xiao Ying grabbed Cen Xi’s hand, saying softly, “I will try and get the token and car keys from Long Ming later tonight. Don’t shut your door too tightly. I will come and find you tonight once my plan is executed.”

Cen Xi nodded. “Please be careful, Sister.”

At night, in an inn they were resting in.

Xiao Ying made several dishes that Long Ming liked in the past. Once she was done, she prepared some red wine as well.

Long Ming returned at around nine in the evening. Seeing Xiao Ying wait for him in the living room, he narrowed his eyes. “What are you doing here?”

Xiao Ying went forward to take his black coat from him. “I came to ask for peace.”

Long Ming caressed the stubbles on his cheeks as his lips curled up. “Ask for peace? It’s only been a few days, yet you’re already waving the white flag?”

“Yes,” Xiao Ying nodded and put his coat on the sofa, pulling his large palm with her.

The moment she grabbed Long Ming’s hand, he froze slightly as confusion flashed in his eyes. Her hand was as soft and slender as it was in the past. The only difference was the callouses on them.

She must have suffered quite a bit over the past few years.

Long Ming looked up. Staring at Xiao Ying’s face that was half pretty and soft while the other half looked ugly and distracting with the scar on it, he followed her into the dining room.

She pushed him onto a chair and poured a glass of red wine for him. Long Ming stared at the red liquid in the glass, his expression unreadable.

Xiao Ying half-crouched by the man’s legs. “Long Ming, I was wrong in what happened back then. But this has nothing to do with my sister. Please let her go.”

Long Ming stared at the obedient Xiao Ying. She didn’t look as tough and hard to tame like she did a few days ago. Long Ming took the glass and brought it by his lips.

Seeing that he was about to drink it, Xiao Ying licked her lips. However, seeing her small action, Long Ming put the glass back onto the dining table. He narrowed his eyes at her. “Number 21, I remember drinking red wine for the first time with you.”

Xiao Ying nodded. “You still remember it.”

“Of course,” Long Ming spoke as his cold expression was void of any emotions. “You probably don’t know, but I stopped drinking red wine after I found out about your true face.”

Xiao Ying’s long lashes fluttered.

“However, since you’ve prepared the red wine, I cannot let your good intentions go to waste. Let me treat it to you!”

Xiao Ying looked up to see coldness swimming in Long Ming’s eyes. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something when Long Ming stood up with the glass in his hand and poured the glass of red wine over Xiao Ying’s head.

The red wine dripped from the top of Xiao Ying’s head to her face, the bright red liquid trailing down onto her neck. She looked terribly pathetic and haggard.

Xiao Ying pursed her lips tightly. She remained stubbornly quiet.

The servants that saw the scene as they were passing by all didn’t dare say anything.

“Number 21, doesn’t the red wine taste really good when you drink it like that? You will probably remember it forever!”

Xiao Ying lifted her hand and wiped the cold liquid off her face. A complicated feeling slowly spread within her and a smirk graced her lips. She didn’t want to know what type of emotion it was.

Instead, she put down her hand and smiled. “It tastes really good. Do you want to try it?”

Before Long Ming could say anything, Xiao Ying had kissed him.

He stood there, unmoved.

Xiao Ying intertwined their tongues together for a while before she moved away, not glancing at him as she got up and went upstairs.

Not too long after Xiao Ying went up, Long Ming went up too.

First he went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he was done, he saw Xiao Ying lying in bed. He walked over and within seconds, her clothes were torn apart and he took her straight without any foreplay.

Xiao Ying sucked in a cold breath of pain as always. In the past few days, he slept with her, but never kissed her. This time wasn’t any exception.

Feeling unbearable from his torture, hatred grew in Xiao Ying’s heart. Her fingers grabbed his shoulders and scratched several bloody trails of red across his back.

In the middle of the night, the man beside her was dead asleep with his arm wrapped tightly around her.

Xiao Ying opened her eyes and pulled the man’s arm around her away.

In the last few days, she discovered a herb that helped with sleeping. She put some in the red wine, but he hadn’t drunk it, so she hid some of the powder in her nails. When she wiped the red wine off her face earlier, she dusted some of the powder on her lips.

Although its effect was slower, it seemed like it was still effective.