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Chapter 1358: She Returned to Normal

Cen Xi looked at the unfamiliar streets and somehow, she thought of Qiao Yanze.

He was crueler than she had thought.

Sending people to assassinate her and her sister, sealing the house shut and even setting off a fire to kill them! Could anyone be more ruthless than him? They were caught like mice in a locked cage, running with nowhere to escape.

She knew that her sister had done wrong to him and the Qiao family, but why had he given her hope? Let alone giving her hope and then letting her fall into despair!

He was really too cruel!

In the fire, when she was holding her sister who had fainted, there was only one thought in her mind. When she died, everything would be over. There would be no love or hate and she would never want to meet him again in her next life.

She did not think that she was so lucky to survive. Although there were countless unknowns in front of her, she would not be afraid.

The chauffeur drove to the entrance of a private hospital. Cen Xi got out of the car and followed the chauffeur to the elevator and was told to go to the top floor.

Coming out of the elevator, Cen Xi was shocked by the scene in front of her.

The corridor was full of guards in black uniforms, each armed with guns.

At one glance, she thought it was the mafia.

The chauffeur took out a token. “She is the girl saved by the Burmese King and is here to see her sister.”

One of the guards took a metal detector and swept it over Cen Xi. They only let her in after seeing that she did not have any weapons.

Cen Xi was surprised.

The Burmese King had such strict security measures. It was only after getting permission that Cen Xi dared to go forward.

There was only a large ward that was similar to a presidential suite on the top floor. It had everything, a living room, bedroom, kitchen, study and a conference room.

The chauffeur took Cen Xi to the living room. “Girl, wait here for a while. The Burmese King is having a meeting in the meeting room.”

Cen Xi nodded.

After the chauffeur left, Cen Xi wanted to see which room her sister was in, but the doors were locked and she could not see the situation inside.

The only thing she could see was a huge conference room. The curtains were pulled apart slightly and through the gap, Cen Xi saw three to four people sitting inside.

Among them, the back of the man seated at the head of the table was the tallest. From what she could see, he looked to be about 1.9 meters in height and there was a kingly air to him just looking at his back.

Cen Xi did not dare to look anymore. She was about to leave when she suddenly saw the man pulling out a black crossbow from his waist, aimed it at the forehead of the man kneeling down. His finger pulled the trigger.

Cen Xi could not hear anything so she naturally could not hear the shot. She saw the kneeling man’s eyes widen before he fell. The man at the head of the table raised his hand and the two men in black behind him immediately dragged the man away.

Running to the sofa, Cen Xi quickly sat down. She turned around and had her back to the door. Cen Xi only dared to turn her head slowly after several minutes.

The tall man was standing behind her.

Seeing the man’s appearance, Cen Xi was even more frightened.

The man’s face was covered with a beard, so she could not see the outline of his face clearly. But he had a pair of blue and deep eyes, high nose and a head of black hair. He looked a little like he was of mixed-blood. Because his eyes were sharp and cold like a hawk, Cen Xi did not dare to meet his eyes for more than five seconds.

She had seen the coldness of Mu Sihan, the indifference of Ye Qing and the sharpness of Qiao Yanze, but they all had royal blood flowing in their bodies, which was cold and noble. But this man gave her a feeling that he was a superior being who had experienced bloodbaths and seen many deaths.

Cen Xi’s heart thumped hard when he glanced at her with his murderous eyes, and she inexplicably wanted to kneel down to him.

This must be the famous Burmese King.

“You’re here to see your sister?”

Seeing the man’s lips moving, Cen Xi nodded subconsciously and bowed to him. “Burmese King, thank you for saving us. Please let me see my sister.”

The man raised his hand and the man behind him opened one of the doors. Cen Xi followed the Burmese King’s men into the room.

“Your sister has a blood clot in her head. I found a doctor to operate on her and she should be awake tonight.”

When Cen Xi saw the Burmese King saying this, she had a guess in her heart. She had never met with the Burmese King before, but it did not mean that her sister had not.

The Burmese King had saved them because of her sister.

No matter what, she was grateful that he had saved them and even found a doctor to operate on her sister. Cen Xi bowed to the Burmese King again and sat by the bed to wait for Xiao Ying to wake up.

The Burmese King left after a while.

Cen Xi waited for more than two hours but Xiao Ying had yet to wake up. After experiencing an assassination and fire, Cen Xi’s body was still weak so she fell asleep beside the bed.

After some time, Cen Xi felt someone touching her head and she opened her eyes.

Seeing Xiao Ying staring at her, Cen Xi was very happy. “Sister, you’re awake?”

Xiao Ying looked at Cen Xi carefully, from her eyebrows, to her eyes, nose and then her lips. Her gaze seemed like she wanted to pull her deep into her heart.

Cen Xi saw Xiao Ying’s gaze and seemed to have understood something. Her eyes felt hot and she held Xiao Ying tightly. “Sister, are you all right now?”

Xiao Ying hugged Cen Xi, tears seeping out of the corners of her eyes. “Xiao Xi, I’ve implicated you into this mess.”

Cen Xi buried her face into Xiao Ying’s shoulder, her tears were like a string of broken pearls. She could not hear what her sister had said, but she could feel her heart.

The sisters cried together for a long time.

Xiao Ying continued to say something and found that Cen Xi did not respond. Holding Cen Xi’s face, Xiao Ying wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes. “Xiao Xi?”

Cen Xi’s long and wet eyelashes were lowered and she was not looking at Xiao Ying’s lips. Seeing that Cen Xi still had no response, Xiao Ying’s pupils constricted. “Xiao Xi, what’s the matter with your left ear?”

Xiao Ying touched Cen Xi’s ear. Cen Xi felt the warmth from Xiao Ying’s fingertips and looked up. Seeing Xiao Ying’s pale face and red eyes, she asked, “Sister, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Xiao Ying’s eyes widened slightly. “Xiao Xi, your ears… You can’t hear?”

Cen Xi nodded.

Xiao Ying closed her eyes, her heart aching badly. She pulled Cen Xi into her arms again and caressed her head gently and lovingly. “Sister will try to cure your ears. In the future, Sister will protect you.”

As soon as Xiao Ying’s voice fell, a cold voice sounded. “What are you going to protect her with?”

Xiao Ying raised her head and her eyelashes fluttered as she looked at the man who had suddenly appeared in the room with a murderous air around him.

The man’s face was covered with a beard and his eyes were like a hawk. At one glance, she could tell that he was someone not to be trifled with.

Xiao Ying was an assassin trained by the criminal group and was codenamed 21. Master Ba valued her and except for the Qiao family’s mission, she had always accomplished her other missions quite well.

This man in front of her looked familiar and Xiao Ying searched through her mind carefully. Seeming to have remembered who he was, a trace of surprise flashed past Xiao Ying’s eyes.

He was still alive?

Looking at him, not only was he alive, but he was living better than before. The fierce and arrogant air emanating from him made him look extraordinary.

She remembered that when she first arrived in Burma for a mission. Back then, he was just a nobody.