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Chapter 1346: Attack

Cen Xi turned on the tap and splashed cold water on her face.

In her heart, she felt really miserable… Even taking such a simple breath would make her feel so terrible that she could not breathe.

But she understood that reality could not be changed. He did not kill her sister on the spot but gave them a way out.

Cen Xi returned to the office, collected her things and left. Getting into a taxi, Cen Xi said out an address in a daze.

After a while, the driver’s voice said, “Miss, we’re here.”

Cen Xi blinked her long eyelashes that were wet with tears. Tilting her head, she looked out of the window at the office building outside.

Was this address she had given to the driver?

“I’m not getting off now. Stop here and I’ll pay you any amount you want.”

The driver took a look at Cen Xi and seeing her haggard expression and red eyes, he did not ask anymore questions.

Half an hour later.

Cen Xi saw a tall figure coming out of the building, and with him was Ji Wei.

Ji Wei was able to walk already and was wearing a long red dress, with exquisite makeup on her face. She was holding Qiao Yanze’s arm, talking while they walked and they looked to be very close.

They got into Qiao Yanze’s Bentley.

Cen Xi asked the driver to follow the Bentley.

She did not know why she was doing this. Perhaps she would give up completely after she was hurt deeply!

Qiao Yanze’s car drove to a Western restaurant. He opened the door for Ji Wei in a gentlemanly way and they entered the restaurant side by side. They sat by the window and when the steak was served, he cut it and put it on Ji Wei’s plate.

Blank eyes saw Qiao Yanze say something and Ji Wei’s red lips lifted into a smile. The two of them seemed to get along in perfect harmony.

Cen Xi looked at them and the strength in her body seemed to be sucked away. Digging her fingers into her palms, deep red marks appeared on her skin, but she did not feel any pain.

How could she not understand that on that day when he and Ji Wei appeared riding horses at her rented house, it was Ji Wei who deliberately took him there!

Ji Wei had discovered her and her sister’s existence first. With Qiao Yanze’s intelligence, he should know that, but he had still gotten together with Ji Wei. He wanted to tell her that anyone could be with him, but only she could not.

After their meal, the two of them went back to the car. The driver looked at Cen Xi, who was in a daze and saw a trace of foreboding. He sighed and asked, “Miss, do you still want me to follow them?”

Cen Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, forcing back the tears that were about to fall and said in a hoarse voice, “Yes.”

The Bentley drove to that villa Qiao Yanze had bought. Cen Xi had once stayed with him for several days and they had sweet memories there.

Before long, Cen Xi saw the light in the master bedroom on the second floor. Qiao Yanze went to the window and drew the curtain. A delicate and slender figure came from behind him, reaching out her hands to hold him.

The man did not push her away.

Cen Xi bit her lip hard and did not dare to look. Turning around, she quickly got into the taxi.

“Let’s go!”

Hot tears fell onto the back of her hand. She felt like her chest was being held tightly by an invisible hand and it felt extremely terrible.

The car drove to the suburbs and when they passed by the bustling city, Cen Xi had finally stopped crying.

Although it was a painful process to forget him, she would start a new life after this suffering.

Back at the rented house.

Xiao Ying looked at Cen Xi’s red and swollen eyes as if she had cried and she held her hand, asking with concern, “Xiao Xi, why did you cry?”

After her operation in the private clinic that day, Xiao Ying had been resting at home to recover. Cen Xi had taken good care of her and her chest injury was much better.

“We’re leaving tomorrow and I just feel a little reluctant.”

Xiao Ying held Cen Xi’s face and looked confused. “Can we not leave? Is Young Master still going to hit us?”

Cen Xi shook her head. “No.” Not wanting to mention Qiao Yanze anymore, Cen Xi sniffed and said to Xiao Ying with a smile, “Sister, let’s pack our luggage!”

“Okay, I’ll learn how to fold clothes from Xiao Xi.”

After the sisters had packed their bags, Cen Xi went to the kitchen to cook dinner. After eating, they took a walk in the yard and then went back to their room to sleep.

Recently, Cen Xi had been sleeping with Xiao Ying. Xiao Ying sometimes had nightmares and without Cen Xi beside her, she would cry for a long time after the nightmares.

After Xiao Ying fell asleep, Cen Xi opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep.

It was almost midnight before she finally fell into a restless slumber. She did not sleep well and kept having strange dreams.

After some time, she was being shook gently.

Cen Xi opened her eyes.

Her sister’s voice sounded. “Xiao Xi, I think I heard something outside.”

What was it? Cen Xi pricked up her ears and she did hear something outside.

“Sister, get up quickly.”

Cen Xi put two pillows under the blanket and covered it properly. Picking up her crossbow and arrow, she pulled Xiao Ying to hide.

After a while, the bedroom door was pushed open.

A dark figure shot in.

The dark figure quickly walked to the bedside, pulled out a sharp dagger from his waist and stabbed at the blanket several times.

“Xiao Xi, h-he wants to kill us…” Xiao Ying held Cen Xi’s arms nervously, her body coming close to Cen Xi, but she did not notice what was under her feet and there was a crisp sound as she stepped on something.

Hearing the movement, the dark figure who had stabbed at the blanket walked over to the place where Cen Xi and Xiao Ying were hiding.

A chill ran up Cen Xi’s spine.

Picking up the crossbow, she aimed at the wrist of the man in black. With a whoosh, the arrow hit the wrist of the dark figure accurately and the dagger fell to the ground.

The dark figure crouched down and wanted to pick up the dagger with his other hand, but Cen Xi stepped out quickly and aimed the arrow at the dark figure’s heart. “Don’t move, or you’re dead!”

The dark figure remained unmoved, his body still bent. Cen Xi shot two arrows to the figure’s leg.

The dark figure fell to his knees. Cen Xi went over and picked up the dagger.

“Speak, who sent you?” Cen Xi’s expression was cold and guarded.

“Don’t you sisters know who wants to kill you?” The dark figure replied coldly.

Cen Xi’s slender body took two steps back.

Was it Qiao Yanze?

He had sent an assassin to kill them?

“Young Master Qiao asked you not to appear in front of him and you should know clearly in your heart what you did today. You should take responsibility and prepare yourselves to see Hades!”

The man in black pressed his wrist and Cen Xi, sensing danger, pulled Xiao Ying and ran to the door quickly.

They had just run to the door whenーBang!

Cen Xi and Xiao Ying were thrown back by the huge force of gunpowder and they fell to the ground.