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Chapter 1341: Kissing Her

Helian Xiao was usually mature and calm. When had he lost his composure before?

However, right now, his jaw was agape while his expression was stiff. It was as if someone had frozen him as he remained dazed for a long time.

An Feng’s heart was thumping. With his expression, was he happy or unhappy?


Helian Xiao’s eyebrows twitched as he slowly regained his senses. He wasn’t as elated as An Feng had imagined him to be. Hmph, everyone else was terribly happy when they had a child at their age!

However, this man’s handsome and mature expression had no sign of being happy at all. Instead, his eyebrows were furrowed tightly together. “Ah Feng, you’re a high-risk pregnant woman now with your age. There will be some risks. I’ve said before that Zhizhi alone is enough for us. You don’t have to care about what others say.”

An Feng grabbed Helian Xiao’s hand as her eyes turned a little red. “I never cared about what others said. I only care about you. I want to give you another child, it has nothing to do with other people.

“Besides, the doctor said that I’m not the only one who has got pregnant at this age. As long as I take care and pay more attention to my body well, the risks wouldn’t be too high. Besides, there are risks for a young woman to have a child too. Helian, are you asking me to abort our baby when we already have one?”

To Helian Xiao, having a daughter like Zhizhi was already the biggest gift he got from God. He didn’t dare ask for An Feng and him to have another child.

How could he not be excited and happy?!

However, he felt more uneasy and nervous, worried that she might be in some kind of danger from having another child.

Helian Xiao pulled An Feng into his arms hard, burying his head into the crook of her neck. His Adam’s apple bobbed as an urge to cry overwhelmed him. His eyes turned red as he hugged An Feng with trembling arms.

An Feng could feel Helian Xiao’s intense emotions. He didn’t need to say anything and she already understood what he felt. She lifted her hands to hug him back.

They hugged like that for nearly five minutes, before Helian Xiao finally looked up. He leaned down and kissed her abdomen. “Little one, you must be obedient and not make it hard for your Mom.”

An Feng smiled.

The man looked up, cupping An Feng’s face before he kissed her.

Qiao Yanze and Nan Zhi, who had been hiding outside quietly, watching on the couple in the room, both smiled as they hurriedly left understandingly.

Although An Feng was a high-risk, pregnant woman, both Nan Zhi and Qiao Yanze knew that Helian Xiao and his medical team would definitely take very good care of her.

They walked out of the mansion and got onto a car.

Glancing at Nan Zhi, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, Qiao Yanze said with a smile, “Zhizhi, Xiaojie, Yuyu and Tiantian will have to call a little boy Uncle in the future.”

“Yes,” Nan Zhi smiled brightly back at Qiao Yanze. “Uncle, my Mom already has a second child. You should act quickly too!”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips. As if thinking of something, his smile fell as he said calmly, “I never thought of having a child.”

Back then, the happiness of first becoming a father when Xiao Ying got pregnant with his child made him lose his basic judgment. His mother didn’t like her, while Zhizhi thought that she was problematic as well. But because of the child, he thought that she was kind and didn’t even notice it when she had full control of him through drugs and mind playing.

Recalling what happened in the past, the feverish bloodthirstiness started to pulse within him again.

“Uncle, if you don’t mind me asking, is there something between you and Cen Xi?”

Qiao Yanze instantly denied without hesitating, “You’re thinking too much.”

Nan Zhi stopped pushing further as she said merely, “Although she’s Xiao Xiao Ying’s younger sister, they didn’t grow up together. Cen Xi had suffered quite a bit in order to repay her sister’s sins. Uncle shouldn’t push her sister’s faults onto her.”

Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow. “Her sister is already dead. Why would I push it onto her?”

However, what was that damned brat so busy with recently? She didn’t call once, nor reply to his messages.

Cen Xi brought Xiao Ying back to the Capital.

The bag in Xiao Ying’s cave had her fake identity documents. Cen Xi didn’t dare bring her sister to take a plane, so they had taken a train back to the Capital.

Cen Xi rented a small house in the outskirts of the Capital and brought Xiao Ying there.

After they settled down, Cen Xi brought Xiao Ying for a body checkup in the Capital’s town hospital.

After the doctor was done with Xiao Ying’s body checkup, he said to Cen Xi, “There is a blood clot in your sister’s brain and it is near her nerves. If we can remove the blood clot, she might be able to regain her senses. However, because the blood clot is very close to her nerves, it is a really sensitive place. Her main doctor should have significant experience in this. If not, she might be in a life-threatening situation if her nerves are injured.”

Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows. “Doctor, do you know a doctor who is more experienced in this area?”

“You should go and seek advice from Old Doctor Jiang in the Royal Hospital.”

They then left the hospital with Cen Xi bringing Xiao Ying back to the house in the countryside.

When she was making dinner, Xiao Ying brought Cen Xi her phone that was ringing nonstop. “Xiao Xi, your phone is ringing. Why aren’t you answering it?”

Glancing at the caller ID, Cen Xi took the phone and put it on silent.

“Xiao Xi, why aren’t you answering it? Is it a bad guy calling you?”

Cen Xi plated the food she had made and shook her head. “It’s not, Sister. It’s a person who I don’t know how to face.”

With Sister like this, it was impossible for her to convince her Sister to turn herself in at the police station. She didn’t know how to face Qiao Yanze either. Her mind was in a complete mess. What could she do?

The next day.

Cen Xi needed to go to work.

She found an honest woman to take care of her Sister during the day and she would come back after she was done with work in the evening.

Before she went to work, Cen Xi went to the Royal Hospital to make an appointment with Old Doctor Jiang. However, because Old Doctor Jiang only saw ten patients a day, Cen Xi only managed to make an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

After working for a day, Cen Xi didn’t work overtime after work like she usually did. She arrived at the car park and walked towards her rented electric car.

Walking in front of the car, Cen Xi unlocked the car. Just as she was about to pull the door open, a strong cigarette smell suddenly filled her senses.

Turning back instinctively, before she could see who it was, someone suddenly grabbed her slender shoulder and she was pushed on the car.

Cen Xi gasped from the pain at her shoulder. Her long lashes looked up and she glanced at the man who had pushed her onto the car. He pressed a hand above her head, while his other hand was at her waist as he looked down at her from above.

He was wearing a black outfit today. His handsome and devilish expression appeared extremely dark with his black outfit. His chest heaved slightly as his muscles were all tensed, as if he was holding back with all he had.

Their eyes met in the dimmed lighting.

Seeing Qiao Yanze, Cen Xi felt guilty and nervous, her breath catching slightly.

His eyes were sharp and cold, like a sharp blade that wanted to pierce through her. “You didn’t answer my calls or reply to my messages. What the hell are you doing?”

Cen Xi looked down, forcing herself to calm down as much as possible. “There have been too many things that happened recently. Besides, didn’t you say to let me think about our relationship properly? I don’t have a conclusion yet.”

She was afraid that others would see their intimate posture right now, so she struggled out of his clutch. “Let go of me first.”