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Chapter 1355: Could Not Wait to Get Away From Him

Dai Na looked at the thin and weak-looking Gu Meng who was wearing a set of black clothes. She did not look like a bodyguard at all. Moreover, Gu Meng’s appearance was sweet and charming. Although there was no smile on her face, she was also considered the type that men would like.

How could she be the bodyguard of the Third Prince looking like this!

Gu Meng did not seem to notice Ye Qing’s dark expression, but noticed that Dai Na was seizing her up. She took the initiative to explain, “I was the top three in the bodyguard competition of the Royal family previously and was fortunate enough to be assigned as the bodyguard of His Highness.”

Dai Na nodded thoughtfully. “Then your skills must be good.”

“Thank you for your compliment, Princess.”

Dai Na retracted her gaze from Gu Meng and looked at Ye Qing with a smile. “Your Highness, I wonder if you have time in the afternoon. Grandma Queen asked you to show me around!”

Dai Na was very smart. She knew who Ye Qing obeyed the most. Generally speaking, he would not disobey the Queen.

Ye Qing looked at Dai Na, who was smiling. His impression on her was neither good nor bad, and he neither liked nor disliked her. He did not immediately object when Grandma Queen brought them together because he had no reason to.

In his deeply ingrained thinking, he should marry a woman of such status, who was beneficial to the Royal family.

“Yes.” Ye Qing gave a brief answer.

Dai Na beamed when she heard this and held onto Ye Qing’s arm. “Great! Can I call you Brother Ye Qing in the future?”

Ye Qing shook off Dai Na’s hand silently. “It’s just a form of address, it’s up to your preference.”

Seeing her hand being shook off by Ye Qing, Dai Na was a little upset but there was still a sweet smile on her face. “I’ll let Grandma Queen know first, then I’ll come and find Brother Ye Qing later.”

Ye Qing nodded coldly.

Dai Na was also part of the Royal family. How could she not know that the marriage between the two countries was focused on the interests of each other and that it did not have much real feelings?

Before Dai Na left, she looked at Gu Meng. “You’ll come with us later, right? I may go shopping and if I have a girl with me while choosing clothes, she can give me some advice!”

Gu Meng replied, “Bodyguards would naturally follow along.”

After Dai Na left, Gu Meng was led by the butler to one of the guest rooms on the second floor.

“Miss Gu, you can take a rest in this room for the time being.”

The butler was about to go out after saying this, but Gu Meng called out to him, “I can actually stay in the side hall. If Princess Dai Na or other members of the Royal family come next time and see that I am staying on the same floor with His Highness, it might not be that good.”

Before the butler could say anything, a cold voice sounded, “This is not something you need to consider.”

This damned girl, was she so anxious to stay away from him?

Ye Qing came in. Taking off his suit jacket, his fitted black shirt made him look tall and cold, and there was a layer of frost on his exquisite facial features. He raised his hand and the butler went out of the guest room.

Gu Meng did not know where she had offended him. The president’s daughter came out of the blue, was she wrong to say that she was his bodyguard? If not, was she supposed to tell the truth about how she was a birthing tool of the Third Prince?

Refusing to think further on why he was displeased, Gu Meng took her suitcase, went to the wardrobe and opened it. She wanted to hang her clothes in, but when she opened the wardrobe, it was already filled with women’s clothing.

If it wasn’t for the tags on them, she would have suspected that there was another woman staying in this room. As Gu Meng’s eyes swept over it, she saw there were clothes for all four seasons and even maternity clothes.

So, this was all for her?

If she were to leave her feelings aside and think about the benefits, it seemed like a good treatment to be able to give birth to the child of the Third Prince, receive wealth that could last her several lifetimes, getting to stay in the palace during her pregnancy and wear branded clothes.

But she was not happy because she did not want to be a tool to give birth to his child.

Closing her suitcase with a snap, Gu Meng entered the bathroom. From beginning to end, she only regarded the man who came in as transparent to her.

Ye Qing went to the bathroom door and looked at the woman who was washing her face with a dark expression. “You don’t have to follow Dai Na when she goes out later. Have a good rest here.”

Gu Meng looked at Ye Qing through the mirror. “Wouldn’t she be suspicious if I don’t go? I don’t want people to know about my relationship with you.”

At her response, Ye Qing’s lips pursed into a straight line. After washing her face, Gu Meng went downstairs first.

Gu Meng was following behind Ye Qing and Dai Na as a bodyguard.

Dai Na went to Xiao Yi’s branded shopping mall.

Women loved shopping and Dai Na, as a princess, was no exception. Ye Qing brought along two bodyguards. One was Ah Zhan, the other was Gu Meng.

After Ah Zhan’s hands were full with carrier bags, Gu Meng’s hands were also full.

Ye Qing glanced at Dai Na, who was still shopping, and said to Gu Meng who was behind him, “Put the things in the car and wait there.”

Gu Meng did not know what he was thinking. As a bodyguard, wasn’t it very suspicious if she went to put the things in the car and did not come back?

“Thank you for your concern, Your Highness. I can carry it.”

Ye Qing’s jaw clenched and he lowered his voice. “Gu Meng, if anything happens to the child, I won’t let you off.”

Gu Meng looked at the man’s dangerous eyes that were like whirlpools that wanted to suck her in and she smirked sarcastically. “Your Highness, as long as you don’t talk to me, the child and I will be fine.”

This girl! Her ability to anger people now was not small!

Dai Na came out after trying on clothes and seeing Ye Qing’s cold expression, she asked, “Brother Ye Qing, why are you not happy? Are you feeling tired shopping with me? How about we go and eat something?”

Ye QIng gave a cold hum in reply.

They dined at a restaurant with a retro European style furnishing which only received distinguished guests.

Ye Qing and Dai Na had their meal in a private room on the second floor. Perhaps the princess was happy, she had booked a seat in the hall on the first floor for Gu Meng and Ah Zhan to have dinner there.

Gu Meng was indeed hungry. Ah Zhan was a new bodyguard of Ye Qing and was good at fighting. He did not know about the relationship between Gu Meng and Ye Qing, and thought that Gu Meng was really Ye Qing’s bodyguard.

Ah Zhan was three years older than Gu Meng and was a sunny and talkative young man.

Knowing that Gu Meng won the top three in the bodyguard competition, he was full of admiration for her. “Few girls have such strong skills like you. On our next off day, shall we compare our moves?”

“You’re a good fighter, I’m definitely not your opponent.”

Ah Zhan was a straightforward person, and Gu Meng was charming and warm when she smiled. Ah Zhan then spoke to her more casually. “Can I call you Xiaomeng in the future? By the way, you don’t eat spicy food?”

Gu Meng could eat some spicy food before she was pregnant, but after getting pregnant, she preferred to have a bland diet. Faced with Ah Zhan’s question, she smiled and replied, “I’m not picky about food, but I can’t eat it if it’s too spicy.”

“What do you think of this dish?”

“It’s delicious.”

“I think so too,” Ah Zhan said and then pointed at Gu Meng’s chin. “You’ve got some sauce there.”

Gu Meng took a paper napkin to wipe it, but missed the spot. Seeing this, Ah Zhan took the napkin and wiped it for Gu Meng.

At the corridor on the second floor, Ye Qing, who had come out to smoke, happened to witness the scene.