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Chapter 1349: He Came Looking For Her

Ye Qing looked at Gu Meng with dark eyes.

She looked lost and from the back, she seemed to have lost some weight.

Ye Qing did not plan to greet her.

It had been nearly two months since he had returned to the Capital from the fishing village.

He had a lot of work matters to handle every day and Grandmother wanted him to get married quickly and intended for him to marry the daughter of the president of Y Country.

He grew up in the Royal family which had strict rules. The thoughts ingrained in him made him unable to marry a girl who did not match with his status. Although it was not that he had no feelings for Gu Meng. After all, he had even slept with her.

But liking her a little was not enough for him to go against his grandmother and the Royal family.

The drugstore was not far ahead after crossing the road.

Gu Meng also had to pass the drugstore when she returned to the apartment. She did not notice Ye Qing’s gaze and had her head lowered, looking troubled.

A little boy who was on a scooter, came down from the slope in front and lost his balance, shouting loudly, “The sister in front, move aside!”

Gu Meng looked up and dodged to the side when she saw the little boy who was going to run into her. But she accidentally bumped into the person behind and her bag fell to the ground.

“Sister, I’m sorry.” The little boy apologized to Gu Meng after he steadied himself.

Gu Meng shook her head and said with a smile, “It’s okay. You should be careful next time. You might hurt yourself when you fall.”

“I will.”

After the little boy left, Gu Meng bent down and picked up the bag that had dropped to the ground.

She did not notice that a small piece of paper had dropped out from the bag and left after picking up her bag.

Ye Qing saw Gu Meng’s figure disappear from his sight. He wanted to go into the drugstore, but when he saw the paper that was blown up by the wind, he walked over to it.

Bending down, he picked up the paper.

Pregnancy examination report?

Ye Qing’s dark pupils constricted and he looked up at where Gu Meng had gone.

She was pregnant?

Mu Sihan saw that Ye Qing had gone for nearly an hour to buy medicine. “Brother, what’s wrong? You don’t look so good.”

Ye Qing gave the stomach medicine to Mu Sihan, poured a cup of water and after telling him how to take the medicine, he sat on the sofa and smoked a cigarette.

In the white smoke, his handsome face seemed to be hidden. Mu Sihan took the medicine and stood in front of Ye Qing, who was puffing away and seemed preoccupied. “What are you thinking about?”

“There’s something I have to confirm.” Ye Qing stubbed out his cigarette and his tall body stood up from the sofa. “I might be back late.”

Ye Qing walked out of the presidential suite.

The bodyguards wanted to follow Ye Qing. Ye Qing raised his hand and did not let them follow him, only taking his assistant.

“Check where Gu Meng is staying. I want to know the exact location within half an hour.”

The assistant nodded. “Yes, Your Highness.”

Half an hour later.

The assistant found the address where Gu Meng was staying. Ye Qing was in the car and ordered, “Take me there.”

Gu Meng returned to the apartment and for some reason, her right eyelid kept twitching nonstop. Although she was not superstitious, she felt that something bad would happen.

But, what would be worse than Xiao Xi and her sister dying in the fire! Even though it had been several days, Gu Meng still felt like it was a nightmare.

Perhaps, everything would start over when she woke up. Maybe it was just a horrible nightmare.

Sitting on the sofa, Gu Meng touched her abdomen with one hand and held her phone with the other, looking at the chat records of her and Cen Xi from a few days ago.

Xiao Xi said that when her baby was born, she would be the baby’s godmother…

Gu Meng’s eyes filled with tears again and she blinked, the hot tears falling onto the phone screen.


The doorbell rang suddenly.

Gu Meng regained her senses from her sad thoughts. She did not have any friends in Wen City and the person who usually came to her apartment was her grumpy boss, Young Master Fu.

But he actually cared for her. When he learned that she was pregnant, he would bring a bag of fruits and supplements every time he came. He was a typical example of a person whose bark was worse than his bite.

Gu Meng wiped away the tears on her face and went to the door, opening it. “Brother Fu, I will get back on my feet and work hard from tomorrow onwards…”

Before she could finish, Gu Meng was stunned when she saw that the figure at the door was not Fu Cheng, but the man she thought she would never see again in this life.

The man was dressed in a tailored suit, his hair combed neatly and he looked at her with his eyes slightly narrowed. His posture was straight and cold, and a noble air emanated from his body.

Swallowing thickly, Gu Meng looked at the man’s handsome face and she did not have time to feel the thoughts running rampant in her heart. She only thought that it was unusual and she was on guard and alert. “Mr Ye, why are you here?”

Seeing him again, she did not have the shyness and admiration she used to have. Her eyes were distant and alert, as though he was a stranger.

Ye Qing looked at Gu Meng with unreadable eyes and his cold face was full of emotions that she could not understand. He did not beat around the bush and said, “You dropped this.”

He handed the examination report to her.

As he handed it over, he stared fixedly at her with her slender, dark eyes, not wanting to miss any expression on her face.

Gu Meng took the paper and seeing that it was the pregnancy examination report from when she was hospitalized, her heart tightened.

“Show me your medical record.” His expression was serious and his eyes were sharp, not allowing her to say anything.

Taking a deep breath, Gu Meng clenched the paper in her fist and raised her head to look at Ye Qing. “Mr Ye, my medical record is my privacy. Although you are a noble prince, you can’t invade my privacy.”

Ye Qing furrowed his eyebrows. He did not expect Gu Meng to speak to him in this tone.

“Is the child mine?” Although he was asking her, his tone was apparent.

Gu Meng unconsciously denied it. “It’s not.”

How could there be such a coincidence? Were the heavens against her? Of all people and in Wen City, why was he the one who had picked up her examination report?

She only knew that she could not let him know that she was pregnant with his child. With his character, he would definitely not let her have the baby.

The report did not show how long Gu Meng was pregnant so Ye Qing did not know the specific date of conception. But she could not have slept with another man in such a short period of time and become pregnant with another man’s child, right?

It was not like he did not know how much she had liked her Brother Ah Dai.

Ye Qing pursed his lips and his tall and cold body was like a mountain standing at the door, blocking the light from Gu Meng and casting a shadow over her with a strong sense of oppression.

“Gu Meng, I hope you can tell the truth. If I check with the hospital, it will only take half an hour’s time.” His tone was calm, but in the calmness, there was a cold oppression that was distant and foreboding.

They had already had the most intimate relationship before, but now, they were just like strangers.