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Chapter 1348: Meeting Her Again

The atmosphere in the room froze for a moment.

The woman who was interrupted saw Qiao Yanze’s frosty expression and her pupils constricted.

She did not know what she had said wrongly!

Tang Xi found that something was wrong. He ordered the waiter to bring the first aid kit over and then looked at Qiao Yanze whose expression was not looking good. “Third Brother, what’s wrong?”

Qiao Yanze ignored Tang Xi and his eyes that were as dark as ink, slowly fell on that woman’s pale face as he said, “What did you say?”

The waiter brought the first aid kit over. Tang Xi wanted to take out the glass shards for Qiao Yanze, but Qiao Yanze waved away the first aid kit and it fell to the ground. Standing up from the sofa, he looked at the woman with red-rimmed eyes. “Say it again, where was the fire?”

The woman was frightened by Qiao Yanze’s dark and frosty expression and repeated what she knew.

When Qiao Yanze heard that there was a fire in the guesthouse near the horse ranch, the blood in his body seemed to have stopped flowing, there was a pain in his stomach and his heart was beating wildly.

The usual smile on Tang Xi’s face disappeared when he saw Qiao Yanze’s tensed expression and red eyes. He asked with a frown, “Third Brother, what happened?”

“Cen Xi might be the person staying in the guesthouse.”

Tang Xi’s eyes widened. “What?”

Tang Xi accompanied Qiao Yanze to the police station. Soon, Qiao Yanze learned that the guest house on fire was actually the one that Cen Xi and her sister had rented.

The guesthouse had been burned down. The police found bodies in it, but they were all blown up to pieces and burned beyond recognition so they could not tell whether it was several people, man or woman. They were now still trying to investigate the case.

Because of the fear of causing public panic, the case had not been released to the public yet and few people knew about it.

“Oh, by the way, we found this necklace where the fire broke out.”

The police handed a necklace that was burned black to Qiao Yanze. Qiao Yanze recognized it at one glance that it looked exactly like the necklace Cen Xi wore. It should be Xiao Ying’s.

Closing his red eyes, a curve appeared on Qiao Yanze’s lips that people could not understand.

They came out of the police station. Tang Xi was driving and he looked at the silent man in the front passenger’s seat. “Third Brother, the dead can’t be brought back to life. Since you have decided to marry Ji Wei, you should forget about Cen Xi!”

Qiao Yanze’s lips pursed into a straight line and he said nothing.

“Do you want me to take you back or you want to go for drinks?”

“Go to the outskirts.”

“Third Brother!”

“I want to take a look.”

Tang Xi sighed and drove to the outskirts.

Qiao Yanze got out of the car and looked at the guesthouse that was burned beyond recognition. A cordon was placed around it and there was an unpleasant smell in the air.

Qiao Yanze stepped over the cordon and went in.

Tang Xi followed Qiao Yanze. There were no lamps around and it was dark and at night it seemed ominous and foreboding.

The house had been burned to ruins.

Qiao Yanze circled around the house and he seemed to smell gasoline.

Somebody had set fire to the house.

Someone wanted Cen Xi and Xiao Ying dead.

Qiao Yanze stood in front of the ruins, his heart feeling like it was being held tightly by an invisible hand which was making him feel so miserable. He clearly hated Xiao Ying and Cen Xi to the core and wanted them to disappear from his sight.

But now that they had really disappeared, his heart felt suffocated and was in pain.

Tang Xi was worried about Qiao Yanze. He walked over and a strong gust of wind blew. He shivered and rubbed his arms, saying nervously, “Third Brother, let’s go!”

Qiao Yanze’s face was still tense and gloomy. He seemed to have not heard Tang Xi’s words and his consciousness had drifted away. He looked at Tang Xi, whose mouth was opening and closing, in a daze and there was a buzz in his ear, as if he could not hear anything.

After some time, Tang Xi could not help breaking the silence when he saw Qiao Yanze was as motionless as a sculpture. “Third Brother, let’s go. The house is burned so badly, there’s no way she could have survived.”

“No!” Qiao Yanze shouted angrily and grabbed Tang Xi’s collar suddenly. His expression was ferocious and his eyes were fierce as he snapped, “She won’t be dead! The police also said that they couldn’t identify if the body was a man or woman…”

His voice became more hoarse as he spoke. The police also said that they found that the door and windows were sealed from the outside and that it was impossible for the people inside to escape.

The fire must have been very big at that time to have burned the house to ruins. The sisters in fact, had a very small chance of surviving.

Gu Meng, who was in Wen City, was unable to get through Cen Xi’s phone for two days. A few days before, Gu Meng had learned from Cen Xi that she had found her sister.

When she heard the news, Gu Meng was happy for Cen Xi. After all, there were no family around Cen Xi and being able to find her sister, she would be happier with family by her side. Although Cen Xi was younger than her, she was considerate and kind.

Afraid that she would be lonely in Wen City, Cen Xi would video call her almost every day and sent her small gifts from time to time.

It was rare for Cen Xi to not have contacted her for two days.

The more Gu Meng thought about it, the more worried she was. She asked her boss, Young Master Fu for a day off and took a flight to the Capital.

She had promised Ye Qing that she would not appear in the Capital anymore. After getting off the plane, she took a taxi directly to the district where Cen Xi had rented her house.

Cen Xi had told her the address before, but when she arrived there, she found that the house had been burned into a pile of ruins.

Gu Meng asked around the nearby residents and learned that there was a fire in the middle of the night two days ago. Both sisters in the house were killed in the fire. Gu Meng’s face paled and she almost fell to the ground.

Xiao Xi and her sister were killed in the fire?

No, impossible!

Gu Meng went to the police station, but the police refused to disclose anything about the fire in the guesthouse. Gu Meng had no choice but to call her boss, Young Master Fu.

Young Master Fu was a jewelry tycoon and had certain connections in the Capital. Half an hour later, he called Gu Meng.

Cen Xi and her sister really had died in the fire.

Hearing those words, Gu Meng almost fainted.

Back in Wen City, Gu Meng was weak and stayed in the hospital for several days.

No… She could not believe that Cen Xi was really dead. How could the person who video called and texted her every day leave without saying a word?

Xiao Xi had told her that she and her sister were going abroad, but she would still keep in contact with her.

How could she be gone?

Gu Meng’s eyes were swollen and puffy from crying. Seeing that Gu Meng was not in the mood to go to work and that she was even hospitalized, Fu Cheng went to the hospital and scolded her.

Soon after, Gu Meng then managed to get her spirits up and proceeded to get discharged.

Ye Qing accompanied Mu Sihan to Wen City for inspection and after two days of work, Mu Sihan’s stomach was not feeling well and Ye Qing went to the drugstore to buy medicine for him.

The tall figure in a dashing black suit, looked handsome, outstanding and full of masculine charm. In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, he went out wearing a mask.

Coming out of the hotel, he walked to a traffic intersection. When he was crossing the road, he coincidentally caught a glimpse of Gu Meng.

Although Gu Meng was walking close to a group of people, as he was tall, he saw her with a single glance.