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Chapter 1343: A Surprise Meeting!

Today’s weather was exceptionally good, looking bright and cheery. The countryside ranch was covered with green pastures, flowers blooming all over as they swayed with the wind, spreading their fragrances.

Qiao Yanze and Ji Wei arrived at the ranch. Qiao Yanze chose an expensive red horse, which was a pure-blooded Britain Blood Horse. “Its fur and physique is pretty good.” Qiao Yanze then glanced at the horse’s hooves. “Its four hooves are strong as well.”

However, no matter how good the horse was, one had to ride it to see if the horse was easy and agile to ride with.

Seeing that Qiao Yanze was going to try the horse, Ji Wei also chose a smaller red horse. Seeing this, Qiao Yanze immediately furrowed his eyebrows. “Ji Wei, your leg isn’t healed yet. It’s too dangerous to ride a horse.”

“The trainer said that this small horse is warm and friendly and that there shouldn’t be a problem.” Ji Wei looked up at the clear skies. “It’s been a really long time since I rode a horse, I can’t hold myself back.”

Seeing Ji Wei insist on it, Qiao Yanze couldn’t say anything otherwise either.

After the trainer helped Ji Wei on the horse, Qiao Yanze got on the horse he had chosen as well. His horseback-riding posture was comfortable and elegant, as if he was born to be a rider. As he sat high up on the horse, it made others respect and admire him.

Qiao Yanze rode one round with the horse. Just as he was about to ride to the other areas of the outskirts, Ji Wei suddenly cried out in surprise. Looking up at her, all he saw was that the little red horse she was riding seemed to have been agitated and started to run rapidly.

“Yanze, I don’t know what happened. S-Save me!”

Qiao Yanze’s breath caught in his chest as he cried out once and the big red horse he was riding chased after where Ji Wei had disappeared towards.

In the small rented house in the countryside.

Cen Xi was boiling the medicine for Xiao Ying in the kitchen, while Xiao Ying was plucking wild flowers in the courtyard outside. Xiao Xi liked to decorate the home and make it look pretty. After she plucked the flowers, Xiao Xi would put them in a vase.

There were red, yellow, white… Xiao Ying plucked a bouquet of flowers, before she saw a pretty butterfly and she started to chase after the butterfly giggling.

Sounds of a horse galloping towards her rung out, but Xiao Ying didn’t notice it at all. All of her attention was on that butterfly.

“M-Make way! Move away quickly!”

Hearing the noise outside, Cen Xi instantly ran out. Seeing that a woman riding a horse was about to bump into her sister, she hurriedly rant towards her sister. Just as the horse was about to hit them, she hugged her sister and rolled on the floor twice.

Ji Wei also fell from the horse and rolled towards the field by the road.

Cen Xi helped Xiao Ying up and instantly walked towards Ji Wei, who had fallen on the floor. Ji Wei was wearing a beret, so Cen Xi didn’t realize who it was.

Just as she was about to bend down and help Ji Wei up, a man’s voice rang behind them. “Ji Wei, are you alright?!”

Cen Xi’s heart tightened as she froze.

She had actually heard Qiao Yanze’s voice.

Cen Xi didn’t dare turn back. She didn’t help Ji Wei up either and she hurriedly walked towards Xiao Ying and said with panic, “Sister, let’s go back in quickly!”

“My flowers.” Xiao Ying pointed at the bouquet of flowers lying not too far from them.

Cen Xi’s mind turned blank as her heart started to thump faster. She only wanted to bring her Sister back into the house quickly, not wanting Qiao Yanze to see them.

“I don’t want it anymore. Let’s go, Sister.” Cen Xi’s clenched fists were terribly tense. Her knuckles had turned white from how hard she gripped them, looking as if they were about to break.

She didn’t even have the time to think about what Qiao Yanze would appear here. Her mind had been filled with her sister’s condition in the last few days. She hadn’t thought about how to tell him the news yet.

This meeting was unexpected and too sudden.

Qiao Yanze jumped off the horse and helped Ji Wei up.

“Did you injure yourself? How’s your leg?”

After falling into the field, Ji Wei had only injured her wound a little more and everywhere else was alright.

She shook her head. “I’m alright. But I almost knocked into that lady earlier. I should go and apologize.”

Looking at where Ji Wei was pointing at, Qiao Yanze saw two girls walk into a house hurriedly.

And their backs…

Qiao Yanze’s eyes constricted as emotions overwhelmed him.

Seeing Qiao Yanze’s expression suddenly darkened, Ji Wei said carefully, “Yanze, what’s wrong?”

Qiao Yanze let go of Ji Wei and took a few steps forward. His lips moved as he shouted out loud, “Stop there!” His vast anger was so strong that Cen Xi and Xiao Ying, who were already at the door, were shocked.

Xiao Ying wanted to turn back, but Cen Xi grabbed her tightly.

After hearing his angry shout, Cen Xi’s mind went blank as a sharp buzz rang in her ears. The nervousness and uneasiness in her grew stronger and stronger.

She didn’t dare to stop. She didn’t dare to turn and face him even more.

Cen Xi continued to lead Xiao Ying forward.

Seeing the two women continue walking, Qiao Yanze’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly together. His eyes were dark like ink, so dark that it made others’ hearts shake. “I told the two of you to stop there. Did you not hear me?” With that, he added, “Cen Xi!”

Hearing him call her name, Cen Xi’s slender legs went weak.

Wanting to hide didn’t seem realistic anymore.

“Sister, stand here and don’t look back.” Cen Xi instructed softly.

Seeming to sense danger, Xiao Ying grabbed Cen Xi’s hand. “Xiao Xi, Sister will protect you.”

“Sister, listen to Xiao Xi.”

Seeing Cen Xi’s red eyes, Xiao Ying nodded, looking obediently. “Sister will listen to Xiao Xi. Don’t cry, Xiao Xi.”

Cen Xi took a deep breath and turned around slowly.

Meeting Qiao Yanze’s cold eyes, her heart seemed to stop beating.

Her fingernails sunk deep into her palms.

In the quiet and broad courtyard, the two of them stared at each other for a very long time, until Qiao Yanze finally walked into the courtyard.

His eyes moved from Cen Xi’s face to the figure that was facing him with her back.

The temperature in his eyes fell to freezing point.

“Cen Xi, who is she?” Every of his words seemed to emit from his throat. It was extremely stiff and cold.

A cold chill ran down Cen Xi’s spine. Her palms were covered in sweat as she opened her mouth. She wanted to say that the woman was her relative, but it was merely an obvious lie if she said it like that.

Qiao Yanze’s eyes on her sister’s back already said everything.

He had recognized her.

Seeing Cen Xi remain silent, Qiao Yanze’s expression was terribly cold and dark. “Speak!”

Cen Xi opened her mouth, but a sharp thorn seemed to have grown in her throat and she couldn’t say anything at all.

Sensing Cen Xi’s fear, Xiao Ying’s facial features crumpled together as she turned around and glanced towards Qiao Yanze. “Big bad guy, don’t bully Xiao Xiー”

Before Xiao Ying could finish, her eyes widened at Qiao Yanze’s handsome, devilish yet cold and dark face. She muttered, “Young Master.”

Cen Xi’s body trembled. Her sister actually managed to recognize Qiao Yanze in her condition!

Qiao Yanze’s hearing was extremely good. Hearing Xiao Ying call her ‘Young Master’ made him feel extreme hatred and annoyance in an instant!