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Chapter 1357: She Wasn’t Dead?

There was only an orange wall lamp turned on in the room.

Under the light and shadow, a few strands of hair fell naturally over his forehead, slightly blocking his eyebrows. His slender eyes were red and there was a trace of drunkenness in them. Under his tall nose, was a pair of thin lips and his jawline was cold and thin… He looked different from the meticulous, cold and stable appearance he had during the day.

At the moment, he was dazed, languid, casual yet extremely sexy. His breath was hot with the smell of wine and was inexplicably scorching.

Gu Meng’s heart skipped a beat.

For a moment, she was unable to be indifferent in the face of this sudden intimacy.

Trying to suppress her pounding heart, she said, “You’re making me feel uncomfortable, pressing against me like this. Do you still want the child?”

He placed his long and big hands to the sides of her head, slightly avoiding her abdomen, but he was still covering her under his body, with no intention of backing away.

A few strands of hair fell onto her cheek and he blew a breath at her face, his dark eyes flashing slightly and the corners of his lips were lifted in a devilish manner.

Gu Meng had never seen him like this before.

Her heart was almost jumping out of her throat. It was not because it was pounding too hard, but the male hormones emitted from him were so strong that any woman would be enchanted.

Gu Meng’s eyelashes fluttered when she saw that he was silent and was staring fixedly at her with eyes that seemed to want to devour her. “If you like sleeping here, I’ll let yーmmph!”

Her unfinished words were blocked by his hot lips.

He kissed her intensely and domineeringly.

Gu Meng’s ears were buzzing. She could not figure out what the situation was right now. Why did he kiss her? Putting both hands on the man’s chest, she felt his strong heartbeat under her palms and the mature and fresh masculine scent on him almost made her sink into it.

But, she couldn’t…

Gu Meng bit the tip of his tongue when he was not paying attention and then, raising her hand, she slapped his handsome face.

The butler had just brought over the sober-up tea

Seeing that Gu Meng had slapped Ye Qing, he was so shocked that the tea in his hand fell to the ground. The drunkenness in Ye Qing’s eyes disappeared little by little, and he sobered up completely.

Gu Meng’s slap was hard and there was still some burning pain on his face.

Narrowing his dark eyes, he came down from Gu Meng’s body. Gu Meng saw his dark expression and knew that he was angered by her slap.

He had a noble status, and even if he was being too much, who would dare to slap him in the face? What’s more, he was often on the news and represented the image of the country.

Gu Meng closed her eyes, preparing herself to be strangled to death by him. But after a while, he did not exact his revenge on her and she heard a loud bang.

The man had left with quick steps and had slammed the door shut.

Gu Meng lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling above her head, an empty feeling in her heart.

She and her sister were devoured by the fire and something came crashing down from the roof. She protected her sister by pulling her into her arms until she lost consciousness.

The moment Cen Xi opened her eyes, her mind was blank and there was a dead silence around her.

She blinked when she saw the exotic decor.

Was she dead?

Or was this Hell?

No, it did not look like Hell. But she could not remember whose house had a decoration style like this.

Sitting up from the bed, Cen Xi felt like her limbs seemed to be falling apart. It was aching and painful.

The door of the room was pushed open from the outside.

A tanned and fat woman came in. Seeing that Cen Xi had woken up, a smile appeared on the woman’s face. “You’ve been in a coma for four days, you’re finally awake.”

Cen Xi looked at the woman’s moving lips but she could not hear any sounds. She could only read the words from the woman’s lips.

Her mind was in a daze.

She had already lost her hearing in her right ear since she was a child. Did she turn deaf in her left ear too?

Cen Xi opened her mouth. “What did you say?”

“You must be feeling hungry after being in such a long coma!”

Cen Xi covered her ears and frowned. Walking to the servant, she held the woman’s arm. “I’m sorry, can you speak a little louder?”

The woman glanced at Cen Xi with a strange look in her eyes and felt that there was something wrong with her. The woman had a loud voice and spoke louder than ordinary people. Why did she keep asking her to repeat herself?

The woman asked doubtfully, “You… can’t hear me?”

Cen Xi saw the woman’s mouth open.

Realizing that she really could not hear a single sound, Cen Xi’s mind turned blank. Her slender body took several steps back and the blood drained off from her face.

“Girl, are you okay?” The servant stepped forward to help Cen Xi, but Cen Xi grabbed the servant’s arm instead. She did not have the time to feel the shock and panic in her heart and asked in a hurry, “What about my sister? How is she?”

“Your sister had an operation and is still in a coma.”

Cen Xi looked at the woman’s lips and her eyes widened slightly when she learned that her sister had an operation. “Who did the operation for her? Where are we now?”

“Girl, you are in Burma. Our Burmese King brought you back.”

Cen Xi frowned.

Who was the Burmese King?

After falling into a coma, she thought that she and her sister would be killed in that big fire. But when she woke up, she was in Burma, where she had never even been before.

Or did the Burmese King save them? But she had never heard of the Burmese King before, so how did he happen to save them?

“Can you take me to see my sister?”

Seeing that Cen Xi was worried, the woman nodded. “I’ll take you there, but do you want to eat something first?”

Cen Xi licked her dry and chapped lip. “Seeing my sister is more important.”

The woman took Cen Xi downstairs.

As she followed the woman, Cen Xi took in her surroundings. This should be a castle and there were valuable art paintings on the walls. Luxurious Persian carpet covered the stairs and the hall was magnificent with crystal chandeliers. For a moment, Cen Xi thought that she was in a European Royal family from the medieval period.

Cen Xi was getting more and more confused.

The woman took Cen Xi out of the castle and after talking to the chauffeur, the chauffeur made a phone call and asked Cen Xi to get into the car after getting permission.

Cen Xi looked at the woman and the woman said, “Your sister is in the hospital, the Burmese King has agreed to let you go see her.”

The front yard of the castle was very big. Apart from a wide lawn, there were also tall and big trees. It took more than ten minutes for the car to drive out of the castle. Once they came out of the castle, the car drove to the city center and the architectural style here was different from the Capital, but it was also bustling with activity.

Cen Xi looked at the surrounding area and felt that it was unfamiliar. It was also unusually quiet by her ears. Leaning her against the car window, she felt anxious and uneasy.