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Chapter 1342: Finding Her Secret

Qiao Yanze’s expression was dark. “I won’t.” His hand on her waist tightened his hold, as if he wanted to crush her bones into pieces.

Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows. “Aren’t you afraid of others seeー”

Qiao Yanze suddenly leaned towards her. Cen Xi widened her eyes, not expecting him to kiss her in the car park. After all, anyone could come down at anytime!

He was born of a well-known family and was to inherit the of Duke. Who wouldn’t know him in the Capital? Wasn’t he afraid of others seeing them and ruining his reputation?

Qiao Yanze kept staring at Cen Xi. Seeing that she was dazing out, he tightened his hold even more. Feeling the pain, Cen Xi pressed her hands against his chest, clearly resisting his hold.

Her sister was still alive. She could not let herself continue like this with him anymore.

Cen Xi’s scalp turned numb, but her rationality was still present. She used all of her energy to push the man away roughly.

Qiao Yanze took a step back from her push. He stared straight at her, his eyes so dark they seemed like they were black holes, wanting to swallow her.

“Is this your answer?”

Cen Xi looked down, not daring to meet his eyes.

Seeing that Cen Xi was silent, Qiao Yanze could clearly feel the invisible wall between them. Her silent resist seemed to already show her thoughts.

Qiao Yanze scoffed coldly. “You keep saying that you like me. I guess this is your so-called ‘like’.”

He stared at her for a while. His dark eyes looked extremely dangerous.

“Cen Xi, don’t think too highly of yourself! Do you really think I only want you?!” He turned around and left swiftly.

Staring at his back, Cen Xi’s eyes slowly reddened. The bitterness in her heart suddenly started to overwhelm her.

What else could she do? She could only control her emotions.

Cen Xi drove away.

After she drove away, Ji Wei, who was holding onto her crutches, walked out from the shadows. She had seen everything just now, including Qiao Yanze forcefully kissing Cen Xi.

It seemed like he had really fallen for Cen Xi!

Cen Xi returned to the rented house in the countryside. After washing her sister’s hair for her, the two sisters lay down together in bed.

Cen Xi mentioned Qiao Yanze’s name incidentally and her sister suddenly widened her eyes, sitting up and staring at Cen Xi.

“Qiao Yanze… Qiao Yanze…”

Seeing her sister mumbling Qiao Yanze’s name repeatedly, Cen Xi hummed softly. “Does Sister still remember him?”

Xiao Ying suddenly started to tremble, hugging herself tightly as she muttered nervously, “I don’t want to hurt him. I didn’t wantー”

Cen Xi hugged Xiao Ying. “I know Sister was forced. Don’t be agitated. Let’s not talk about him anymore.”

Xiao Ying only fell asleep in the middle of the night, but Cen Xi didn’t feel sleepy at all. She stared out of the window, into the darkness of the night. Her heart thumped crazily.

What should she do?

The next morning, Cen Xi took half a day of leave and went to the Royal Hospital to meet Old Doctor Jiang.

She showed him her Sister’s medical report. After taking a look at it, he said, “If the surgery is successful, she can regain normality. However, my surgery schedule is full until next month. I can prescribe some medication first, for you to bring to your relative to have it. You can bring her over when it is time for the scheduled surgery.”

“Alright. Thank you, Doctor Jiang.”

After Cen Xi left, Ji Wei and Zhou Shiyu walked out from the examination room.

Zhou Shiyu pushed Ji Wei, who was on a wheelchair, as she said softly, “Cousin, who is Cen Xi’s relative that needs to do the surgery?”

Ji Wei shook her head with furrowed eyebrows. “I’ve investigated her. After her adoptive parents are dead, she doesn’t have any relatives anymore.”

“I think that this is slightly weird. Cousin, she stole the person you love. You cannot let her off so easily.” A hint of ruthlessness flashed in Zhou Shiyu’s eyes. Cen Xi, this vixen… Not only did she steal the person Cousin loved, even Su Han, who she liked so much, couldn’t forget her. A few days ago, Su Han had gotten drunk and the name he kept calling for was Cen Xi’s. This made Zhou Shiyu feel really uncomfortable and unhappy.

“Let’s not talk about Cen Xi first. Take me to Grandpa Jiang!” Ji Wei said.

“Grandpa Jiang, will my Cousin’s leg be alright?” Zhou Shiyu said with a sweet smile.

“As long as she rests and lets it heal properly, it should be fine.”

The two left Old Doctor Jiang’s office and Zhou Shiyu got someone to follow Cen Xi to see if she could find any of Cen Xi’s secrets so that she wouldn’t be able to stay in the Capital.

At first, Zhou Shiyu didn’t have any hope. After all, Cousin had investigated Cen Xi before. Apart from being Xiao Ying’s younger sister, she had no taint to her name.

However, surpassing her expectations, she actually found an alarming secret!

This was really a surprise! The person Qiao Yanze and the Queen hated to the core was still alive!

Zhou Shiyu immediately told Ji Wei about this.

Hearing the news, Ji Wei was in disbelief. She thought that Zhou Shiyu was lying, since she heard that Xiao Ying had committed suicide after what happened to the Qiao family. The Queen had even ordered personally to throw Xiao Ying’s body into the unmarked common grave.

How was she still alive? It was impossible!

“Cousin, it’s fortunate that you’re from the Home Affairs Department. Think about it. Xiao Ying, that vicious woman, was sent by the organization. She must have taken a medication that allowed her to fake her death, but actually, she was still alive and well.”

Ji Wei cupped her mouth, only regaining her senses after a while. “This is ridiculous! How can Xiao Ying be alive? And Cen Xi even hid her. To think that Yanze put his past hatred aside and wanted to be with her. She actually lied to him!”

“Cousin, this is not the time to alarm our enemy. It’s best if we can bring Young Master Qiao over and let him see for himself how those two sisters lied to him!”

Ji Wei furrowed her eyebrows, feeling a little worried. “Wouldn’t that be too cruel to him?

“Cen Xi, the ones who are cruel to him are Cen Xi and her evil sister.”

Ji Wei nodded. “That’s true. I cannot let Yanze continue to be fooled by those sisters.”

It was the weekend.

Ji Wei met Qiao Yanze, who was working overtime in the Home Affairs department. “I found a nice horse to gift to my uncle, but my leg hasn’t healed completely, so I cannot ride it myself. Yanze, you’re a master at horseback riding and know which horse is good. Can you go to the barn on the outskirts with me?”

After he had been rejected by Cen Xi silently that day in the car park, Qiao Yanze had been rather frustrated and ill-tempered. It had been a long time since he had ridden, so he wanted to go and relax too. Glancing at Ji Wei, who was sitting in the wheelchair, he nodded. “I only have time in the afternoon.”

Hearing Qiao Yanze agree to her request, Ji Wei finally smiled. “Alright. Then let’s go in the afternoon.”

In the afternoon.

Qiao Yanze and Ji Wei headed towards the ranch in the countryside just outside of the Capital.