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Chapter 1339: His Life Matters

The woman with messy hair was holding onto a wooden rod, pointing it at Cen Xi fiercely.

As her hair had covered her face, Cen Xi couldn’t properly see what she looked like. The woman’s voice was also rather hoarse and didn’t really sound like her older sister.

Even so, Cen Xi still recognized that the woman was her older sister, Xiao Ying, straight away. Cen Xi cupped her mouth as the tears circling in her eyes finally fell uncontrollably.

Sister… She’s really still alive!

Seeing Cen Xi remain standing, the woman raised the wooden rod, swinging it towards Cen Xi to attack her.

Just as the rod was about to touch Cen Xi’s throat, Cen Xi called out softly, “Sister.”

The rod in the woman’s hand fell on the floor with a loud thud. Her slender fingers moved to push her hair away from her face as she stared at Cen Xi.

Cen Xi looked both familiar but unfamiliar at the same time, so she stared at Cen Xi for a long time. At the same time, Cen Xi finally managed to see what the woman looked like.

Her eyes widened slightly, her lips trembling a little when she saw the frightening scar on the left of her sister’s face.

Her sister had been disfigured.

Cen Xi sniffled and moved forward to jump into the woman’s arms and hugged her tightly. “Sister, I’m Xiao Xi.”

The woman froze as she listened to the girl in her arms call her sister again and again. Her eyes went blank. “Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi… Xiao Xi is my younger sister. My younger sister.”

Noting how the woman was speaking, Cen Xi instantly looked up. Seeing her abnormal expression, Cen Xi’s heart trembled hard. “Sister, youー”

“Xiao Xi is my younger sister, my younger sister.” The woman’s clear eyes turned red as she pouted and started to sob. “Where is Xiao Xi? I want to see Xiao Xi.”

All of Cen Xi’s blood went cold.

Did Sister go… crazy?

Cen Xi felt overwhelmed with sadness. She hugged the woman once more and sobbed, “Sister, I am Xiao Xi. I’m sorry. I thought you weren’t around anymore, that’s why it took me so long to find you.”

The woman cupped Cen Xi’s face as her red eyes moved onto Cen Xi’s eyebrows, eyes, nose then lips. “You look like Xiao Xi. You are my younger sister.”

Cen Xi nodded intently. “I am Xiao Xi, Sister.”

Xiao Ying pulled Cen Xi’s hand, pulling her into the cave. “Sit, Xiao Xi. Sister will boil water for you to drink.”

“Sister, I’m not thirstyー”

“You are.” Xiao Ying giggled as she took out a bottle of water from under the table, before running out to boil the water outside.

Cen Xi walked to the cave’s entrance, feeling extremely complicated as she watched her older sister crouch down to start a fire on the ground and was choked by the smoke instead.

Although Sister had grown up in the organization, she was treated really well too. But now, she had fallen to such circumstances and was living alone in such a place and seemed to have gone crazy too. What had happened to her?

The water had yet to boil, but Xiao Ying passed the water to Cen Xi to drink. However, Cen Xi didn’t mind and drank from it, sip by sip.

As she drank, Xiao Ying crouched down beside Cen Xi, staring at her with clear and bright eyes.

Cen Xi had so many questions to ask her sister about. When the Qiao family had fallen, she heard that her sister had committed suicide. How did her sister come back alive?

However, with her sister like this, she probably wouldn’t be able to get any answers for the time being. The most important thing right now is to bring her Sister to the hospital and treat her.

Cen Xi wanted to bring Xiao Ying away, but Xiao Ying shook her head in denial.

“Sister is a sinner. Sister cannot implicate Xiao Xi.”

Cen Xi grabbed Xiao Ying’s hand tightly as her eyes turned red. “Sister, I’m not scared. If you want to stay here, I will stay here too. I want to be with Sister.”

“Sister is not good. Sister is not good at all.”

Cen Xi hugged Xiao Ying, tears falling. Sister was definitely forced by the organization to treat Qiao Yanze like that back then! She would never hurt people willingly!

After Qiao Yanze was done with his work in the North, he rushed back to the Capital.

He had spent more than two months in the North and didn’t really miss the Capital. However, Cen Xi’s visit made returning to the Capital something worth anticipating.

He felt like he was deeply poisoned.

He didn’t know if he should clear himself of the poison, or let it spread to the rest of his body…

After returning to the Capital, Qiao Yanze got a service award. The King hosted an award ceremony for him specifically. After a few more days of work, when Qiao Yanze finally had some free time, he finally had the chance to look at his personal phone.

In the end, that woman hadn’t called him once. Neither did she message him.

He had sent her a message before returning to ask if she had returned. But his message was like a needle in a sea, disappearing completely.

Qiao Yanze became really frustrated and unhappy.

After what had happened to the Qiao family, he had matured a lot and it was really rare for people to affect his emotions anymore.

This d*mned brat!

How was she able to withdraw so cleanly and curtly every time she did it?

Qiao Yanze’s phone started ringing. Seeing the caller ID, he answered the call. “Zhizhi, why are you free to call Uncle today?”

“My parents came to the Capital and want to have a meal with all of us tonight.”

“Alright, I will see you tonight.”

In the afternoon.

Qiao Yanze arrived at the mansion Helian Xiao had bought in the Capital with his gift in tow.

Helian Xiao and An Feng would come and stay here whenever they had time.

Now, An Feng was most worried about Qiao Yanze. He wasn’t young anymore, but he was still single and the Qiao family didn’t have any descendants yet. As his older sister, An Feng naturally had the responsibility to push Qiao Yanze.

When Qiao Yanze arrived at the mansion, Nan Zhi was already there. Apart from Nan Zhi and An Feng, there was another unknown young lady in the living room.

Qiao Yanze passed his gift to the servant. Seeing how it was in the living room, he instantly understood why his older sister had come to the Capital this time.

“Yanze, come and take a seat.”

An Feng pulled Qiao Yanze to sit beside her before she started to introduce, “Yanze, this is your Brother-in-law’s friend’s daughter, Miss Meng. It’s her first time in the Capital, so she isn’t familiar with the place. Do you have the time to bring Miss Meng around?”

Qiao Yanze wrapped an arm around An Feng’s shoulder, smiling brightly. “Where does Miss Meng want to go? I’ll ask Da Zuo to be Miss Meng’s driver. As for me, I have my eyes on a girl recently and am currently thinking about how to get her.”

Seeing how casual Qiao Yanze looked, An Feng knew that he had no interest in this Miss Meng. She naturally wouldn’t force him to like the girl, so she shook her head helplessly. Then she sat beside Miss Meng and said some nice words to make the situation less awkward. As Miss Meng was an understanding person, since the man wasn’t interested in her, she wouldn’t force herself on him either.

After eating, she bid them farewell.

When it was only family left in the mansion, An Feng finally asked Qiao Yanze, “Tell me. What type of girls do you like exactly?”

Cen Xi appeared in Qiao Yanze’s mind and he only smirked in response. “Sister, don’t worry about me anymore. You, on the other hand… You only ate so little and only chose the sour fruits to eat as well. You’re already thin enough.”

Hearing this, Nan Zhi, who was eating dessert, glanced up at An Feng instantly. “Mom, you…”