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Chapter 1347: The Fire Took Away The Sisters

Cen Xi hit her head on the ground and was dizzy, a sharp ringing in her ears. After she recovered from it, she looked at Xiao Ying who was beside her. “Sister, are you okay?”

Xiao Ying said nothing.


Xiao Ying’s weak voice sounded. “Xiao Xi, i-it hurts…”

“Sister, we have to leave, now.” Cen Xi helped Xiao Ying up and they limped downstairs.

When they were downstairs, Cen Xi found that the doors and windows were all blocked from the outside. They could not get out at all.

There was a smell of gasoline in the air.

Someone had lit a fire outside. The house was burning fast, the flames leaping to the sky and the sisters were trapped in the fire.

Cen Xi took Xiao Ying upstairs again, but Xiao Ying fainted halfway up the stairs. Cen Xi’s figure was slim and she fell after carrying Xiao Ying and walking a few steps.

The sky was ablaze with fire and it shone on Cen Xi’a pale face. Her eyes were red and the vein on her forehead was protruding out.

She half carried and supported Xiao Ying, walking two steps forward, but she was unstable on her feet and they rolled down the stairs together.

Sh*t! Cen Xi sprained her foot. She felt that she was at the end of her life as she sat in the burning house with Xiao Ying in her arms.

She could perhaps escape by herself, but she could not leave her sister behind.

As Cen Xi held Xiao Ying tightly, her tears fell on Xiao Ying’s face.

“Sister, are we paying off what we owe the Qiao family this time?” In the face of death, Cen Xi was not afraid. She was more disappointed than frightened and flustered.

Qiao Yanze went back on his words and used such a cruel way to end their lives. By doing this, he might as well have just shot her and her sister dead that day!

He had given her hope and let her down again, driving her to hell completely!

Perhaps not all the blame was on him, she was too naive! She even believed that he had given them a way out!

The red flames shone on Cen Xi’s pale and hopeless face. Lifting the corner of her lips, she slowly closed her eyes that were sparkling with tears.

Boom! There was a sudden rumble of thunder in the sky and a gust of wind blew in through the window that was not closed tightly, making the curtains flutter with the wind.

Qiao Yanze suddenly woke up from his nightmare.

Opening his eyes, he looked at the ceiling above his head, feeling dazed and weightless for a moment.

Thinking about the dream he had just had, his chest felt suffocated. In the dream, Cen Xi had appeared at his wedding with Ji Wei and asked him not to get married. He asked her to get out of his sight and she took a bottle of poison and drank it.

She had died at his wedding.

She had died.

Thinking of the image of her falling to the ground with blood at the corner of her lips, Qiao Yanze was so depressed that he could not breathe.

His phone rang.

Qiao Yanze looked at the caller ID and swiped the screen to answer. Tang Xi’s unhappy voice sounded from the other end of the line. “Third Brother, what are you busy with recently? Us brothers have called you so many times to come out but you don’t come. You have to come tonight no matter what!”

Throwing off the blanket, Qiao Yanze got out of bed. As he pulled the curtains apart, his gaze fell onto the place where the taxi had stopped last night. How could he not have noticed that the taxi had been following his car!

“Third Brother, are you coming or not? Don’t just stay silent, say something!”

Qiao Yanze raised his hand and pinched his nose bridge, saying with a hoarse voice, “Did something good happen?”

“Third Brother, you’re amazing. You can tell that something good happened to me? I have a new girlfriend recently, she is good-looking and has a super hot figure. I wanted to bring her out to let you get to know her!”

“You’re not sleeping with your goddess already?”

“That woman costs one hundred million dollars for one night, I can’t afford it.”

Qiao Yanze smirked. “Decide on a place and send me the address.”


After ending the call, Qiao Yanze heard a knock at the door. Turning around, he saw Ji Wei standing at the door.

Ji Wei slept in the guest room of the villa last night. Last night, when she held him from behind to bring their relationship closer, he had pulled her hands away.

He felt sympathy, pity and guilt, but no love or desire towards her.

Perhaps because he had just ended his relationship with Cen Xi, he had no interest in any woman!

“Yanze, breakfast is ready.”

Qiao Yanze gave a low hum. “I’ll go wash up and change.”

In the dining room.

Ji Wei asked the servant to leave and she put the breakfast on the table. After a while, Qiao Yanze came down from upstairs.

Qiao Yanze was dressed casually today. He wore a thin V-necked sweater that was simple, comfortable and elegant.

During breakfast, Ji Wei said, “Yanze, what my father meant was that we get engaged first and then choose a good day to get married.”

Ji Hong did not want Ji Wei to get married in a hurry. The wedding needed time to prepare and it was most appropriate to get engaged first.

Qiao Yanze was a little distracted and he nodded. “I’m fine with it.”

Ji Wei looked at his cold expression and she felt lost and sad. Perhaps, people were greedy. She knew she was going to become his wife, but deep down, she wasn’t satisfied. She also wanted to get his heart.

Seeing him being decadent and lonely for another woman, she felt extremely uncomfortable.

But she also knew that it was not a matter of a day or two to let him fall in love with her. He was a responsible person and she believed that he would treat her wholeheartedly after marriage.

At night.

In a high-end clubhouse.

Qiao Yanze had arrived at the private room reserved by Tang Xi. There were seven to eight people sitting inside, all of whom had a good relationship with him usually.

Most of the young men had brought along their female companions.

Tang Xi was sitting on the sofa flirting with his new girlfriend. When he saw Qiao Yanze coming, he put his arm around her waist and stood up from the sofa.

After doing the introductions, Tang Xi took Qiao Yanze to play billiards. Pointing his chin at the woman on the sofa, Tang Xi said, “Third Brother, what do you think? My new girlfriend’s not bad, huh?”

Qiao Yanze lifted his eyebrows. “Isn’t she a copy of your goddess?”

“She just looks similar. My new girlfriend is much more obedient.”

Qiao Yanze hummed and said nothing else.

“Third Brother, how are things going with Miss Cen recently?”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes darkened. “Don’t mention her. I’m together with Ji Wei.”

Tang Xi was speechless. Oh my god, when was this? Why didn’t he know it?

Though Tang Xi wanted to find out more, Qiao Yanze refused to say anything more so he did not ask him again.

After playing billiard for a while, Tang Xi and Qiao Yanze returned to the sofa.

Tang Xi’s new girlfriend was chatting with a young man’s female companion. “Yingying, I heard that your uncle is the owner of a horse ranch in the outskirts?”

Tang Xi’s girlfriend nodded.

“I heard that a guesthouse near the horse ranch caught fire last night. It was totally destroyed. It seemed that a body that was blown up was found. It was so horrifying that the police couldn’t tell whether it was a man or a woman who had died…”

Before the woman could finish speaking, there was a bang.

Qiao Yanze, who was about to drink his wine, crushed the wine glass in his hand. The glass shards pierced his palm and blood was flowing out, but the man did not seem to feel anything at all.