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Chapter 1361: He’s Changed

Ji Wei couldn’t help but call Qiao Yanze again. But his phone was still turned off. Seeing Zhou Shiyu’s smug expression, Ji Wei was both in panic and worry.

Her fingers hurriedly pressed on the screen to dial Da Zuo’s number. The call was answered. Da Zuo told Ji Wei that he didn’t know where Qiao Yanze had gone either.

Ji Wei looked down, a bad feeling growing within her.

Seeing that she was still unable to grasp Qiao Yanze’s heart even after Cen Xi and her sister had died, she had never despised her cousin more.

It was almost time for the start of the ceremony. Ji Hong called someone to ask Ji Wei to go to the banquet hall.

Once she was there, Ji Wei glanced around and realized that most of the guests were her relatives. There were barely anyone from the Qiao family. Qiao Yanze’s oldest sister and niece that he was closest to, hadn’t come.

Did he not inform them?

Or did he not want this engagement to begin with?

Ji Wei’s breathing grew heavier as her body felt colder by the second.

Seeing that Qiao Yanze and the most important guests from the Qiao family weren’t around, Ji Hong hurriedly pulled Ji Wei to the side. “Did you call Yanze? Why isn’t he here yet? It’s almost time.”

Ji Wei opened her mouth. She was about to say something when someone pushed the doors open.

A figure wearing a white suit walked in.

Thinking that it was Qiao Yanze, happiness surged in Ji Wei. But before that happiness could settle within her, it was replaced by fear and panic.

The man that walked in wasn’t Qiao Yanze.

It was the man who had put the snakes.

He took her money and agreed to not appear in front of her again. How did he dare to appear at her engagement ceremony? Who gave him the invitation?

The more Ji Wei thought about it, the more panicked she felt as her fingers that were curled tightly together started to cover in cold, clammy sweat.

Ji Hong stared at the man who walked in, furrowing his eyebrows. “Weiwei, who is that? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

Heart racing, Ji Wei bit her lip. “Let me go take a look.”

Ji Wei walked towards the man. When he saw Ji Wei, he walked in front of her. “Miss Ji, I didn’t want to come to your engagement ceremony, but Mr Qiao told me to come. Mr Qiao asked me to tell you that he wanted to attend the engagement ceremony today at first, but you ruined his chance yourself.”

With that said, the man turned and left.

Ji Wei shook unstably.

H-He knew everything!

After knowing that the sisters had died in the fire, Ji Wei had already regretted her actions.

But it was too late.

Tears started to fill Ji Wei’s eyes as she lifted her skirt and walked towards the stage.

Ji Hong stopped Ji Wei. “Weiwei, what are you doing?”

“Dad, I have something to announce.” Ji Wei got out of Ji Hong’s hold and walked up on stage.

“Dear family and friends, thank you for coming. I have something to announce here. The engagement ceremony will be canceled due to my personal reasons.”

“Weiwei, what are you saying?” Hearing Ji Wei’s announcement, Ji Hong felt like his face had been slapped off.

Zhou Shiyu also furrowed her eyebrows tightly. Was there something wrong with Cousin? Qiao Yanze was the one that didn’t come and went against his words. If this news went out to the public, it would only be bad for him. Why was she pushing the blame onto herself?

“Dad, I know you’re worried that I won’t be able to get married in my lifetime, but so be it. I’m fine alone too.”

Most of the relatives present were from the Ji family, so they each came forward to speak up for Ji Wei. “Xiao Wei, we know that the cancellation has nothing to do with you. It’s the Qiao young master that went against his words and didn’t appear. He’s the one at fault!”

“That’s right. The Qiao family really doesn’t give respect to the Ji family!”

“We can’t end it like this! We have to ask for an explanation from the Qiao family!”

Ji Wei shook her head. “I was the one who told Yanze not to come, because I don’t want to implicate him. You might not know this, but in this lifetime, Iー”

Ji Hong hurriedly shouted, having guessed what Ji Wei was about to say, “Weiwei, don’t speak nonsense!”

Ji Wei smiled, looking determined. “My womb was removed, so I cannot conceive.”

The audience erupted into a huge ruckus.

After the engagement ceremony had been canceled, Ji Wei locked herself in her room for two days.

It was until she found out about where Qiao Yanze was.

Because of what Ji Wei had said at the engagement ceremony, Ji Hong felt like she had humiliated the Ji family and so, he had been ignoring her for the past two days. Mrs Ji had secretly cried several times in that period.

Mrs Ji only became slightly relieved after seeing Ji Wei leave her room.

Ji Wei got the driver to send her to a high-end, members-only bar. She didn’t get out of the car and merely remained sitting in it. She waited for nearly an hour before she saw a familiar figure leaving the bar.

It was Qiao Yanze.

It seemed like he had drunk too much. A coy-looking woman wearing a red-tube dress was supporting him as they walked out.

Ji Wei had gotten news that Qiao Yanze came to this bar every night recently, and only went back after drinking his mind away. She never thought that Cen Xi’s death would be such a big blow to him.

It was like he was living in a dream. He never went to work anymore and changed women like he changed clothes.

Not wanting him to see him like this, Ji Wei pushed the car door open and walked towards Qiao Yanze.

She wanted to take him from the woman, but the latter didn’t let her. “Who are you?”

“I’m his colleague.”

The woman glanced towards the man who had buried his head at the crook of her neck. “Darling, your colleague wants to take you away, so Lulu cannot accompany you anymore tonight.”

The woman’s voice was exceptionally coy and soft.

Qiao Yanze looked up and glanced at Ji Wei. His droopy eyes widened a little, looking completely devilish. “Ji Wei, you’re only a colleague while she is the woman I’m playing with tonight. Who do you think I will go with?”

Ji Wei stared at Qiao Yanze with disbelief. How did he return to being that sinfully shameless man like before?

“Yanze, can you not give up on yourself? Iー”

“Lulu, let’s go to the hotel. I can’t wait to taste you.”

Ji Wei watched as the woman helped Qiao Yanze in the car. She really felt like crying. If she knew that he would become like this, she would have never have gotten someone to put the snakes and make the sisters unconscious, even if it took her life.

In the hotel.

The coy and seductive woman helped a drunk Qiao Yanze into her room. She smiled brightly as she pushed Qiao Yanze onto the big bed and straddled him.

Her fingers slid under his shirt agilely as she caressed his muscular and firm muscles. She bit her lips softly, her eyes filled with seduction. “Young Master Qiao, I will make you feel like you’re in heaven…”

The woman leaned down and bit Qiao Yanze’s chin, as she undid his shirt with a hand while her other hand slid under the pillow and found a sharp knife.

Just as the woman was about to press the knife into Qiao Yanze’s chest, someone grabbed her wrist suddenly. Before she could react, her wrist was snapped broken with ease.

The exquisite and sharp knife fell onto the bed as the man who was supposedly completely wasted, opened his charming eyes.

All of the unruliness and languid frivolousness had disappeared. Only endless darkness and eerie calm remained.

“You feigned being drunk?” As if thinking of something, the woman’s expression immediately changed. She wanted to bite on the poison hidden in her molar in an attempt to suicide, but Qiao Yanze grabbed her jaw straight away and extracted the poison from her mouth. “Da Zuo, take her away for some serious interrogation.”