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Chapter 1340: A Great Surprise

An Feng’s appetite hadn’t been good recently. She slept a lot and liked to eat sour foods. Although she had always been taking care of her body, she never thought about pregnancy with her age.

After marrying Helian Xiao, she had thought of taking the risk to bear him another child again.

However, Helian Xiao didn’t agree to it.

She also thought that she would never be pregnant again with her age, which was why they never used any contraception when they slept together. Never did they think that…

With her own reaction and a reminder from Zhizhi, she might really be pregnant.

Seeing the mother and daughter communicate silently, Qiao Yanze was starting to panic a little. “Sister, Zhizhi, what are you two doing? What’s wrong with Sister?”

Nan Zhi didn’t want to hide the news from Qiao Yanze. “My Mom might have gotten it.”

“Gotten what?” Qiao Yanze instantly stood up, his eyebrows furrowed tightly. “Did Brother-in-law get a mistress and that is why Sister wants to maintain her figure and not eat? If it’s like that, I’m going to confront Brother-in-law!”

Nan Zhi, “…”

An Feng, “…”

“Yanze, your brother-in-law is very good to me.” As if thinking of something, An Feng got up. “Zhizhi, let’s go upstairs to change, please accompany me to the hospital!”

Nan Zhi nodded. “Okay.”

Upstairs, An Feng chose a coat as she glanced at Nan Zhi, looking like she wanted to say something but couldn’t.

Nan Zhi was intelligent and knew her mother’s character really well, so she knew what her mother wanted to say. She grabbed her mother’s hand, saying softly, “Mom, are you thinking that it will be a joke if you got pregnant when you already have three grandchildren?”

An Feng nodded. Although Helian Xiao was very good to her after she had married him, the Helian family only had few descendants and the side families were constantly eying the power and status of the main family. Not having an heir was disadvantageous to Helian Xiao and his main family.

She didn’t want to take the risk to have a child at her age. But she loved him and didn’t want him to be heirless.

“Zhizhi, would people laugh at you if I really am pregnant?”

Nan Zhi glared at An Feng playfully. “Mom, what are you thinking about? Who would dare to laugh at me? If you were really pregnant, the most important thing is to have a full body checkup and ensure that your body and the baby is safe and healthy. Nothing is more important than that.”

However, she probably didn’t need to worry about this. Her father had the best medical team with him and they would definitely check her mother’s body frequently. Her mother often had flu and slight headaches, and her father had already gotten the best doctor to give her mother an injection at even the slightest hint of any sickness.

Although her mother was already of a certain age, her mother had taken good care of herself and looked like a married woman in her thirties. Her skin was firm and her facial features were pretty. If her age wasn’t mentioned, no one would know she was an elder pregnant woman!

Qiao Yanze waited for the two for a while downstairs. Hearing that the mother and daughter were going to the hospital, he followed them as he was worried. But when he saw An Feng go to the O&G department, he was a little confused.

Half an hour later, An Feng was done with the checkup.

After getting the results from the ultrasound scan room, An Feng blanked out for a moment.

Nan Zhi and Qiao Yanze, who were waiting outside, moved forward to grab An Feng’s arm.

“Mom, how is it?”

An Feng showed the result to Nan Zhi.

Qiao Yanze saw the results as well. Seeing that An Feng was 8 weeks pregnant, he smirked. “Brother-in-law is really strong for his age. Not bad, not bad!”

The moment he finished speaking, An Feng hit him at the back of his head. “You brat, why are you teasing your brother-in-law now?”

Helian Xiao had an important meeting in the afternoon and wasn’t in the mansion. If he found out that An Feng was pregnant, what would his expression be?

On the way back home, An Feng didn’t call Helian Xiao immediately.

Her heart was still thumping crazily.

She was pregnant. She was really pregnant!

It was vastly different from when she had Zhizhi. At that time, she was scared and shocked from knowing that she was pregnant with a ‘rapist’s’ child. She wasn’t happy at all, even if she had regretted once about having Zhizhi.

However, this time, they were both happily in love.

Besides, it wasn’t an easy thing to have another child at this age. If it wasn’t because the Helian family had few descendants and he was vastly pressured from it, she wouldn’t have risked her own body.

An Feng really wanted to tell Helian Xiao the news as soon as possible. But she didn’t want to tell him through a call. Just as she was about to message him, he called her as if they could read each other’s mind.

“Ah Feng, I heard from the bodyguard that you went to the hospital?” Helian Xiao was still in discussion with several of his important clients. After finding out that An Feng had gone to the hospital, he paused the meeting almost right away.

Noting Helian Xiao’s anxiousness, An Feng felt extremely warm and touched. “I’m alright. Don’t worry.”

After the call, Helian Xiao still felt strangely uneasy. After informing his clients, he bid them farewell and rushed back home hurriedly.

Before he got married, work was the first to Helian Xiao. However, after they got married, nothing was more important than his wife.

Helian Xiao’s departure shocked his clients silently. The world’s richest man actually stopped the discussion of a cooperation worth at least ten billion just because of a call to his wife.

Not too long after An Feng returned to the mansion, Helian Xiao arrived in a rush as well.

Nan Zhi and Qiao Yanze greeted Helian Xiao. Seeing how rushed and panicked he was, they both glanced at each other and smiled.

“Zhizhi, where’s your Mom?”

Nan Zhi pointed upstairs.

Helian Xiao hurriedly went up.

Qiao Yanze pulled Nan Zhi. “Zhizhi, let’s go up and take a look too.”

Seeing the playful smile on Qiao Yanze’s lips, Nan Zhi tilted her head a little. “Uncle, I noticed that you seem to be in a good mood recently. Are you really in a relationship?”

“What are you thinking about? I’m just happy for your mom.”

In the master bedroom.

An Feng had just put down her bag when she heard footsteps from behind her. Seeing Helian Xiao run towards her lacking his usual calmness, An Feng teared up a little.

“Ah Feng, where do you feel unwell?” Helian Xiao stopped in front of An Feng, staring at her with worried eyes.

An Feng sat on the bed, pulling Helian Xiao’s strong hand over and placed it on her flat abdomen.

“What? Does your stomach hurt?” Helian Xiao furrowed his eyebrows. His aura as a man on top of the social hierarchy showing. “What is Noah and his team doing? I’ll fire them once we return.”

Seeing Helian Xiao start to get angry, An Feng couldn’t help but glare at him. “You haven’t even found out about what’s going on. Why are you firing them?”

Helian Xiao crouched in front of Helian Xiao, staring at her pretty and gentle face, then at her abdomen. “What’s wrong then? Where does it hurt?”

An Feng looked down, her face heating up at the sight of her hand covering her abdomen as she said softly, “I went to the hospital to… see a gynecologist for a pregnancy check.” She didn’t really dare to meet his eyes, so she turned away slightly. “Helian, I’m pregnant.

“It’s been two months and the doctor said that the baby has developed really well…” As An Feng spoke, she realized that something was wrong. Looking up at the man in front of her, she saw that he seemed to have dazed out completely.