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Chapter 1360: Engagement

The two of them fell into a stalemate like that. It continued for a long while, before Long Ming kept his gun.

He turned and left in large strides.

When he left, he glanced at Xiao Ying one more time. His eyes were like those of a blood-covered devil that had just crawled out of a pile of bones.

If she said one more thing that made him unhappy, he might really just kill her. Xiao Ying closed her eyes which were void of tears at all.

Because Xiao Ying was disobedient, Long Ming didn’t let her see Cen Xi. She had no choice but to keep her sharp claws and talk to him nicely when he came to her ward once more.

Long Ming helped her settle her discharge procedures, before bringing her back to his castle.

Xiao Ying thought that Cen Xi would have suffered quite a bit after Long Ming’s men brought her away. However, he had kept her in his castle and let her be served by his servants everyday. However, because Cen Xi was equally worried about her sister, she still lost some weight.

When it came to Long Ming, Xiao Ying never shed a single tear. But the moment she saw Xiao Xi, Xiao Ying’s tears fell nonstop.

Her young sister had suffered too much because of her. Now that her mind was back to normal, she hadn’t forgotten about the memories she had when she was not normal.

She remembered the expression Qiao Yanze had when he saw her alive. She also remembered Xiao Xi kneeling down to beg him and him shooting a bullet into her chest.

She remembered how they had gotten into trouble and how she had fainted.

She remembered it all.

Without her, Xiao Xi wouldn’t have needed to take all of this. She would have had a normal life and her left ear wouldn’t be mute as well.

Seeing Xiao Ying’s tears fall like rain, Cen Xi hurriedly wiped her tears for her. “Sister, the Burmese King didn’t torture me. Did he torture you? What is your relationship with him exactly? How did you meet him?”

Xiao Ying pulled Cen Xi onto the bed and told her how she had met the Burmese King. After hearing the story, Cen Xi kept silent for a very long time.

This was really a doomed love from the beginning.

“Oh right, Xiao Xi, Young Master Qiao and Iー”

Hearing her sister talk about Qiao Yanze, Cen Xi hurriedly interrupted her, “Sister, can we not talk about him?” She no longer had any good impression or feelings towards the man who went against his words and wanted to kill them.

She couldn’t tell if the strong emotions in her chest were due to anger or sadness.

She didn’t owe Qiao Yanze anything anymore. Even if she was still alive, there was no longer anything between them.

He would marry Ji Wei and they would have a life together in the future. Between them, they had nothing. He was nothing to her.

Meanwhile, she would have her sister with her and wouldn’t be alone anymore.

If she had to choose someone in S Country that she was worried for the most, it would be Gu Meng and her baby. She didn’t know what had happened to Gu Meng anymore. After finding out about the fire and being unable to contact her, Gu Meng must be extremely worried!

Although the Burmese King didn’t torture her, she didn’t have a phone while the rooms didn’t have any communication devices either, so she wasn’t able to contact the outside world.

Xiao Ying knew that it wasn’t the right time to talk about Qiao Yanze. But she still had to find a chance to tell Xiao Xi about what had exactly happened back then. The most important thing now, however, was to find a way to leave Burma with Xiao Xi.

At the Capital.

After Cen Xi and her sister had been burned to death in the fire, Ji Wei had become an insomniac, not able to sleep at all.

Although she wasn’t the one who had set the fire, it was her who had instructed her men to put snakes in the sisters’ room after listening to Zhou Shiyu’s instigations.

She had heard that the sisters weren’t able to run out of the house because they had lost consciousness. Did they lose consciousness after being bitten by the snakes?

She had clearly told her men to not put venomous snakes in the room. The only intention she had was to scare them.

She was about to get engaged with Qiao Yanze and she really regretted listening to Zhou Shiyu’s advice now. If she didn’t put snakes to scare the sisters, there would be others who wanted to kill them too! After all, Xiao Ying was once an assassin and had offended quite a few people.

Because she couldn’t fall asleep, Ji Wei intended to take some sleeping pills. However, her phone suddenly rang.

Seeing the caller ID, her expression changed.

Answering the call, Ji Wei said coldly, “Why are you calling me? You want to meet me now?”

Ji Wei paced in her room anxiously as she held her phone tightly. “Alright, give me a while.”

Ji Wei took out two hundred thousand dollars worth of cash from her safe and drove to the pier.

A man wearing a hat and a mask walked out from the dark. Ji Wei passed him the money. “This is the last time I’m giving you money. The sisters were burned to death. I only told you to put snakes in there. Their deaths have nothing to do with me!”

“Miss Ji, don’t worry. I will take this to my grave. You can rest assured and get engaged to Mr Qiao in peace!”

After Ji Wei and the man finished their conversation, they left in opposite directions. No one noticed a dark figure recording their meeting.

In the Qiao mansion.

Da Zuo showed the video he had recorded to Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze was sitting in front of his study table. His well-defined fingers were holding onto a cigarette as his pretty eyes narrowed at the sight of Ji Wei and the fully-covered man in the video.

“Did you catch him?”

“I did. The man is a snake breeder. After some interrogations, he still only insisted on taking Miss Ji’s money to put some non-venomous snakes to scare Cen Xi and her sister. However, that night, his child fell ill and he went to the hospital. When he finally went to Cen Xi’s residence to put the snakes, he saw that it had already caught on fire, so he left hurriedly without putting any snakes. He said that he needed the money desperately for his child and had no choice but to lie to Miss Ji.

“Young Master, I think that the fire has nothing to do with Miss Ji.”

Qiao Yanze closed the video as he slowly exhaled a mouthful of smoke. “Of course I know that Ji Wei hasn’t lost her conscience to that point. She was probably instigated by that Zhou woman to put the snakes.”

“Then, Young Master, will you still get engaged to Miss Ji?” Da Zuo stared at Qiao Yanze’s handsome but slim face. “After Miss Cen’s incident, you’ve constantly been in a bad mood. Young Master, don’t forget what her older sister has done to you once. From what I see, being burned to death is merely what they deserve.”

Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened as he took the ashtray and whacked it at Da Zuo’s forehead.

Da Zuo’s forehead started to bleed. He knew that he had made his Young Master unhappy with what he said, so he looked down and remained quiet.

“My hatred for Xiao Ying is over after I shot her.” Qiao Yanze stood up as a murderous intent flashed in his eyes. “The person that wants to kill the sisters wants me dead as well.”

Da Zuo stared at Qiao Yanze in confusion, not understanding what he had meant.

“This slaughter game had just started and it will either be his death or mine.”

Three days later.

It was Qiao Yanze and Ji Wei’s engagement ceremony.

The ceremony was held in a seven-starred hotel. As the ceremony’s guests arrived one by one, Ji Wei had gotten her makeup artist to touch up her makeup in the dressing room.

She had never been so nervous before. Within an hour, she would become Qiao Yanze’s fiancée.

Zhou Shiyu walked in. Ji Wei glanced at her through the mirror. After what happened with the snakes, it had been a few days since she had spoken to Zhou Shiyu.

Zhou Shiyu could tell that Ji Wei held some unhappiness towards her. She stood behind Ji Wei and said, “Cousin, what’s the point of looking so pretty? Most of the guests are here, but your fiancé hasn’t even arrived!”

Ji Wei’s heart tightened. She took her phone to call Qiao Yanze, but was told that his phone was turned off.

Was he not intending to come for their engagement ceremony?