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Chapter 1337: His Overbearingness

Even if she didn’t turn back, Cen Xi could still feel the man’s burning gaze on her. Cen Xi’s eyes staring at the screen were a little panicked. However, she forced herself to calm down very quickly.

“I’m asking you something!” The man’s hoarse voice was slightly curious. “You said you have relatives in Feng City. Who?”

Cen Xi looked down in thought. A few seconds later, she turned back and glanced at him. “Actually, I lied to you.”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes darkened as his facial features tensed. “You know that I hate being lied to.”

Cen Xi got up from the chair and walked in front of him under his dark eyes.

She placed both of her hands on his legs before she leaned forward slightly to be on the same level as him. She suppressed the panic in her heart as she smiled brightly. “I came to see you.”

Qiao Yanze pushed her hands away as his jaw tightened. “You’re lying!”

He sat with his legs apart, so Cen Xi took a step forward towards him. She pressed her slender fingers on his shoulders once more, leaning her face close to his. “If I didn’t come to see you, would I have let you sleep with me yesterday morning?”

Qiao Yanze lifted her chin, looking slightly wary. “You left right after sleeping with me, and you lied about staying in Feng City’s hotel tonight too.”

Cen Xi moved her hands around his neck. “You don’t know girls. I was playing with you!”

“Why are you so calculative at such a young age?”

His fingers that were holding her chin started to caress her lips.

Her long, black hair was untied, making her face look even more flushed. Her facial features were exquisite and petite. Under her well-defined nose, her pretty lips looked extremely seductive. A faint fragrance exuded from her.

She was very pretty.

However, just prettiest alone wasn’t enough for him to have feelings for her.

Maybe, it was because of her supposed teasing that made him seem like he was obsessed over her. He knew who’s younger sister she was, but he still couldn’t control himself and came all the way to find her.

At this thought, Qiao Yanze couldn’t help but feel frustrated. He grabbed Cen Xi’s wrist and tugged her onto his lap easily.

Unguarded, Cen Xi fell forward into his arms. Instantly, her senses were filled with his refreshing scent and her heart started to thump crazily.

“I need to translate the document.” Before he could say anything, she hurriedly got up from his arms and seemingly ran back to the study table.

Seeing how she looked like a frightened rabbit, Qiao Yanze couldn’t help but laugh.

He took out a cigarette and a match. The flame lit up and he leaned towards the fire with a cigarette between his lips. Smoke started to rise as he stared fixedly at her from behind.

Because he hadn’t rested properly recently, after smoking two cigarettes, Qiao Yanze fell asleep on the sofa.

Cen Xi focused on her work. Two hours later, she massaged her sore neck. Realizing that she hadn’t heard anything from behind, she glanced behind her.

The man had fallen asleep unknowingly.

It was unusually quiet in the room, only a table lamp on the study table was turned on.

Cen Xi stood up and took a jacket, before she walked towards the sofa. She threw the jacket over him and didn’t leave immediately.

He had always been heavily guarded and it was rare for her to see him sleep like this.

She crouched down and stared at him for a while.

After falling asleep, he didn’t look as indifferent and sharp as he did when he was awake. His handsome features appeared rather elegant. His eyelashes were really long as the ends of his eyes were slightly lifted, making him look a little like a devil.

When Cen Xi realized that she had been staring at him for a good while, she hurriedly turned away and got ready to continue working.

Just as she stood back up, the man grabbed her wrist and she fell completely into the man’s arms.

“I came to cover you with a jacket. It’s not what you think!”

The man chuckled devilishly.

Embarrassed and somewhat annoyed, she continued, “Let go of me. I haven’t finished translating the document you wanted.”

“It doesn’t clash.”

“Young Master Qiao, I thought you were the one who asked me to come and work, not to accompany you.”

He hummed softly, before he said, “I didn’t disturb you earlier, did I? I was sleeping quietly. You were the one who came over yourself, weren’t you?”

“You’re being unreasonable. I said that I came to cover you with a jacket.”

“Didn’t you stare at me after throwing the jacket over me?”

Cen Xi was speechless.

The man didn’t want to speak any more nonsense to her. His overbearing kiss moved down from her neck to her lips as he took the chance to press her down against the sofa. His tongue entered her mouth as his fingers found her pants and took them off.

Cen Xi turned dizzy from his kiss, letting him ravish her. She was extremely angry and with a bite, she bit his lips hard until he started to bleed.

Lifting one hand, he wiped at his lips. When he saw the blood on his finger, his eyes reddened even more. He leaned down and kissed her even more ruthlessly.

Did all men like to be the dominant one when it came to bed matters? The man above her certainly did. He had just slept with her yesterday morning, yet he acted like a wild beast that had been thirsty for a long time. He only let her go after a long time.

She had already walked the whole day today and after he had taken her again and again, she felt that even her bones were sore all over.

However, she didn’t have the right to whine. In the end, she still got up from the sofa and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After the shower, she continued her translation.

Qiao Yanze stared at her from behind. “Go to sleep.”

“I’m not done working yet.”

“I asked you to sleep.”

“I need to finish this.”

Tsk. This girl was really infuriating when she was stubborn.

Qiao Yanze walked over and lifted her up, before throwing her unceremoniously onto the bed. “Close your eyes and sleep right now! You can continue it tomorrow.”

Cen Xi furrowed his eyebrows slightly. “Are you going to stay here tomorrow?”

Qiao Yanze laid beside Cen Xi, staring into her eyes. “Why does it feel like you want me to leave quickly?”