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Chapter 1344: Not Allowed to Appear In Front of Him Again

Back then, she acted like an innocent rabbit and made him think that she was innocent and nice. In the end, what did she do to him?

Her family background was fake and their first meeting to make him save her was a trap that she had planned carefully.

She returned to the Qiao family with him, willing to be a small maid and accompanied him without asking for any payment. She took care of his everything carefully. But it was all fake.

When the Qiao family got into trouble and he was arrested by the international police, he didn’t get to see her for the last time. Zhizhi said that she had committed suicide, that the queen had asked to throw her body into the unmarked common grave, so he thought she was dead.

But now, what did he see?

She was still standing here perfectly fine! How dare she even call him Young Master!

Qiao Yanze clenched his fists tightly, the veins on the back of his hands popping. His eyes turned completely red, like a wild beast that was about to flare out and swallow its prey.

He exuded a cold and serious sharpness from head to toe!

Seeing Qiao Yanze’s murderous expression, Cen Xi’s expression was completely ashen as she spoke trembling, “Young Master Qiao, Sister has a blood clot in her mind, so she’s not normal right nowー”

Before she finished speaking, Qiao Yanze’s emotionless voice interrupted her, “So, you didn’t go to Feng City to find me. You really went to find a relative, and that relative is your sister.”

At the thought that he went to Feng City’s hotel to find her that night in order to meet her, Qiao Yanze’s heart turned cold.

He was probably a fool to these two sisters!

His family was ruined by the older sister, yet he had a great interest in the younger sister. He even thought of forgetting about what happened before and let her be his as long as she wanted it.

But what about them?

One had faked her death.

One had lied to him, again and again.

Throughout the last few days, he was even ill-tempered and frustrated from her not answering his calls and replying his messages.

If her sister didn’t have a blood clot in her mind and needed to be treated in the Royal Hospital, they probably wouldn’t even remain in the Capital!

Qiao Yanze’s eyes turned even redder as his expression darkened even more. He gritted his teeth loudly. “Cen Xi, come here. Cut ties with your sister and I can forgive you for your lies.”

Ji Wei, who was outside the courtyard, widened her eyes in disbelief after hearing Qiao Yanze’s words.

With Xiao Ying still alive, as her younger sister, Cen Xi was equally as guilty to the Qiao family. How could he act like nothing had happened and accept Cen Xi once more?

Ji Wei stared at Cen Xi nervously, worried that she would really throw Xiao Ying away and go to Qiao Yanze for love.

However, it was fortunate that Cen Xi didn’t disappoint her…

“Young Master Qiao, Sister is the Qiao family’s sinner, but she’s my older sister as well. I cannot cut ties with her.”

Qiao Yanze smirked coldly as he stared at Cen Xi with sharp eyes that were void of any temperature. “You’ve made a decision already, haven’t you? If you want to continue protecting Xiao Ying, we can only be enemies!”

Cen Xi understood what he meant. If she cut ties with her sister, he would let her go, but he would never let Sister go. If she didn’t cut ties, he wouldn’t let her go either!

Cen Xi knew that they had to repay them with their lives for killing. What her sister did back then was indeed too much. If he wanted them to pay with their lives, she would have no objections.

“Young Master Qiao, if you want to take revenge, I will let you do anything, even if it’s to kill us!”

Qiao Yanze’s handsome features were covered in cold and dark frost. “Cen Xi, don’t think that I wouldn’t dare to do anything. Today, no matter what, I will end your sister’s life personally. She made my life miserable back then. At first, I wanted to let her try being tortured by the drug addiction, but merely looking at her feels like I’ve dirtied my eyes. I will let her die quickly!”

Cen Xi’s eyes were covered with a layer of mist as she stood in front of Cen Xi. Her lips trembled slightly. “Hit me first. I want to accompany Sister even on our way to the afterlife!”

Qiao Yanze’s voice was cold. “Cen Xi, I’ve given you a choice. Since you’re not willing to cut ties with Xiao Ying, don’t blame me!”

Qiao Yanze tightened his grip.

“Young Master, don’t hit my sister…” Xiao Ying pushed Cen Xi away, spreading her arms to stand in front of Cen Xi. “Sister cannot die…”

Seeing a tear slip from Xiao Ying’s eyes, Qiao Yanze’s eyes were completely void of temperature. “Do you think you can escape this just by acting stupid? Xiao Ying, you should have died long ago!”

Qiao Yanze was covered with a murderous intent. The moment he saw Xiao Ying alive, all of the bloody scars from the past were torn apart. He couldn’t control his own emotions as only deep hatred spread within him!

Seeing Xiao Ying stand in front of her, Cen Xi wanted to pull her away.

Although Xiao Ying’s mind wasn’t normal, she still knew danger. She could never let Xiao Xi get injured.

Just as Xiao Ying pushed Cen Xi away, Cen Xi glanced back at Qiao Yanze. He didn’t hesitate at all as he moved with a frosted expression, the gun lifting from his hand.


Blood flowed out and Xiao Ying was shot in the heart. Seeing Xiao Ying fall on the floor, Cen Xi’s eyes constricted rapidly.

The tears circling in her eyes fell like beads of a snapped pearl necklace. She grabbed Xiao Ying hurriedly as her blood froze, her body trembling all over.


Seeing Cen Xi’s tears, Xiao Ying pouted. “It was done by Young Master… it doesn’t hurt. Xiao Xi, don’t cry…”

Cen Xi bit her lip hard, tasting blood as she glanced at the man standing in the courtyard with a teary vision. She said with a hoarse and trembling voice, “Young Master Qiao, please kill me too!”

Qiao Yanze’s red eyes were moist as well. His handsome jaw was tense as he looked extremely cold. “I won’t kill you. But Cen Xi, from this moment on, take your sister and get the hell out of my sight!”

He seemed to have used all of his energy as every word seemed to bleed from his heart. “Not only that, the both of you are not allowed to step into the Capital again! If not, I won’t hold back again next time! Scram!”

He looked away as he turned around, got on the horse and rode away.

Ji Wei stared at the sisters in the courtyard and then at Qiao Yanze, who was almost disappearing. She held onto the pain at her leg and got on the small red horse, before she chased after Qiao Yanze.

In the courtyard.

Cen Xi glanced at Xiao Ying, who was in her arms. When she realized that she hadn’t been shot in her heart, but just to the right of it, disbelief flashed in her eyes.

It wasn’t a fatal wound. Qiao Yanze actually didn’t shoot her sister’s heart?

He let her live…